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Yeah? So?
iCloudI don't think so. My guess is that it would have 3G data, but no 3G voice capability. I believe there is a difference in the radio, but I'm not sure.I don't think you can do this. I think the providers have been pretty firm about dongle-ing data and voice plans together if you want to use a smart phone on their network (at least in the USA, anyway). Not really fair in my opinion.I pretty much agree with you if it remains the same size. I could see it if the if...
Damn you! I just spit coffee on my desk!
Yeah, they didn't used to be so strict about it. I have never had to turn it OFF. I always have just had it in airplane mode in my pocket, or at least not using it. But on the last few flights I have taken, the announcement has been that it has to be OFF, and that airplane mode was NOT OKAY. Not that I always pay careful attention to the safety announcements, but I guess some people can't wait to kill one more pig or zombie or whatever.
Obviously not an AT&T service area. I wonder if it just saved the last known location. I wouldn't assume the owner had it on the whole time, either. If I were on a plane that was going down, I would turn the phone on and try to call family and friends to say goodbye.
I sort-of agree with you in that if this is not an aesthetic re-design, I'm not buying unless it does a lot of things the iPhone 4 doesn't do. And this will be the first year I haven't upgraded. On the other hand, if I were the manufacturer of the best-selling phone in history, I doubt I would be making too many changes. And I don't remember a time when a relatively small number of loud complainers affected Apple's design plans.
I'll give it a shot. (I had a friend that was pressed for this a few years ago). Ultimate Electronics received products from Apple to re-sell--this doesn't appear to be in question. So they had invoices. Maybe they paid them on time, maybe they didn't. A bankruptcy court can look at all payments made in the 90 days prior to a filing. They assume that Ultimate Electronics knew that far in advance that they would file for bankruptcy and may determine that Ultimate...
I think they went extinct a little over a year ago.
That's the dumbest thing I've ever read--this week. Yes. In fact we all want to prevent these philanthropic efforts of humanitarian companies such as (Psystar, Google, HTC, Acer, etc). Even though they were only doing this for the betterment of humanity and had nothing to gain from it.
Agreed. Given how Google normally does things, it would have been released as a Beta with bugs and all as soon as they pulled the idea out of their ass.
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