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Hear, hear! Not getting my hopes up, though.
Simmer Down Now! Don't get all worked up about idle talk. They are sort-of the perfect marriage, though - two dinosaurs that choose not to innovate but rather to acquire the competition.
Well, they certainly have the money and the chutzpah to attempt this, but I don't think they will pull it off. If you own/like the iPhone, think about why you like it. Does iOS do everything better than everyone else? That can be debated. Is the HW better than everyone else? That can be debated, also. What differentiates the iPhone is that the HW and SW were designed to work together. Throw in the app store, and you have the best overall user experience. Some wish...
What he/she said. Also, it sucks for them that they missed the market. But it's really going to suck if they ever realize that they missed the market, spent billions, and then missed the market again. They could really learn from that company that made that Zune gadget that was going to kill the iPod. Oh, wait...
Call me when you have a working light sabre.
You don't have a 54-inch multi-touch plasma TV?
No. When did this happen?
Does using cromulent words make your comment more snarky?
Maybe they are just doing that so they don't have to wait in line when they go to get one.
Yeah, because we all know that once you take it out of the box and try it out, you're stuck with it forever. And you can't cancel the AT&T service - no matter what. That 2 week return policy and 30 day cancellation policy doesn't apply when you purchase an iPhone.
New Posts  All Forums: