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And just what would have happened to consumer and investor confidence if they had put 'anyone competent' in there? He was compensated for his value to the company, not what he did.
no waymore... I don't see the demand for a white version of a six-month-old iPhone justifying a vacation blackout.
I would guess iPad2. It has been *almost* a year. The notion that there will be a six-month (or more) delay between AT&T and Verizon launches seems dubious to me. However, it may be the only way they can sort-of keep up with demand. It seems like they should evenly space the launches at four-month intervals. Or maybe they are trying to space them evenly in the first half-ish of the year, so they can be caught-up for the holiday season. Nevertheless, I really don't...
Or the new non-glossy-monitor-ed iMac.
Unless their names are Steve and Jony, that is
Thanks. I was kind of curious about that. Mine is a couple of years old. I wasn't sure if they had done a design refresh with a flat back or what. Maybe he meant iPhone 4?
I agree, the timing really stupid. But I don't think Apple will need to change plans. That kind of launch timing will kill the product, anyway. If this thing is launched a month before iPad 2, only fools, the GROSSLY uninformed, and those pre-disposed to avoid Apple products will purchase it before waiting to see what the iPad 2 will deliver. RIM really better hope this thing is hugely popular with the business customers who haven't explored other smart phone solutions.
And it should hover, so I don't have to hold it.
This is a big selling point - and probably the tipping point for me to go ahead and get one. At least in the early stages of this policy change, it's going to be a whole lot easier to just take it out of the bag rather than trying to get an idiot to understand that it doesn't have to be taken out of the bag.
Best idea yet...
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