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It's more likely to have a slide-out antenna. And even though we don't really know, we know it will not have these things.
A lot of people made fun of this engineer for his stupidity/carelessness. It would be the same if it were MSFT. People would certainly be ripping the company as well, but there are a lot of fair-minded people who would react similarly.Really? Fanboyism aside, note that a lot of us own AAPL. If the company loses a competitive edge and the stock underperforms, our portfolios also underperform.Theft and selling/receiving stolen goods have been illegal long before the...
They does do?
I used to work for a newspaper - small, locally-owned (not by Gannett or Knight-Ridder). Even though the company was profitable, the subscription fees did not even pay for the cost of the newsprint. It's all about ads. The only thing having more subscriptions does is justify charging more for the ad space. If they had a clue they would see this as a low-cost means of adding (free) subscribers, and charging more for ads.
Heh. I caught that, too.
Hell no! It's just a big, giant iPod Touch!
I wouldn't blame it on Apple as much as that particular store. At the store where I purchased, they came around with snacks and bottled water around 4:45. They told us when models sold out, first white and black 64gb AT&T, then white 16gb AT&T, then all AT&T. Don't know how well this was communicated further back in the line. There were employees with walkies further back showing off iPads. I'm sure they were sharing info about availability as they had it.
I got in line (Pentagon City Store) around 3:30. Employees were working the line and assured everyone they would be able to get an iPad, although they didn't know which model. There were at least 200-250 people in line in front of me. They sold out of the AT&T models pretty quickly - go figure! They had plenty of stock of all the other models when I got mine. The line kept growing, though. I'm sure they sold out. Probably close to 1000 had purchased, were...
Now, now. Don't be starting stuff. You know he'll be around talking stupid soon enough.
Looks like those companies owe their success to him.
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