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This was my observation, as well. I doubt you can apply that much pressure sitting without it being extremely uncomfortable--uncomfortable enough for even careless idiots to realize that it may do damage to whatever is in their pocket or their leg.The other thing that seemed odd to me about the video is that he did it with his bare hands. To me it seems odd that he wasn't concerned that the glass might shatter and cut him. Maybe it's just me...
Ronnie Johns Gadget Delivery - Freaky Fast
...or an expensive watch
Sitting quickly or not, I hope people have the good sense to stand back up if they encounter resistance. I suppose something like that could happen if you fell on the pocket the phone was in, but I don't know that it's more of a risk than any other fragile and potentially injurious thing you might carry in a pocket.
I'll sign up for side-button-gate. I keep hitting volume buttons while I push the sleep/wake button. When I have it cased, it's even harder to feel if I have a button under my finger. I think I like it on the side, but I'm having a hard time getting used to it.I was wondering about the sync stuff, too. I don't remember having sync problems with past updates. It started asking me for an iCloud password for an email address that I haven't used in many years. I probably...
One of the things I like about the sleeve cases is that they don't sully the design. I don't care what it looks like so much while it's in my pocket. I, too, prefer using a naked iPhone. My damage doesn't occur in my pocket. It comes from dropping and drop kicking while putting it in or out of my pocket.
I used to get Sena cases, as well. Never got one for the iPhone 5, but I probably will for the iPhone 6. In the mean time, I got a case from Monoprice. It's a cheap stop-gap while I shop around and decide.
My instinct told me to go with the smaller one, but the specs told me to go with the bigger one. I made cardboard dummies of both sizes for testing. I dropped the bigger one several times while trying to reach parts of it. It's too big for me, and I have big hands. It doesn't matter how much better the resolution is if that beautiful display is broken.
Damn right! I'll probably laugh at him all year. Then, next year, I'll sell the 6 and get the 6s. And I'll laugh at him all over again. I'll probably be able to sell the 6 for close to the cost of upgrading to the 6s.
My first thought was...I don't like U2. But so what? I really don't understand all the people getting butt-hurt over this. Would you whine if your grandmother gave you that sweater that she likes, but you don't think it matches your style? Would you demand that she remove it from your closet at once? Why not just say THANKS and keep on moving. Maybe the next gift you receive will be something you want. If you can't be a little bit gracious, maybe you should use...
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