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Don't you get it? Bono is not the record holder. He's the record.
Don't forget about Best Buy. I have a friend that gets iStuff there for himself and his wife. He always waits until the afternoon of launch day--never has to wait in line, and everything is in stock. It may be questionable for day 2, though--especially if you want the 6 plus.
I do that every time.
So...next time can we get a noon launch instead of a midnight launch? We know the volume means it's going to be rocky for the first few hours. Why not have those first few hours be within normal business hours?
At this point they know it is going to be a problem. The least they could do is let it go on sale at noon rather than midnight.
iOS iPhone app for me. A lot of trying, but it eventually worked.
Just got my order through on the app. First it said currently unavailable, then not available for in store pickup, then it went through. And I got an email confirmation. Keep trying. It eventually worked for me--or maybe it just told me what I wanted to hear so I would go away!
Yeah. It deserves a retirement celebration rather than quiet discontinuation.
Hear, hear! A couple of years ago, I was issued an infraction for complementing the ability of somebody's anus to retain things. Now there are a lot of profanity-laced direct attacks, name-calling, etc. I agree that the most zealous are also he most embarrassing. I sometimes say that I use a Mac, but I am one of the normal Mac users.
The guy was me. I said I haven't seen one in the wild. And I said that design AND OTHER FACTORS had something to do with it--being less popular, that is. I remind you of this...http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/01/27/tim-cook-admits-iphone-5c-share-lower-than-expected-says-demand-was-different-than-we-thoughtSales have picked up, but you really don't have to do much to outsell everything else. The cream rises to the top. And I believe that it was a success. Come...
New Posts  All Forums: