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I really don't get why people feel so strongly about this. Even supposing that it might be a purely aesthetic choice, should Ive be put out to pasture for it? This design will outsell everything--including previous iPhone designs. If the lines are there to keep the antennae from arcing, how would you solve the design?
It happens. At least it wasn't an engineer getting beved up and leaving it at the bar this time.
Exactly. She is not an endorser or spokesperson. She probably is under no obligation to use or appear to use Microsoft products.It is kind of funny to think that Cortana uses an iPhone, though.
At this point, only the truly dedicated shills think Apple couldn't be successful. At the same time, I don't think the iWatch will do to Rolex, Omega, etc. what the iPhone did to Palm and RIM.
...and in response, an unnamed source reports that a luxury Swiss watch designer stated that Jony Ive's mama has bad breath. Is this a controlled leak or something?
 There's your problem!What developers are writing apps for this type of thing? I really don't think it will become popular.
A few points...I didn't know there was quite such a attachment lens market for the iPhone. I wouldn't guess that it is high on very many people's do-want list for the iPhone.No iPhone gives a DSLR a run for the money. It beats many point-and-shoot cameras, but not a DSLR. Packing in the features will never compensate for the difference in sensor size. And that has nothing to do with megapixels. It's all about capturing data and data format.Geotagging and image...
I can live with it. I'm more concerned about camera bulge.
It does appear that LG and Samsung believe the iWatch announcement rumor to be credible. I kind of like the look of the Samsung one--probably because it looks like a shrunken iPhone 3G, molded to fit a wrist. I don't think I'm really in the market for such a product. I like a watch to be a functional piece of jewelry. However, I look forward to seeing what Apple brings to market.
 I don't care for basketball, but Ballmer is one person who might make me a fan. I can only imagine some of the things he might come up with for post-game press conferences after the Clippers got their ass handed to them. The score was a rounding error...The Lakers are not a real team...
New Posts  All Forums: