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 Sarcasm aside: Unfortunately, this is a part of Apple's supply chain.Sarcasm back to the fore: Samsung will probably announce that all cancer-stricken plant workers were working on chips sold to Apple.
 Stop this ridiculousness. Companies make smart business decisions that balance market behavior, profitability, and many other considerations. You, yourself, recognize that the market flows in both directions. So Apple has determined that it's not in their interest to try to flow with the market. They decided they are willing to potentially lose a relatively small percentage of the market that "can't live without" a larger screen iPhone, matte display, 17-inch MacBook,...
 It is true that email has taken away a lot of USPS business over the years. However, the iPhone has made it possible for a lot of impulse purchases to be made on the fly. And that stuff has to be shipped (often through USPS). When buyer's remorse kicks in, the stuff can be shipped back (again through USPS).
 I caught a glimpse of that last night on TV. The first thing that came to mind was an old bucking-spring keyboard.
 Please! If they don't do that, can they also authorize signal scramblers for use? I don't want to spend hours forced to listen to somebody elses conversations. And people generally talk louder when they get on an elevator. Probably will do that when they plane is flying, too.
 I'm not even going to take on the rubbish in the first part of your post. Somebody else can do that.Are you really so naive. Theft is theft (if that is in fact what happened)--no matter if it is one billion-dollar company stealing from other billion-dollar companies. Google is not Robin Hood. Their actions were undertaken solely for the benefit of their own company. Any collateral benefit that you believe consumers have realized is secondary, at best.Suppose somebody...
 Retina model also has the new processor, right. That's a pretty big upgrade for only $100 for those sitting on the fence.
 Probably. If it went down, they would have noted that.
Do you just like to argue or something? Seriously, who really gives a crap.
 This single statement should effectively close all discussion of this topic.
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