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 Probably. If it went down, they would have noted that.
Do you just like to argue or something? Seriously, who really gives a crap.
 This single statement should effectively close all discussion of this topic.
 I never thought those ads were really making fun of Apple so much as they were making fun of Apple customers--a biomass of sheeple waiting in line to buy what they insist is an infinitely inferior gadget. Insulting the customers you are trying to woo is an interesting marketing strategy. People are still lining up, so it hasn't seemed to work very well for them.Anyway, don't let perceived stupidity bother you. These analysts know exactly what they are doing. Anything...
The contract probably had a non-disclosure clause with penalties somewhat akin to having one's testicles forcibly removed through the anus with a set of rusty vice grips. Besides, Samsung (corrective text actually just suggested "same sung" - LMAO) already has the worldwide reputation of being a slavish copier. They seem to be fine with it. It hasn't hurt their sales.
I haven't seen any of them in person, and I wasn't making a value judgement. I was referring to the repeated delays that plagued the launch of the white iPhone 4 for months after the black one launched.
"Gold iPhone 5s" may turn out to be the new "white iPhone 4." I hope not, though.
  An elegant phone for a more civilized age...That "champagne" color does look a whole lot better when placed next to black and white versions. Sticking with black, though. I'm not a fan of the other colors. The green and white ones are good, but I don't understand the fascination with the milky-faded yellow and red.
 Yes, one does...
 To me, the color looks more like Granny's minivan. If they do make it, I hope it looks better in personI would like to see a copper one. Let it build up that nice patina over time. I don't know if that's even electronically do-able.edited for spelling error.
New Posts  All Forums: