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  An elegant phone for a more civilized age...That "champagne" color does look a whole lot better when placed next to black and white versions. Sticking with black, though. I'm not a fan of the other colors. The green and white ones are good, but I don't understand the fascination with the milky-faded yellow and red.
 Yes, one does...
 To me, the color looks more like Granny's minivan. If they do make it, I hope it looks better in personI would like to see a copper one. Let it build up that nice patina over time. I don't know if that's even electronically do-able.edited for spelling error.
I'm on board!  This is the first Adobe product I have been interested in in a long time.
  I suppose the hipsters will be a big market for such an item.  Do the hipsters bathe often enough?  "Daily" is really stretching it for a lot of the ones I know.
Picture this: You go into the store and tell the associate that you need a new phone case for your upcoming ski trip. As the associate escorts you to a selection of cases, travel agents flank you and begin making pitches for ski trip packages.
No kidding. I can also envision him stomping his feet and screaming, "I want to be chairman! I want to be CEO!"
      they don't want this to cause the stock price to drop any lower.       I'm not sure I agree.  Stating that they have more cash than needed is really only stating the obvious.  And 'evaluating options'--even noting that the article said they were holding active discussions--is about as weak on information as any statement could ever be.
  Yeah.  Apple just fed the troll.  I would have loved a two-word response from SJ, though.
Phase 1 - collect underpants
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