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I'm on board!  This is the first Adobe product I have been interested in in a long time.
  I suppose the hipsters will be a big market for such an item.  Do the hipsters bathe often enough?  "Daily" is really stretching it for a lot of the ones I know.
Picture this: You go into the store and tell the associate that you need a new phone case for your upcoming ski trip. As the associate escorts you to a selection of cases, travel agents flank you and begin making pitches for ski trip packages.
No kidding. I can also envision him stomping his feet and screaming, "I want to be chairman! I want to be CEO!"
      they don't want this to cause the stock price to drop any lower.       I'm not sure I agree.  Stating that they have more cash than needed is really only stating the obvious.  And 'evaluating options'--even noting that the article said they were holding active discussions--is about as weak on information as any statement could ever be.
  Yeah.  Apple just fed the troll.  I would have loved a two-word response from SJ, though.
Phase 1 - collect underpants
  I agree that it's unlikely, and I'm not liking the idea of embiggened iPhones.  However, your scenario is quite plausible.  I only looked at Galaxy Note 2, and it has 267 PPI.  264 PPI is right in line with the competition, Samsung, anyway.
  I thought you were joking with this statement, at first.  But seeing how you have stuck to this, I'm curious.   1. Do you understanding the meaning of the word "useless" or are you trying to be hyperbolic?   2. Have you actually used one?   3. What do you do on the iPad that you can't do at all on the iPad Mini?   4. Do you expect all Apple products to fit your exact needs?   5. Are you DaHarder?  Teckstud?
New Posts  All Forums: