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How does the SMS part of continuity work? Are they synched between devices similar to iMessages or are they only available when the iPhone is connected to / in reach of a Mac/iPad?   I wish they would create a unified messenger API other providers could tap into and/or make open iMessages to other OSs...
Are there any improvements and enhancements with regard to Airprint and file management support to be expected from iOS 7? Will tagging support similar to OS X Mavericks be built in? Are there any signs of the "axis-based UI" technology they bought from that Canadian company they bought earlier in the year showing up in the beta?
Just what I wanted to post... May there be any contractual commitments with Nike holding them back?
Oh, and please enhance iBooks or make a new app that eases taking notes during lectures...
Most of the discussions I've read focus on hardware aspects only. What do you think will set the proposed Apple TV apart software- and content-wise? How does the extension of iTunes Match to videos sound (similar to UltraViolet but done the Apple way, e.g. one simple set of rules with no exceptions)?
While video mirroring is a very interesting feature opening a lot of very useful possibilities, I sincerely hope that it won't be "the" most interesting aspect of the upcoming version of iOS. How about a more iPhoto-like Photos app?
Here's my spin on it: While it might be easy to get your content from an iPad onto your TV screen via an Apple TV, it's a real hassle to get content from your TV onto your mobile device. In Apple's ecosystem, one has to buy it through iTunes with no immediate connection to what one is watching. Maybe Google integrates the means to seamlessly transfer the program you are watching onto your Android devices right along with the ads to lure the cable/content companies into...
I hope starting with this update cellular connectivity will be available as an option to the MacBook lines. Either that or an iPhone "Nano", a companion to the iPad and MacBooks about half the size of the current one. Apps requiring keyboard input could be shifted onto the pads/books.
It seems there is very little interest in the developer community for Apple's open FaceTime protocol. In order for FaceTime to really take off and make inroads into markets besides iOS and MacOS devices, Apple needs write native client software for non-Apple platforms or provide an open-source implementation for developers to build upon like they did with WebKit.
My thoughts exactly. I think there should be three options: 1. Management components (for activation, sync and backup) and storage could reside on a local computer. Basically the current solution. 2. Management components and storage could be provided by the TimeCapsule-like device you suggested. 3. Management and storage could be provided as a cloud service. Additionally, the cloud data could be synched with local storage (solutions 1 and 2) automatically and transparently.
New Posts  All Forums: