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Anyone doing a browser on AppleTV?
If they decided to launch the iphone 7 earlier they have to cut some iphone 6s orders. So basictly this means nothing
I was suprised it was not there already. I tried to create a folder like 30 minutes after I installed it to created a games folder.
Well, no BT keyboard and no remote app = bad. At least the HDMI-CEC volume control works with my Bose cinemate.I also bought a steelseries game controler, works nice. But sometimes it disconned and its hard to reconnect.
i am also unable to pair an apple wireless keyboard. Also a bug?
I dont want to use airplay. At 1920x1080 there is plenty of resolution for a web browser. Maybe google or mozilla will put there app in the app store.
I think my bose cinemate supports HDMI-cec. Almost home, cant wait to install the new atv
Any web browser app?
That thing is a trap. I turn it off as soon has I learn about it. Should had been off by default
Sometimes a forger to stop a radio app. That thing nerver stops, even in the backgroud, consuming both batterie and bandwight
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