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imo they should have made it flat with the camera and give us a better battery...
 This is one of the reason I bought the 27", ram is accessible.
 Despite you're best efforts to implied there wont be a 5.5" model, I am betting my dehydrated orange that there will one. Note:  I forgot a small orange behind my monitor at work and 6 months later I found that thing near the PC ventilation output. Its very precious to me :-)
 The stock actually went higher after they discuss this on CNBC
 Fortunately for me, I have 2 hands.  I am glad to see some leak parts of the 5.5", its the model I want.
I hope they will increase to 400 PPI or more because I do see the difference between those densities with my glasses on.
Am I seeing this correctly by saying the button is inside the screen? Looks like there is no bottom bezels.
 You are right , to get back to its "real" all time high, the stock needs to move to around $110. That being said, the "official" all time high is $100.73
  Hopes of growth is what drives a stock price. The bigger the hope, the bigger the P/E gets. Look at Tesla, FB, Twitter. People will tend to oversell on a stock that suddenly shows negative growth. In that case, it could become a great buy opportunity. This is what Carl Ihcan saw when the stock was below $400 so he move in big time. Since Apple has a low P/E, its moves on actual growth or lack of growth.  Apple is not trade like a growth stock, it trades like a utility...
I dont think anyone can come out with reliable predictions until we see what the phone actually is. How many models?  How will they price the 5c?
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