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I will be very disappointed if the new Apple TV doesn't supports 4k.  I wish we can buy a more deluxe version with 4k at least.   I can still rely of the smart TV for 4k content, but would love if Apple starts supporting it.   Like a said in the previous post, I wish we could get resolution upgrades on itunes: This is where I think having a movie collection in the cloud could pay off.  For example, SD to HD +$10, SD or HD to 4k +$15
Thats a nice pile of BS...    A H265 4k movie takes around 20g compare to a H264 HD movie which takes about 4g.  I have a 25mbps line and I can stream 2 4k movies at once from youtube...  Pretty much all of you're points gets destroy by you're assumptions that a 4k movies takes 300g... LACK OF STORAGE:   H265 movie is around 20 gigs..LACK OF INTERNET CAPACITY:  You can stream a 4k movie from youtube with a 15mbps line... And I dont know what kind of third world country...
love this app, 1/3 the price of Photoshop, and its in the Mac app store, its yes to multi-license and free upgrades. You can also link it with iPhoto, so you are getting Lightroom and photoshop for a fraction of the price. Not has powerful, but pretty decent.
I always ear internet is cheaper in the US than in Canada. Here in Montreal I can get TV with 30 a la carte channels + unlimited internet at 50 mbps + unlimited phone calls in Canada for $150 per month.
With classic cable broadcast yes.  But with IPTV no, since only the channels you are watching are stream between the hub and the residence, which gives plenty of bandwidth for multiple UHD channels.  In Canada, Bell Fibe already confirmed to me they will start offering UHD channels in 2016, it will required a different set-top box.
I strongly disagree with you, since it perfectly doable with IPTV services right now. Advancement in codec's like H265 combine with advancements in broadband will make it the standard at some point.
nice pile of BS.  Go to a store and look at it yourself...   I can see the difference at 6 feet on a 50" screen without any problem.  The guy say's he start noticing the difference on screen bigger than 70", to me its more like 40".  This guy obviously have some problems noticing details.
Actually, 4k is available from streaming even if cable doesn't support its.  Also, any IP TV distribution system like U-Verse could support 4k right now because channels feeds are stream instead of broadcast, so they have plenty of bandwidth for it.   4k will be adopted because its relevant on screens bigger than 40".   Any big screen TV will look better in 4k than HD. 4k is also relevant in PC monitors, you get retina on PC's at 4k resolution. 4k is getting available on...
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