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They need to expand coverage a lot more first.
From buyers feedback at my work, they had pink color shortages and 6s plus shortages.
My handbrakes 4k encodes takes 150mb per minute, so 9000 mb (or 9GB) per hour.My Panasonic records at 750mb per minute in a lossless mp4 format, which is 45g per hour. if you actually had the tech and had experience with 4k cameras and Tv's instead reading reviews maybe you would know better.
lol, I dont need reviews or technical garbage, I see it with my own eyes...   Maybe a 4k blue ray would look better than a 4k stream, so what?  dont care, all it needs to do for me is beat 1080p
I put them on a USB card and play it on the TV that way.  Sucks really.
The iphone is shooting in 4k for crying out loud...   its just a plain stupid decision, especially since the hardware can play 4k.
The 4k stream I get on both youtube and Netflix blow out of water 1080p hands down.  They look much better.
Yeah right.  some low budget company can do it in an app but Apple and its billions can't? Maybe Apple should add CycleMap to its list of companies to buy.
There is an app for that:  CycleMap.  It looks like its using Apple Maps and adding the cyclemaps over it, so you have both by using this app.
Not working in Montreal. The option is there, but its never able to find a path between 2 locations. On the other hand, the map as a lot more details than before.
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