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results are below expectations, so its down. Pretty simple to me. 
They just need to disable in app purchased and let customers get there subscription on there website. That being said, I still wish the FTC force Apple to take a very small cut when an app is selling copyright content like movies, music, books, ...
I love this news. This and the Apple TV upcoming games leaked is nice.
The tepid term refers to market expectations, not absolute numbers. Some analysts are expecting 50 millions iwatch sales in 2015, which is completly off.Imi this product wont sale in volume until its a stand alone product.
I think this is why Apple is trying to come up with a bundle. Where I lived the basic bundle is $33, then you can add 15 channels of you're choice for $18 or 30 channels of you're choice for $25.
I dont care about a TV streaming services that will be available in the US only for years.... Give me an app store and homekit already!!!
Now everthing is in place for the line of 5k monitors / Tv's
Local stations are forced by the FCC. You cant required cable services to have local feeds and at the same time have content owners block them. Either Apple is required and the content owners are force to STFU, or Apple is not required to carry local stations...
Depends on youre needs i guess.
I normally upgrade my imac after 2 and half years with 6 months to go on the warranty but I think I will pass this year.  The new 5k imacs have performance issues, the GPU is not fast enough to drive that resolution. My late 2012 imac with the 680mx is faster than the radeon m290 and m290x.  The only GPU faster is the optional m295x on the high end model but it as to drive 4k resolution so this result in a slower machine than my 2012 imac.    I dont like reselling my mac...
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