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 indeed. I also think they sold a lot more ipad air and ipad mini 1 than they expected and less ipad mini retina than expected. yet another factor that points toward better margins. at 4:30 pm, the first number investors will see is EPS, so if you see the stock take off to 570-580 a few secs before CNBC announced the numbers it means EPS is good. imo we will have a huge spike around 580 follow by a retracement to around 560-570 when more details come in. IF the stock tanks...
 same could be said about the Nexus 5.  The 5c could be well position if they can sell it around $350 when the 6 gets out.
 I am hoping they lowball margins, they did announced those before they launch the Chrismas line up, maybe they were still debating in september if they were going after units or margins so they lowball it. imo Apple will blowout on EPS this evening. I think unit sales are going to come in as expected, but EPS and margins will blowout.
 There entire Chrismas line up are all high margins, all ipads models and iphone models stayed expensives across the board. IF margins are not up they better a good explanation...
 I think comparing to 2012 earning is relevant.  In 2012 they went for a same form factor phone (the 4s) which rose margins. This is what we have now, the 5s is the same form factor than the 5. On the ipad side, Apple hold its ground on prices, selling all lines with very expensive prices compare to competition. IF Apple did good on unit sales, EPS is bound to rise. I dont see how selling more at a high price with more margins could possibly results in tiny EPS growth....
 The only inflated thing here is the article title.  The expected EPS is only 4% higher than last year...   if Apple cant meet this it means Apple is going down again for a 4th quarter in a row. In 2012, Apple did $13.87 EPS with 37 millions iphones and 16 millions ipad.  IF Apple cant beat this with 55 millions iphones and 25 millions ipad we have a serious problem here, especially after they based there entire Chris mas line up on margins improvement. Wall street is not...
 Thats a good argument and could explain why Apple "usage" stats are always so high and in complete disconnect from those market shares based on sales.
 imo WS hopes Apple margins will go up, which will results in YoY EPS growth. We also need to keep those 2 stocks in perspective, GOOG P/E is 30 and APPL P/E is 14.  When markets go down people tend to get out of high PE stocks and move into low P/E ones if they seems undervalue.
 Seriously , discrediting any reseach firm that prints bad numbers on Apple in getting old.
 that is true and this is why Apple ecosystem is still fine.  But if Android gets up to 90% or more market share, ios will fall apart regardless, It would be better if windows could make a comeback and keep mid-range and low-end fragmented.
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