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GPU is always the bottleneck, I am glad to see Apple made it a priority over CPU performance.    I was looking at the game demo at the keynotes, put the A8 into an AppleTV and you have yourself a game console for a fraction of the price.
 In Canada, I see unlock phones on the Apple website.  Why do you want to buy an unlock phone at a carrier?? imo carriers not selling unlock phones is normal...
 I see pretty much all models, all colors, all storage sizes slip to 3 to 4 weeks this morning.  I only see a few configurations at 7-10 days.   Its a complete sold out of whatever quantities they made.
  Indeed, the watch will use its biometrics sensors. You enter a pin when you put it on and after that the screen lights up, unlock, when you move youre wrist to look at it.  Same goes for payments.
The 6+ is at 4 weeks, will try to get one at the Store on the 19th.
 That being said, I hope that next year the iphone 7 comes with upgrade internals on all 3 screen sizes.
 Will try to get the 5.5", gold, 128g for a store pick up.
was expecting the 4s trading to be a lot higher, I am amaze the amount of 5s is that high, lots of folks upgrade every year?  I am upgrading from a 4s.
 imo the 5.5" ship dates are going to quickly get push, a lot faster than the 4.7"
I dont remember if Apple sell the phone unlock at launch or do we have to wait?
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