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Thats good spending, cant wait to see the results.
ItsIts the same setup every year, we get 2 weeks of iphone sales with limited supply, so impact on revenu is limited...
My father still being very satisfied with its ipad 2 says ot all. Upgrade cycle is very long.
IGuidance for a quarter before major refresh is fine imo
Lower price entry level model and the ipadpro should help imo. Touch ID on all models, 32g entry level capacity
The only below expectations metric I see is ipad unit numbers.
 This is based on webusage, there is no "speculation" about it...That being said, you are right this stats has no relation what so ever regarding sales. It only tell us Apple customers love there tablets.
 The moto watch is very good looking indeed.
 I dont agree at all with youre way of seeing this. He obviously means they will launch more products than usual, in fact its the best line up he have seen, which means there will be major changes and new products, not minor incremental upgrades like we usually get.
I am having a lot trouble accessing this website from work with IE9. The site hangs out running scripts. I cant upgrade IE here its a corporate shell.   Another thing I noticed sometimes the website makes safari crash on both the ipad and the iMac.
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