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This is not a problem unless Apple refuse to replace those phones.  If I would get a bend phone because it was in my front pocket (which is normal use) I would be pretty pissed.
 True, but since the Android devices dont have anything like metal and used higher DPI screens, the A8 is quite behind in terms of GPU raw power.  That being said, the A8 GPU is still very fast.
Maybe they sleep naked...
It would had been the same... They soldout...
 Since most Android users only get free apps and pirated movies and music, switching ecosystem is not difficult for them because they didnt invest a lot it.  Its a lot easier to move from google or amazon to Apple because they can still access there purchased on iOS (but not there apps) On the other hand, itunes purchased are not available on Android or Amazon, so moving from iOS to those OS is more difficult.
I pass by the Montreal store this morning and it was the biggest line I have ever seen.  They ran out of iphone 6+ after the first 100 people, which was about 10% of the line.   There was a second line for people picking up phones order online, it was pretty big too.
Apple TV with apps and games would be nice.   I think the monitor is past due for a refresh, so is the Apple mini.
 for people who used iOS I am pretty amaze by the lack of knowledge about it. Files are all under apps folders. This results in weird behaviors, like for example, since Safari doesn't support files, you cant download anything from the web into an iOS device with the native web browser. You must used a third party app with a browser that can also handle a file structure. To me, the bare minimum would be for Safari to be able to download files into Apple own native apps like...
This really brings out how retarded iOS is at handling files. I wish Apple would lighten up and support files in its OS.
 Depends if they open NFC to something else later. They could need the delay to develop and test a very secure API.  There will be banks trying to deploy apps that used NFC for  transactions. This is already being done on Android NFC phones in Canada, if Apple block the NFC chip, the iphone may end up being a very bad choice for payments if it only support Apple system, especially if Apple doesnt even have Apple pay in youre country. Link to Canadian banks with NFC...
New Posts  All Forums: