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 I would had prefer 2g on all devices, but the ipad ram issues are becoming urgent. I had several game problems with my ipad mini retina that are directly related to ram shortage. As always, gaming is where a tech hardware device shows its limitations. We are reaching a point where some gaming apps are recommending using an Android device instead of an ipad to solve performance issues.  I think discarding gaming is a major mistake because a lot of folks buy those devices...
 That what I do on my 4s but then I have to move the screen all the time to read, its annoying. I would rather have a bigger screen. and the keyboard is just too small when I type.
 I think you can cancel an order if it hasnt shipped, so you can order and still try to get one at a store.
 I was getting used to wait for it but if its available at launch its nice.  I have a feeling they will be backorder.
hmm, I would had gone: 4" - iphone 6 LT 4.7" - iphone 6 5.5" - iphone 6 XL
imo they should give the option to use a SecurID or something like blizzard Authenticator.
I work on the ATM and VISA systems for a Canadian bank and let me tell you Apple will collect way more than 1 cent per transactions. Let me give you some examples:   Credit card fees:  There is no fee on the card owner side but there is a % of the purchased amount on the merchant side. The merchant side fees can get pretty high.   ATM transactions:  In canada, bank will charged pretty high fees unless you take a plan.  It can get really expensive if you dont go to...
its a stage....   cant be more obvious than that.
Allowing endless attemps at a password is a major security flaw... This was indeed an hack, they found a way to be able to try passwords without the account being frozen. This as nothing to do with passwords being weak, the only thing a robust password will change is it takes more time.
me too I wish they could had said more, absolutly no hints on the pic...    oh wait, if you remove 4.4 from 9.9 it gives 5.5 :-)
New Posts  All Forums: