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Bring those rumors up, its been boring lately.  I want iphone, ipad, tv, watch rumors, or better, leaked parts.
If the 70 millions is the number they came up with there way to finding sales and the real number is 74 millions, then that means they are right on with other devices...   I don't see nexus tablets up there, so they are in the "other" category, which could mean a good chunck of sales are Nexus.     Apple is losing on unit ships or market shares on both phones and tablets... , I don't see how denying it is helping in anything...
imo, That phone will do great when they drop the price
Well thats a shame
 Actually I would love for Apple to release an Apple brand TV/Monitors that can accept an AppleTV dongle.  That way no box or cables and you still have an upgradable Apple TV.  They could still sell the puck for people with TV sets.
 I dont agree at all. Having a piece of crap interface is not a reason to not implement an app store. The interface need to be improved. Like other app stores, of course apps would need to be approved by Apple before then can be added.
 Announced it months in advance no, but if they send invites in a few weeks from now then he missed an opportunity.  imo he talked about the Apple TV for a reason and its not a random stat, the upgrade is coming soon.
 Its even better if you buy youre gift cards on sales or with airmiles :p  This is what a do.
 its not just a question of sales growth, I DO want those features to actually used them... :p  An app store will spark innovation by devs in ways Apple could not have think of or seen coming. It will enhanced the product.
 Its still not very significant indeed compare to the overall income.  They need to revamp it, if they cant secure TV deals they could still add apps and games to it so it add value and fonctionnality. Since there were at a shareholder meeting and if they plan to announced a new model soon he could have giving the invites now. Sometimes it really looks like Tim Cook is going out is way to bring down the stock. For the event and since its a friday, I sold everthing and did...
New Posts  All Forums: