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This re-enforced the importance for Apple to enhanced its Apple TV offerings asap.  Games, apps, more content, ...
 The ridiculous part is P/E based, those are 2 completly different stories.  The 2000 tech bubble was... a bubble with very high P/E stocks. Apple P/E at the 700 peak was like 17?  Not even close of being a bubble. Tesla, amazon, twitter, facebook, ... those are stocks in bubble mode.
 True.  and imo Apple will be able to pull off some growth, even if its only 10% per year.
That is a weird call to make with all the rumors going on about an Apple TV w/apps and games, iWatch, iphablet, ipad pro and a bigger screen iphones....
I dont think so, more like 100$ per 32g
 It does look pretty much the same from a distance with incremental improvements like faster/lighter, but there was some "non incremetal" improvements like the Retina screen and the touch ID.  In terms of screen size, I would like a bigger screen too, but its not ground breaking innovation, but at least other devices wont have that "edge" anymore.
Good thing the markets are close, I hope this is get solved before tomorrow.
I really love where they are going with this.   Imagine the apps that could be done with that data, for example hearth rate and oxygen levels could be used to detect sleep apnea. If could also be used to detect breathing distress on drug OD or pain killers. It could be used as a constant feed to detect heart arrhythmia.  A lot of medical conditions could be detected with this.
 Actually throttling is very file specific.  I have unlimited downloads but if I let a torrent go to full bandwidth capacity, Bell is going to halt it in a matter of seconds. If I then do a speed test, it will show full download/upload limits.  Also, if I stop the torrent, change its bandwidth to 1/3 of my total capacity, it will start up again and Bell will let it go because it wont trigger there monitors. Malicious Cable operators could set throttling triggers on Apple...
 actually, no, because of the average selling price. If you count all of Samsung sales, they will probably sell more than all of the windows pc's, but there average selling price is going to be lower. In Apple case, the a.s.p. is higher, making the comparison significant....
New Posts  All Forums: