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going to be in store when?
I check the Apple stores availablility of the iphone 6/6+ in Canada and the phones are still not in stock anywhere except for a few exceptions.  Looks like demand is still a lot greater than supply.  Looking good for EPS for the next quarter since iphone have big margins.
Now if we could saved files from the web on an iOS devices that would be nice. They need to add this to iOS
I dont see how incremental ipad upgrades and a retina imac is related to "its been way too long" text on the invitation...   also, I dont see how this year is the best launch of new products in Apple history....  imo we are missing a big new product for that statement to be true.
The snapdragon 805 is faster than the A8 at similar resolutions, but in the end the 805 has to drive 2 times the pixels, making the nexus 6 and the note 4 slower than iphones.
Looks like I will be upgrading my ipad.
exactly, if they want to be able to access the data they need to debate it with the public and make a law.  Wanting backdoors and spying on citizens  is not the way to go.
GTAT looks like a bunch of incompetent fools or they are fraud at best.  They got millions from Apple and can't deliver...  Maybe they promised something they can't do.
A8X, cool.
I am always amazed to see how far behind the US is in that department.  
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