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 any stock will be volatile on earning days, the price could go in any direction. Regarding the numbers, Apple is down in all countries.  Apple made the choice of increasing margins, so it is bound to hurt unit sales. That being said, if the smartphone market is growing, Apple YoY numbers may still be positive, but dont expect a blowout in unit sales. Margins should be up, or it will be a major fail. Personnaly I dont agree with Apple because at some point if the market...
They are still up YoY, QoQ is meaningless.  That being said they are getting hit by the Nexus phones and tablets as more and more consumers wants pure Android, easy upgrades and no bloatware.   Must be fun to compete in a market where you're OS maker is dumping hardware at cost, enjoy...
 nice specs, but if the A7 can drive 4k video I would be satisfied with it.  The Notes 3 has a 4k camera, imo in 2014 and 2015 you will see a lot of devices able to record 4k so this will drive the 4k TV market before cable can even deliver Hollywood content.  2014 would be a nice year for Apple to launch a 4k monitor/tv and update its AppleTV box.  A complete AppleTV box with games and app is a nice first step.
 short version is.... a bigger screen.
 I don't agree.  From his comments yesterday, he talked to the biggest shareholders and he has a better understanding of the culture around Apple. Stacking cash is a good thing, but at this point enough is enough. The next thing that needs to be address is how to get that oversee cash in the US at a reasonable rate.  Apple is not the only company keeping its cash offshore because of outdated tax laws. If the US wants more investments and new jobs they have to move before...
 same here. He did his homework.
 yeah, but some of Apple "traditionnal" way of doing things is getting on my nerves.  They way they handle memory on both old and new devices needs to change, $100 for 16g and 8g hardware is just plain stupid with current prices. If they start at 32g, at least you are getting 32 extra gigs for the first upgrade and even that is still too expensive. They could maybe drop the 1 or 2 colors that sells the less, but the 5c is kind of about colors.
 imo they need to keep the 5c colors around...  and at the current price of SSD, there is no point in making a gimp 8g version. Actually I hope the next iphones and ipads STARTS at 32g because this is getting ludicrous.
The 5c will really kick off when it becomes the "old" phone and drop in price.  It would be a bad move to cancel it just before it gets priced like it should be... cant wait for a bigger screen iphone, keeping around my tiny dwarf iphone 4s is pure torture.   Next iphone line up should be: iphone 5c - $450, free w/contract iphone 5s - $550, $99 w/contract iphone 6 4.5", $650, 199$ w/contract iphone 6L 5", $750, $250 w/contract
 Airplay is the mother of crap for games....  its glitches, lags and its unresponsive. and it does makes senses, they can download the game into the ATV SSD, then run it.  Not great for big games but for games below 250 mb its not a problem with the current high speed connections. Or maybe some games could download on a MAC itunes (if available) and the ATV gets it from the mac. Onlive is a Virtual machine system where the games are runs on a server and the device just...
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