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 I see pretty much all models, all colors, all storage sizes slip to 3 to 4 weeks this morning.  I only see a few configurations at 7-10 days.   Its a complete sold out of whatever quantities they made.
  Indeed, the watch will use its biometrics sensors. You enter a pin when you put it on and after that the screen lights up, unlock, when you move youre wrist to look at it.  Same goes for payments.
The 6+ is at 4 weeks, will try to get one at the Store on the 19th.
 That being said, I hope that next year the iphone 7 comes with upgrade internals on all 3 screen sizes.
 Will try to get the 5.5", gold, 128g for a store pick up.
was expecting the 4s trading to be a lot higher, I am amaze the amount of 5s is that high, lots of folks upgrade every year?  I am upgrading from a 4s.
 imo the 5.5" ship dates are going to quickly get push, a lot faster than the 4.7"
I dont remember if Apple sell the phone unlock at launch or do we have to wait?
 Since I want the 5.5" I couldn't disagree more.  And what will be the point of waiting?
 The DPI on the 5.5" is high enough imo. Granted Android devices are still doing the DPI race but at some point unless you looking at the screen with a microscope whats the point?
New Posts  All Forums: