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 I understand you're point but its not a reason to discriminate. The "creator" is the only one with all the facts so he is the only one who can pass judgment. If I remember correctly Jesus said that "the one without sins can throw the first rock", since no one is without sins, then no one can do it.
 ipods ?  Also, the iphone didnt magicly appear in 2007, must have been cooking for years before that.
The potential for Apple is there. The TV, the games, the wearable, bigger phones, payment, cheaper phones, ipad pro, ...   Problem is Apple is not delivering anything but incremental upgrades of existhing product.  The stock needs a cataclyst, or hope of something to rise.   That being said, if institutional investment are low, when something do happens, the stock will rise quickly because they will all want to move in at the same time with huge amount of money.
 Will be interesting to see what Apple comes up with.  I have the feeling they will launch a new category that is a cross between laptops and tablets.  I am also expecting something in the phablet space. If you add the wearable rumors and the Apple TV w/games rumors, it will be an interesting year. On the other hand, its going to be hard for Samsung this year, in the Android space other manufacturers are making a comeback.
 Americans are under the impression that the world is what's inside there borders and that everything out of there border is wastelands... :p
I wish Disney would sell there movies in bundles.  Would love a marvel bundle to get all iron man, Thor, captain America and avengers movies.   and I dont see this app in Canada.
I would buy a Nexus 5 over this.   ITs going to be a rough year for Samsung.
 I would love a waterproof (10+ feet) iPhone .   Would be able to used it for snorkeling and the beach
 It would still be legal for a cable company to offer there services through an Apple TV box app or an Apple TV set app without the need for a customer to used the cable set-top box.  For live feeds, if cable still offers its regular packages without any Apple interference, there is no need to re-negociate with content providers. The negociations left to do with Apple and the cable company would be over on demand content, something Apple already does with itunes. There...
This re-enforced the importance for Apple to enhanced its Apple TV offerings asap.  Games, apps, more content, ...
New Posts  All Forums: