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With cisco remote access built into iOs and now IBM tools,apps and cloud, Apple has a solid offering for IT, probably the best choice.
Wonder if this will extend to macs too.
Regarding batteries would be nice if they could double battery life.
 I am expecting I will want...
 Well technically the 4.7" doesnt exist either, both are rumors. But from my experience when parts start to leak around this time of year we have a good idea of whats coming. If they dont accounced a 5.5" at the event I could settle for the 4.7" but thats not my first choice.A surprise that could happen because its impossible to predict with leak parts is Apple could announce 3 iphones models if they upgrade the 4" screen model with the lastest A8 chip and new features....
 I dont think apple will be able to get away with anything above $500. Even at $500 is very expensive and better have some medical "want to have" function.I ask around with people over the age of 50 and lots of folks would be interested in a watch with medical features.
I hope this is not true because the 5.5" is the one I want.
 depends on people. In my case I have always find iphones to be too small, even when I bought my 4s. I have an all Apple house, so I went with the iphone anyway.I think the people that drink the "coolaid" like you said still thinks the small iphones are perfect."There's nothing a 5.5" iPhone will be able to do that a 4" iPhone can't do - unless you have vision problems and even that's a somewhat dubious claim "that is untrue. The S3 and note 2 do have bigger keyboards...
 lol, this is possible indeed. I have no problem with that because I cant wear jeans at work and I dont usually wear them at home either.
 imo I recommend you use the biggest screen you can handle, after trying a Note 2 and an S3 I will go for the 5.5" iphone 6, which will be about the same has the note 2. The Samsung screens have insane color saturation, its like watching a CSI Miami episode.My worried is its rumor to be delay for later in the fall, cant wait to upgrade my tiny 4s.
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