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I am wondering this too. Where is that 1.8 billions shares coming from....
 I am convinced to "doers" at Apple itunes radio are very aware or competition, but I am also convinced the suits above them are completly clueless, and sadly they are the ones calling the shots. This will be consistent with what the article is reporting and the product that came out of it.I have seen this so many times in corporations.
I still dont get why Apple is buying them...
 was wondering exactly that. I don't get the june 2nd date at all.
Nice to have something coming out of nowhere instead of something that leaked all over the place for months.
 imo he just paid employees at carriers to get the data... not that hard. Hell, he could even have paid someone at Apple.
 imo a reduce price 5s would be a worthy upgrade for youre iphone 4. The footprint is almost the same since they eat up the bezels to come up with a bigger screen.
imo this have nothing to do with design and everything to do with price... if they can drop the 5c to $400 or less it will boost there sales a lot.
Of course if they keep adding stuff into the category, the iPad sales gets diluted. But I agree that hybrid laptops could count has tablets.
lol that park is in Seoul, I was wondering if it was California disney or something... no wonder Sansung is like a Xerox machine, its deep inside there cultured.
New Posts  All Forums: