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If they can manage to make one that is light enough I am buyer. But i also want a 5.5" phone so what do I know....
5.5", the beast.
YoY declines is more than a speed bump. On the other hand , he knows whats coming so maybe they have something that will increase sales
 5.5, the number of the beast!
 imo that thing is still in the works, at least on the set-top box side.  I am expecting both a major Apple TV refresh and an iwatch.
I hope they move the ram to 2g, I am seeing glitches in some games that according to support forums are caused by ram.  Note that I am having this problem on my ipad mini retina, not on an iphone.
imo they should have made it flat with the camera and give us a better battery...
 This is one of the reason I bought the 27", ram is accessible.
 Despite you're best efforts to implied there wont be a 5.5" model, I am betting my dehydrated orange that there will one. Note:  I forgot a small orange behind my monitor at work and 6 months later I found that thing near the PC ventilation output. Its very precious to me :-)
 The stock actually went higher after they discuss this on CNBC
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