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 at least it has turbo from 1.4 to 2.4. imo those are 2.4ghz rejects so Apple gets them at a discount.Those CPU can get between 1.4 to 2.4 depending where they failed quality control.That being said, the bottle neck nowadays are almost always disk read/writes and GPU. So a fusion drive or SSD or something with an nvidia GPU are more worthty than CPU upgrades. This makes old macs better than new ones.
 or they could just take a margin hit and just drop it by $100. Its not like they have rasor thin margins on those.
 its a old model, so its a october 2012 model that is superior than what apple is selling right now at $1100 and $1300 price points. Check the Apple refurbs section on apple websites you will see some on sales that have the 650m.Seriously Intel HD5000 and Iris GPU are absolute garbage compare to nvidia GPU's, even low ends ones like the 640m. This make Apple 2012 and 2013 imacs far superior to late 2013 and 2014 models. If someone is considering buying an imac, I suggest...
still too expensive imo, especially considering they lower the specs. IF they would drop then entire line by $100 it would look much better: 21.5" - $999, $1199, $1399. On the canadian apple site, the 1TB fusion drive upgrade or 256 SSD upgrades are $275. The 500mb to 1TB upgrade is $50. I have the fusion drive on my 27" imac and its worth it, I would never go back to regular drives.
Would have been nice to put the 5s in the image.
Is Apple ever going to wake up and make android/windows apps of facetime / imessage / iradio / maps / iworks/ itunes/ ibook ...
 Maybe Apple is "technically" respecting the law, but its still a loophole. I dont know the way the law was writing so its still possible Apple is illegal, depending on the way the law was done. Either the law is to specific and mention medias or its clear and applies to movies and tv content in genenal but is not "enforce" in the digital world.As far as I am concerned, movies and tv shows should be force to include spanish/portugese/french/english soundtracks on all...
 that would be impossible to monitor. for many reasons, companies can leave cash outside of there headquater country.
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