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wow nice graphics on that game....
 yes its annoying to the roof. and the stream keeps cutting off. Love the full HD 5.5", this is so my new phone
Grats Apple on a TV stream that absolutely doesn't work.... and there is an annoying asian voice over, what a fail   omg I managed to see the 5.5" at full HD resolution !!!!
 imo they could be on the ipad side if they keep the 1g of ram.   But regarding mobile, an iWatch with NFC and payments may be the killer app for that device. I can see myself paying by not taking out anything and just use the watch.
  I wish I was....  that being said, we still have to wait on product announcements.  Apple is not in trouble yet, I am hoping they will up the ram on ipads for multitasking issues, which will save the games at the same time.
 Well since ipads are iphones are not necessary for gaming, its very possible they dont balance specs for games but for productivity apps.  Currently, some games requires a complete flush of the apps and a reboot before you start it or it will either crash or have lag spikes.  Yes all ipads are the same, but this is starting to limit possibilities. There is no point on having a fast GPU if you can't load all of the graphics. ITs like having a high end PC GPU with no on...
 Depends on apps they are testing, I am sure "Hello kitty" and "Pages" are working fine with 1g of ram.  I hope Apple will aim on having the best devices and not "average Joe" devices and let Android have the high end market...
 The thing is I am planning to do a lot of gaming on the 5.5" phone, lets hope that phone has 2g of ram. Maybe Apple needs to have "pro" devices. If people like you are seing problems in apps other than games, its even more serious than I taught.  Normally, Apple are good at balancing specs, they have to know 1g is not enough. Maybe there is a conflit between engineers and the design team, but since the boss is a design guy, design wins.
I know, the ram issue is almost becoming a joke.  I feel my new ipad air and ipad mini retina are gimp devices, I will replace those as soon as Apple upgrade the ram.   The current devices are not for power users or gamers. At some point I dont want a thinner device, I want better battery life and more ram...  maybe having a design guy in charge is not such a great idea.
 I would had prefer 2g on all devices, but the ipad ram issues are becoming urgent. I had several game problems with my ipad mini retina that are directly related to ram shortage. As always, gaming is where a tech hardware device shows its limitations. We are reaching a point where some gaming apps are recommending using an Android device instead of an ipad to solve performance issues.  I think discarding gaming is a major mistake because a lot of folks buy those devices...
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