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 I dont agree at all with youre way of seeing this. He obviously means they will launch more products than usual, in fact its the best line up he have seen, which means there will be major changes and new products, not minor incremental upgrades like we usually get.
I am having a lot trouble accessing this website from work with IE9. The site hangs out running scripts. I cant upgrade IE here its a corporate shell.   Another thing I noticed sometimes the website makes safari crash on both the ipad and the iMac.
 That could just means its not in production yet, while obviously the 4.7" is in production right now. This supports the delayed rumors. imo it will come and we should see parts by the end of august.That being said, despite the needs I have for a new phone this year, the Apple TV update and the iWatch are devices I am lot more exited about.
yet another reason to get the 5.5" model.
With cisco remote access built into iOs and now IBM tools,apps and cloud, Apple has a solid offering for IT, probably the best choice.
Wonder if this will extend to macs too.
Regarding batteries would be nice if they could double battery life.
 I am expecting I will want...
 Well technically the 4.7" doesnt exist either, both are rumors. But from my experience when parts start to leak around this time of year we have a good idea of whats coming. If they dont accounced a 5.5" at the event I could settle for the 4.7" but thats not my first choice.A surprise that could happen because its impossible to predict with leak parts is Apple could announce 3 iphones models if they upgrade the 4" screen model with the lastest A8 chip and new features....
 I dont think apple will be able to get away with anything above $500. Even at $500 is very expensive and better have some medical "want to have" function.I ask around with people over the age of 50 and lots of folks would be interested in a watch with medical features.
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