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I don't think selling at cost would be a good idea for Apple.  But I wish they would consider mid-range or even low cost with 25%-35% margins. Apple could easily sell a mid-range $350-$400 phone. For example, when the iPhone 6 gets out, why not sell the 5c in the $350 - $400 range instead of the usual $450 price point for a 2 years old phone?
Hmm, that HEVC codec could actually allow cable operators to sell package on other ISP networks. Assuming the ISP does not throttle the streams, its would be more doable to stream TV channels without using insane amount of bandwigth and data.
 Its not that easy, I would assume that if youre ISP is also Time Warner, then  all the lived stream will used there normal digital broadcast so it wont consume or slowdown youre internet connection. IF youre ISP is NOT Time Warner, then you will need one hell of an internet connection.  We are talking 100mbits or more and unlimited download, depending on the number of TV's.  I am sure Time Warmer would love to sell a package to someone not on there network, but not a lot...
make senses.  so on the hardware side I wish for a full A7 chip or with no disable cores (so not the rejects of the A7 line) and even a A7X would be better if they want to compete in the game console market. 4K support would be nice.
 Well, my tablet stays at home, on the go I need the biggest device I can carry that doesn't bother me in my pockets. For me, its a phone around 5". But if Apple can put a 5.5" screen in the footprint of the current 5" phones, then that 5.5" phone is what I want.  The keyboard is just too small and I don't have big hands, I don't get how people could like that thing, I am sure it was cutting hedge in 2007, but this is 2014...  I need a device that can do texting and go on...
It will be the 5.5" for me, cant wait to upgrade my dwarf iphone  
 Well, investors look at shipments because this is what matters on revenu.  More usage could mean more $$ on content, but for Apple this is still a very low part of there income. One stat I would like to see is usage for the Kindle fire tablets, Amazon entire business model is based on that and I am not so sure its working very well.
 this would allow to increase the screen size to 4.5" with almost no footprint increase. IF they can integrate the fingerprint scan on the screen and find a software way to get out of app, they could put a "home" button on the sides because it will be used a lot less. with buttons:
 I have the feeling we will see something before WWDC or at WWDC this year.
 problem with that is bandwidth, you need a lot of it or an unlimited package to stream a lot of content. The better solution would be for Apple to make agreements with cable operators so they could have Apple TV apps and be able to feed you channels that dont used any internet bandwidht.  But for the looks of it, the cable operators need to die first, because they dont want to do it. imo if cable doesnt do anything, they will become internet pipes over time and lose there...
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