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Yet another hint that margins will be better.
 maybe I am too bullish but my prediction for 2014 EPS are around $50 on 15% income growth on top of a 3-4% increase in margins.
 I am still hoping the game controls real goal are to pave the way to a more powerfull Apple TV with gaming apps. But I been waiting for this for so long my expectations are not very high. An Apple TV with a A7 could be a decent game console.
I was under the impression we were talking about strategies on predicting earnings. On the Apple side,  Cook strategy is to position Apple at the high end, so premium brand with high quality but expensive products. We will see the effect on unit sales and margins next week.
 Margins will be key indeed. I expect YoY 5% to 15% income growth but more importantly some kind of margins increase. Apple made the bet of rising margins, so if unit sales didnt went down EPS should rise.
 I dont think Apple PE will go more than 15, Apple is in a "show me" mode for now.  PE expansions is base on "hope" of growth, Apple would need to introduce new caterories for that.
 Depends, you could be right all the way to correctly predict big earnings and yet the stock could go down for some pointless reason.
 Less than 60m is growth decelaration indeed. My first metric is market share change:https://www.npd.com/wps/portal/npd/us/news/press-releases/apple-and-samsung-grow-to-represent-68-percent-of-smartphones-owned-in%20the-u-s-according-to-the-npd-group/ My second metric will be a US sales sample, so VZ numbers tomorrow. The third metric is internationnal sales.More launch countries meens better than last year, assuming the phone did better in the US.
 Last year I was pretty spot on on the number using VZ number and market share estimates. CNBC have a lot of guess and some of there staff are very bias, so you need to know which ones are more fair because they will always have anti-Apple talks no matter what. I am hoping we get 60+ or we will have yet another year of growth decelaration in unit sales. On the other hand, YoY margins should be better. Market share improvements in the US points to a big number but I still...
We will have a better idea after Verizon numbers tomorrow. Until then, its very speculative.
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