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 Fortunately for me, I have 2 hands.  I am glad to see some leak parts of the 5.5", its the model I want.
I hope they will increase to 400 PPI or more because I do see the difference between those densities with my glasses on.
Am I seeing this correctly by saying the button is inside the screen? Looks like there is no bottom bezels.
 You are right , to get back to its "real" all time high, the stock needs to move to around $110. That being said, the "official" all time high is $100.73
  Hopes of growth is what drives a stock price. The bigger the hope, the bigger the P/E gets. Look at Tesla, FB, Twitter. People will tend to oversell on a stock that suddenly shows negative growth. In that case, it could become a great buy opportunity. This is what Carl Ihcan saw when the stock was below $400 so he move in big time. Since Apple has a low P/E, its moves on actual growth or lack of growth.  Apple is not trade like a growth stock, it trades like a utility...
I dont think anyone can come out with reliable predictions until we see what the phone actually is. How many models?  How will they price the 5c?
 indeed it looks like its a fake. 9 to5 mac has a great article about it.
In other news, TMZ release photos of the complete iphone 6, with package and everything. For some reason apple rumor sites are not allowed to relay the news.  Note that it can still be a fake phone.
Funny thing is my late 2012 imac is still the best. It was the first model with the new look but I went all the way an got the top model with fusion drive and more importantly the best GPU (Nvidia GTS 680MX).  The bottle neck on macs is either the I/O or the graphics. For the OP:I feel that this year the new imac should beat my setup, the Nvidia 870m should beat my GPU. So if you can wait its possible to get an upgrade from the 2012 models this year. If you can find a 2012...
New Posts  All Forums: