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Of course if they keep adding stuff into the category, the iPad sales gets diluted. But I agree that hybrid laptops could count has tablets.
lol that park is in Seoul, I was wondering if it was California disney or something... no wonder Sansung is like a Xerox machine, its deep inside there cultured.
lol, this is so far off the hardcore fanboy predictions this site did....  
The price drop is not big enough to change much. Those macs will continu to be in a niche market.
At last a worthy phone from Apple. I am glad I waited to upgrade my 4s.
Lets make a Start Trek tricorder.
According to other sites the broadwell GPU is going to be 40% faster than HD5000. I am looking for a laptop but I find current ones to lack GPU power. Some the retina pro models have the 750m but they are way to expensive.
with Apple going down at most of the earnings, lot of people are going for the exit.
That would be very very bad.
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