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I wish Disney would sell there movies in bundles.  Would love a marvel bundle to get all iron man, Thor, captain America and avengers movies.   and I dont see this app in Canada.
I would buy a Nexus 5 over this.   ITs going to be a rough year for Samsung.
 I would love a waterproof (10+ feet) iPhone .   Would be able to used it for snorkeling and the beach
 It would still be legal for a cable company to offer there services through an Apple TV box app or an Apple TV set app without the need for a customer to used the cable set-top box.  For live feeds, if cable still offers its regular packages without any Apple interference, there is no need to re-negociate with content providers. The negociations left to do with Apple and the cable company would be over on demand content, something Apple already does with itunes. There...
This re-enforced the importance for Apple to enhanced its Apple TV offerings asap.  Games, apps, more content, ...
 The ridiculous part is P/E based, those are 2 completly different stories.  The 2000 tech bubble was... a bubble with very high P/E stocks. Apple P/E at the 700 peak was like 17?  Not even close of being a bubble. Tesla, amazon, twitter, facebook, ... those are stocks in bubble mode.
 True.  and imo Apple will be able to pull off some growth, even if its only 10% per year.
That is a weird call to make with all the rumors going on about an Apple TV w/apps and games, iWatch, iphablet, ipad pro and a bigger screen iphones....
I dont think so, more like 100$ per 32g
 It does look pretty much the same from a distance with incremental improvements like faster/lighter, but there was some "non incremetal" improvements like the Retina screen and the touch ID.  In terms of screen size, I would like a bigger screen too, but its not ground breaking innovation, but at least other devices wont have that "edge" anymore.
New Posts  All Forums: