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for me, Youtube, Netflix and my own 4k home video.
The funny thing is the A8 is perfectly capable of playing 4k video.  Makes me wonder why Apple choose to not support 4k on the ATV
Icloud is useless to me because it doesnt allow to share specific folders, which means its all or nothing. So i cant activated on my macbook because there is not enough space. Also, there is no family sharing, so cant used it on my wife mac and ios devices.Icloud drive also bugged my 128g iphone, filling it up with 80g of mac files i cant see on the phone. That thing is broken to the core, such a shame.So the only thing is does is give me an offsite backup of my files...
Yeah, this is what I need too. Imo it will be with the new Mac OS
When are they going to release the new imovies? I need the 4k support to finally have something to edit my 4k videos
from what I can find, the A8 can play 4k video at 4k resolution. http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/11/21/apples-a8-soc-reportedly-capable-of-4k-video-output-may-pave-way-for-ultra-high-resolution-apple-tv http://www.macrumors.com/2014/11/21/a8-chip-4k-video/ There is even an app for the iPhone 6 to let you shot and play 4k video. Its called ProCam.
I did some research and the A8 in the new Apple TV can playback 4k video.  So, the hardware could support 4k.  It could still allow 4k in future software updates...
indeed.  I have the feeling they are going to refresh this more often now.  And they already said in the iPad pro part that the A9X is console class GPU.  So next model will have top of the line console GPU. That being said, imo the A8 beats the Wii and WiiU.  Would be interesting to compare the performance.
Its running a A8, the same thing in my iPhone 6.   imo its more capable than what we saw.
I am so buying this.  can't wait.
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