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ImImo the TV will indeed be moniters. They are waiting on the new thunderbolt standards so they can push more than 4k. Imo they will release 5k monitors for the mac pro at first. Then they will release an apple tv plug in for the monitors that can be replace with new releases over time: the apple tv that will be annonces at the WWDC is the first step.What I like about a 5k tv is they could put an interface up and still be able to display 4 k signal, pretty much like...
You guys do realize that this is a BS piece to counter Mr Carl Icahn right?  So the anti-TV crowd are going to fall on there sword if Apple do release a TV set or fall on you're knees and worship the new thing?
I am not into renting either, so I bought all of Macphun apps and HDR darkroom 3. I also got pixelmator and fotor. For the price of 1 year of Ps and Ls I have pretty decent software on all of my macs
I like this review
This is nice but it will never replace a DSLR with high quality lens and a fullframe sensor.
Nice for HDR, 2 lens means you could take 2 exposures (under and over) at the same time, which eliminate alignement problems and ghosting.
This is more a photo manager app than an edition tool.  Drag and drop to other apps no longer works (snapheal, HDR darkroom, Tonality, ...) I didn't find any away to change the edit app instead of using the photo edit (i used to edit with pixelmator from iphoto). I will have to export my photos to disk, edit them and only put them back when I am completely done.   Its looks like an app for children's... Fotor (a free app) puts photo to shame. Photo is a front to manage...
My 12 gage is lock and load, bring that thing over my yard if you dare...
The photos in the cloud used up personal could limits?
$25 each in Canada...   No bundles....  fail!    I am so not buying this outside of a bundle price.  And yet there is a bundle on google play.     Disney movie prices are really getting on my nerves, everything is $25 like its just been release, no bundles.  Maybe I should go to the torrrents for all Disney movies.
New Posts  All Forums: