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 Actually, since everyone, there mother and there pets are releasing an ARM based TV box with apps and games BEFORE apple does, Apple will be the one "following"...  unless they come up with something unexpected. Currently, Apple is taking so long to update its Apple TV its the worst choice out there, but if you are in Apple ecosystem, you have no real choice, you have to wait for them for an update.
 well none of our accounts are link to credit cards, we load them with itunes card we buy at a discount. I get all my itunes card with airmiles so they are free actually.
iOS 8 family sharing limitations question: This is unrelated to the topic but I finally decided to give my wife imac/iphone/ipad her own AppleID on her devices. I will link her AppleID to my AppleID when iOS8 is out so we can share apps/music/TV/movies purchased. My question is this: Can I link my father AppleID to ours if is home address is different than ours?
In the US and Canada the biggest energy consumption are by far heat / air conditionning folllow by home appliance.
If a burglar takes everything or youre house catch on fire this will help you how?
Is it using an intel CPU or a ARM CPU?
Anyone heard about Apple launching an "Amazon prime" type of service in the fall? (iRadio+books+TV+Movies)
I was expecting a low price phone in the Nexus price range but they went high end. I am quite surprise.
 at least it has turbo from 1.4 to 2.4. imo those are 2.4ghz rejects so Apple gets them at a discount.Those CPU can get between 1.4 to 2.4 depending where they failed quality control.That being said, the bottle neck nowadays are almost always disk read/writes and GPU. So a fusion drive or SSD or something with an nvidia GPU are more worthty than CPU upgrades. This makes old macs better than new ones.
New Posts  All Forums: