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I got the iPhone 6 plus last year, but the real innovation is this year.  3D touch, live pics, 4k video,  man I so want to change my phone now...
Sales estimates of un announced vaporware is serious business.
 Consoles use PC style hardware while Apple will use its mobile line of chips, which they already sell in very high volume.  imo Apple can make a profit on hardware and still sell for a lower price than consoles.
If they launch an app store they will beef up storage options. imo we get 16g at $149 and we get 64g and 128g options.  It will obviously have the horsepower to support 4k, which would be nice.
Hopes this means imovies will support 4k
 I did that too.  But I dont think $115 is going to hold, imo we will drop near $105 unless Apple really get agressive on buybacks.  I will buy again at $105 if we get there. I am also closely monitoring disney, I need to get into that stock and its on a nice drop right now.
 lol.  We are hearing a lot of BS from the bears right now.  You really have to be clueless to think that Apple is like Nokia or Blackberry.  Some people think that Apple is a one trick pony because most of its profits comes from the iphone.  I think the ecosystem is what lock people in, not a single product. That being said, I think Apple needs to continu to try to diversified its income.  Adding new products and services is a way toward that goal, which also helps the...
Brought back my covered calls and bought 10 jan 2016  option calls when the stock was trading at $114 this morning.  I will sell covered calls again when the stock gets high enough.   That was a nice opportunity to get in IMHO.
Imo students want a rebate a lot more than a pair of headphones... Thats a pretty bad deal.
Thats is pretty ironic since the TV will launch Soon (tm)
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