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Now everthing is in place for the line of 5k monitors / Tv's
Local stations are forced by the FCC. You cant required cable services to have local feeds and at the same time have content owners block them. Either Apple is required and the content owners are force to STFU, or Apple is not required to carry local stations...
Depends on youre needs i guess.
I normally upgrade my imac after 2 and half years with 6 months to go on the warranty but I think I will pass this year.  The new 5k imacs have performance issues, the GPU is not fast enough to drive that resolution. My late 2012 imac with the 680mx is faster than the radeon m290 and m290x.  The only GPU faster is the optional m295x on the high end model but it as to drive 4k resolution so this result in a slower machine than my 2012 imac.    I dont like reselling my mac...
ImImo the TV will indeed be moniters. They are waiting on the new thunderbolt standards so they can push more than 4k. Imo they will release 5k monitors for the mac pro at first. Then they will release an apple tv plug in for the monitors that can be replace with new releases over time: the apple tv that will be annonces at the WWDC is the first step.What I like about a 5k tv is they could put an interface up and still be able to display 4 k signal, pretty much like...
You guys do realize that this is a BS piece to counter Mr Carl Icahn right?  So the anti-TV crowd are going to fall on there sword if Apple do release a TV set or fall on you're knees and worship the new thing?
I am not into renting either, so I bought all of Macphun apps and HDR darkroom 3. I also got pixelmator and fotor. For the price of 1 year of Ps and Ls I have pretty decent software on all of my macs
I like this review
This is nice but it will never replace a DSLR with high quality lens and a fullframe sensor.
Nice for HDR, 2 lens means you could take 2 exposures (under and over) at the same time, which eliminate alignement problems and ghosting.
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