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The problem is not with the design,its with specs for the price. Its pretty expensive for whats inside
No problems in canada With the iphone. Mac itunes doesnt work. Well macs itunes do works but is very slow.
Omg, 5 years really... Imo the Android watches will catch up within 1 year.
The store is down, does that means they will launch right after the event?
The Apple TV could have some "link" to the watch if the watch is a way of controlling it.  I think it could be a good moment to talk about how the watch can be a part of the smart home ecosystem because it can be a way to control home devices.  I think it make a lots of senses since we will be wearing the watch all the time, unlike our phone.  I can see the watch controlling lights, door locks, the TV, alarm system, security cameras,  termostat ...   At this point they...
Imo the watch will be a huge succes, with online shipping time slipping within minutes of the launch...
Google are all over the place, they spread too thin and master nothing, except for search and maps.
I did say I think its planned, unlike you, you says it 100% not planned...  remind me of people who kept saying Apple will never do a phone with a big screen.  and on the watch, its not that icons are round, its the way they scroll around and the way they are dispose that hints at a possible round interface.
yeah right. Unless you actually work for Apple you don't know anything...
That what happen when you put a round screen without adapting the interface.  doesn't mean its not doable to have functional round screen. Look at Apple icons, look at Apple activity monitor, those would work perfectly on a round screen.
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