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Imo the watch will be a huge succes, with online shipping time slipping within minutes of the launch...
Google are all over the place, they spread too thin and master nothing, except for search and maps.
I did say I think its planned, unlike you, you says it 100% not planned...  remind me of people who kept saying Apple will never do a phone with a big screen.  and on the watch, its not that icons are round, its the way they scroll around and the way they are dispose that hints at a possible round interface.
yeah right. Unless you actually work for Apple you don't know anything...
That what happen when you put a round screen without adapting the interface.  doesn't mean its not doable to have functional round screen. Look at Apple icons, look at Apple activity monitor, those would work perfectly on a round screen.
Actually, the way the icons are dispose hints at a possible round screen interface. imo its already planned. And you are too techie about it, round is a well known watch format, and the watch is a fashion item.
There is something called progressive glasses...
Beside the Apple watch supporting Apple Pay I would like more smart home integration.  I would love a watch that open my door lock (home and car), useful when you carry groceries,  a watch that controls my philips HUE lights and a watch that control my Apple TV or my Apple TV set.   There is so much possibilities. The watch could be the ultimate remote control for anything in the home because its always on you.   I would also love it if Apple would have 2 types of watch...
Will be nice to finally see a move on the TV or Apple TV side, all of which being a part of the broader Apple smart home initiative.
I wonder when that feature will start outside of the US. We still dont have itunes radio in Canada.
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