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Actually buybacks is what supported the stock when it went below $400 and it reduce to number of shares, which improves EPS. In the long run, if a company is making a lot of cash flow and is buying back shares, its rising its stock price.   That being said, growth is more important indeed.
lol, I could want to based them on my cat mood, won't change anything on how it works.  You're method is good long term, so you should not bother on short term moves then... you're a value investor.
If the estimates are right or wrong is irrelevant, the stock price pre-earnings was based on them regardless. Price action is based on estimates VS results. If someone thinks the estimates are too high before earnings, he should sell before and buy back after. That being said, I will go with Jim Cramer and say just own Apple, dont trade it.   Not trading it also means DO NOT own any short term options, if you want to leverage with options, buy + 1 year or +2 years deep in...
The stock price before earnings is based on the street expectations on that moment, not on Apple guidance 3 months ago...   Normally, if a company beats, its goes higher and it is missed, it goes lower.  On Apple case, Apple needs to beat to stay flat and it needs to blow-out to go higher.  Not fair maybe, yes.
results are below expectations, so its down. Pretty simple to me. 
They just need to disable in app purchased and let customers get there subscription on there website. That being said, I still wish the FTC force Apple to take a very small cut when an app is selling copyright content like movies, music, books, ...
I love this news. This and the Apple TV upcoming games leaked is nice.
The tepid term refers to market expectations, not absolute numbers. Some analysts are expecting 50 millions iwatch sales in 2015, which is completly off.Imi this product wont sale in volume until its a stand alone product.
I think this is why Apple is trying to come up with a bundle. Where I lived the basic bundle is $33, then you can add 15 channels of you're choice for $18 or 30 channels of you're choice for $25.
I dont care about a TV streaming services that will be available in the US only for years.... Give me an app store and homekit already!!!
New Posts  All Forums: