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This is more a photo manager app than an edition tool.  Drag and drop to other apps no longer works (snapheal, HDR darkroom, Tonality, ...) I didn't find any away to change the edit app instead of using the photo edit (i used to edit with pixelmator from iphoto). I will have to export my photos to disk, edit them and only put them back when I am completely done.   Its looks like an app for children's... Fotor (a free app) puts photo to shame. Photo is a front to manage...
My 12 gage is lock and load, bring that thing over my yard if you dare...
The photos in the cloud used up personal could limits?
$25 each in Canada...   No bundles....  fail!    I am so not buying this outside of a bundle price.  And yet there is a bundle on google play.     Disney movie prices are really getting on my nerves, everything is $25 like its just been release, no bundles.  Maybe I should go to the torrrents for all Disney movies.
could be a monitor for the Mac Pro indeed.
 Actually, it only makes sense for 1 person. All of the others will actually have a worst looking angle than a flat TV. So in other words, its BS for home
I will be very disappointed if the new Apple TV doesn't supports 4k.  I wish we can buy a more deluxe version with 4k at least.   I can still rely of the smart TV for 4k content, but would love if Apple starts supporting it.   Like a said in the previous post, I wish we could get resolution upgrades on itunes: This is where I think having a movie collection in the cloud could pay off.  For example, SD to HD +$10, SD or HD to 4k +$15
Thats a nice pile of BS...    A H265 4k movie takes around 20g compare to a H264 HD movie which takes about 4g.  I have a 25mbps line and I can stream 2 4k movies at once from youtube...  Pretty much all of you're points gets destroy by you're assumptions that a 4k movies takes 300g... LACK OF STORAGE:   H265 movie is around 20 gigs..LACK OF INTERNET CAPACITY:  You can stream a 4k movie from youtube with a 15mbps line... And I dont know what kind of third world country...
love this app, 1/3 the price of Photoshop, and its in the Mac app store, its yes to multi-license and free upgrades. You can also link it with iPhoto, so you are getting Lightroom and photoshop for a fraction of the price. Not has powerful, but pretty decent.
New Posts  All Forums: