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with Apple going down at most of the earnings, lot of people are going for the exit.
That would be very very bad.
This is a direct consequence of Apple free falling market shares in iphones and ipods. With android having over 80% market share worldwide, that means all those people are buying songs from google or other offering on android. imo Apple needs to enter the mid-range market with a $300 phone to regain critical mass on its ecosystem. itunes on android will also help, but its better to offer cheaper hardware to keep selling music, apps, movies, ....
$550 is not mid tier, its still high end. Fact is Apple is doing very poorly in lots of countries because it lacks a mid-range phone.
 Thats a good point. Adding a stream size option could be a good idea.
Does that means that iRadio sucks? there must be a reason for this
Megapixel count still helps for digital zoom. Since most phones dont have optical zoom, you cant just discard that spec...
Whats the unlock price?
Indeed. The ipad2 at $399 was a rip-off imo
 Releasing a 8g phone is just plain insulting to me. Its like those guys are stuck in a loop and just cant innovate anymore. They doing this because thats what they usually do?  JC, unreal. They could lower the number of colors so managing is easier , they are others ways than releasing a nerf phone. How about optimizing production and just drop the price?
New Posts  All Forums: