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I wish they could hit lower price points with some hardware.  imo the mini is not worth more that $500.
 Its taken a long time because, imo, its going to be a major upgrade. I have the feeling the new hardware will fit into one the new product categories. I wish they would also start selling monitors with optionnal Apple TV plug-ins so they would launch a line of monitors for the minis and mac pro and TV's at the same time. A monitor that would be able accept an AppleTV box on its back would basicly be an upgradable TV set.
 imo he will hold his shares until Apple P/E is in the S&P500 average. And Apple float is so large he could dump 3 billions worth of shares over a week and it wont affect the stock price that much. There is no need to worry to much about is exit strategie.
 That guy is pro Apple and imo he gets it.  Not sure I understand why so much hate...   He did "wake up" Apple to be smarter about there cash, imo he done is job and helped investors.
If Apple keeps being smart and do there buybacks on big stock price drops like they just did there is no reason to push for is motion indeed.
 its the first time he clearly speaks of "new categories" imo.  All he normally say is "great things"
imo if given a Note 3 they should used it over the iphone.  The Note 3 record 4K videos and has a 13mp camera.
 I still think the concept show is doable, but it wont be a perfect circle like shown indeed. Beside the design, I am hoping Apple makes "killer apps" or usage for those watch, something medical for example, or features that links to an iphones and allow to use the watch instead of briging out the phone.
imo anyone other than Ballmer is good.  Lets hope Microsoft can gain market shares in mobile to keep that market more fragmented.
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