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 that would be impossible to monitor. for many reasons, companies can leave cash outside of there headquater country.
regarding sales taxes, I am assuming Apple gives back the sales taxes it collects to the appropriate gov. Regarding corporate income tax: For hardware, the way I understand it Apple pays its income tax in every EU countries then send the money into Ireland. So its a cash placeholder and it affects US Tax not EU tax. Ireland is a good place to hold cash because Apple can invest its cash and only pay 2% in tax to Ireland on the interest it makes. For software and...
I meant corporate income tax. Of course they give sale tax back to the appropriate gov.
 imo youre problem is this, this is not true anymore.
 When a $200 phone can do pretty much the same thing has a $700 iphone it becomes a problem...
 indeed. how can Apple expect to get into cars, home appliances and health if they only have a tiny market share. Third party will go where the volume is. Too little market shares can also endanger the entire ecosystem.
 Funny how when Apple was gaining market shares nobody was trying to split the smartphone market into sub-categories. Now that Apple is loosing market shares, some people are trying to find a sub-category where it isnt. Too much coolaid if you ask me.
 since Apple is actually losing market shares, its not keeping up. That being said, the iphone 6 may changed this, especially if the iphone 5c see a major drop in price.The last quarter ipad sales worries me. This is a sector where Apple is losing big chunks of market shares.
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