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 imo they were expecting much better sales indeed. Beating the 4s sales is setting the bar very low on a redesign phone. The phone is Ok, its a matter of pricing.
 imo they will keep the 4" around but it will become the mid-range phone that may not included all the bell'n whistle of the bigger screen high end phone.
  god I hate Samsung...
so they are releasing a phone with a retarded 8gb of tiny space (this is 2014 last time I ckecked) to save 5$ on cost?  If they want to sell the 5c in volume they need to drop the price to $400 or below on the 16g models....
I am waiting for a big screen phone to upgrade my 4s but it they rise the price, I am not so sure I will upgrade.   I dont see how this will make people switch from android to iOS?
 no, they want a low price phone AND good margins.  Its doable, the margins will be the "apple premium" of the low price phone. Customers could roll the dice and buy a randon android cheap phone at $300 or get an iphone for the same price knowing it will be well balance and of good build quality.  The $300 android phones will have better specs because they sell with low margins, but they will still be more risky than getting an iphone. or, if you like, the android phones...
 maybe, but I do want a bigger phone regarless of how the stock reacts to it.  I am not gonna keep that 4s forever. I have wait yet another year to upgrade on bigger phone rumors that seems more serious this time.
If they can pull off a $300 unlock phone and still get decent margins it will be a masterpiece play.  They will have something for both the emerging markets and the unlock market and market shares will skyrocket.  But, in the article, i think they mean the bigger screen phone will sell at a $100 premium of the current 5s prices. So $299 w/contract indeed. imo thats is a huge mistake if true, rising the price of high-end phones in a declining market would be dumb beyond...
 Mirroring an iDevives or mac into a TV with airplay is something that works great for airplay indeed.  But it does required you to have an expensive external device.  If it can be build in into the Apple TV, why not do it.
I like those rumors, the sums of all those things gives a good idea of whats coming.
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