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Nice idea.  and its about time they consider this...
I want this...  
The thing is i have unlimited dowmloads for just $10/month more. So $40 + $10 = $50 / month for unlimited downloads. But i can only keep it has long as I have the TV plan. if I drop the Tv plan, the unlimited option will cost me $30 instead of $10.
 nice idea really. We can kind of do that if we buy them, but it gets more expensive than cable fast. imo it would be much easier for Apple to just strike deals with existing nation wide cable companies. Problem is I dont think cable wants this.
 Actually, of you subscribe to those Apple TV packages you will end up paying more that cable. Not the way to go indeed. Not to mention you will need an unlimited download internet package if you plan on cutting cable and stream everything. I watched the first 3 seasons of Downton Abbey on itunes this month (27 episodes) and I am already over 120g used. The way we watch TV at home we would need 500g to 1tb / month if we streamed everything.
Both Google and Amazon, which have high valuation, miss earnings but there stock is barely affected. Apple, a low valuation stock, miss iphones unit sales, but beat on revenue and EPS and the stock drops 10%.   I understand its all about growth potential, but we have to admit some stocks have a "do whatever you want and get away with it" pass.   another fun fact here, Apple EPS was $14.6 per share for a price of $500 per share, while Google EPS was $12.00 per share for...
 indeed, imo paypal will want to get into android devices too so Apple will help pay for a structure that will then be used more on android devices.  Pretty much like google did. Apple has millions of "credit cards" into itunes, so its pretty obvious to me that Apple needs to strike deals with credit card companies like Mastercard or Visa for there mobile payment system.
 imo earnings tonight will matter. But with Google dropping Motorola, they got rid of the low margins part of there business and they are a key player at the low to mid-range market in phones and tablets. imo this is where the growth is atm until we have serious rumors of Apple entering a new market category. The only I see Apple go up in the next 6 months is if Icahn have is way with the buybacks.
 imo Apple is no longer the stock to look at in the phone/tablet spaces.  Until they introduce something new they are pretty much going no where.  I am keeping some stocks for dividends but this no longer the place for growth. Apple needs to continu to come up with new and cutting edge hardware, and this is to maintain its sales at the high end.  I am looking forward to the iphone 6 to replace my 4s if they come up with a 4.5" or more screen size.
 Except the cheap phone was not cheap...  they tried to sell it at a premium price... fail
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