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Something I would like to see on itunes is resolution upgrades for movies and TV series.  For example, if you have a SD movie, +$5 for HD and +$10 for 4k.
Yes, if you get internet and phone lines too
Well we can choose normal channels but not pay TV like HBO or some sports channels. Those are still on packages. We also need to get base channels before we can choose, the base package is around $20 I think. Then we buy "package" of a la carte channels, something lilke $20 for 15 channels or $25 for 30 channels, ...So you can get the base package and 15 channels of your choice for $40 / month plus taxes
we have lots of taxes indeed, but none of them directly related to TV services. Most noticeable taxes here are gas, alcohol and tobacco.
Its already here, and its called buying season pass on itunes.  IF you want it cheaper you need commercials, you can't have it both ways.
or to Quebec, Canada. This is how it works here.
I second that.  Would be nice if Apple could stop neglect some of its hardware, like the 27" monitor, the Apple TV, ...  Somehow, I have the feeling that the lack of updates on both of those devices is link. Would love either a 4k tv set or a Apple TV box that supports 4k, games, apps, home kit, ...
I need a 4k apple TV.
 Indeed.  good catch, makes the new macbook not so bad if someone is not too picky on performance.
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