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  Special projects VP.  This has wearable devices R&D all over it.
  F-A-L-S-E.  Color accuracy is the same between the S4 and iphone 5. This is an old perception of OLED screens http://www.displaymate.com/Galaxy_S4_ShootOut_1.htm   If Apple move to IGZO and combined with the new iOS7 white background look, Samsung wont be able to replicated the new UI look. Look at the Display Power Consumption table. The S4 OLED will drain its battery with a white background UI. The iphone 5 would still be good and IGZO screens would rock with that...
but, but its unit "ship", not sold right?
  The current iphone display, while being of good quality, is very low tech. The new AMOLED, OLED, super LCD and IGZO screens now offer the same color quality for lower power consomption. So I am hoping the new high end phone will move to a more modern screen tech and the current screens will be used on the low cost phones. I dont see Apple going with a lower resolution phone than this. They could also keep the current A6 on that thing. The screen and the A6 capacity are...
  Well, that means there will still be people buying the high end phone... imo its good thing they made those out of plastic, so people like you can still be proud to have the high end aluminum phone. Personnaly I always put a case on my phones, so material or color is irrelevant to me.   If those things are sold in the  $300-$399 range, they will outsell the high end iphone, just like the ipad mini outsell the big ipad. This bring us to margins, Apple needs to not care...
  That doesnt mean anything imo. All it says is they didnt do it in the past for quality reasons. Not to mention those arguments are pretty BS, they can make a good quality 4", 7.9" and 10" screens but they cant solve the problem for a 5" screen? I dont think Apple can afford to spit on a larger screen for very long without losing a good chunck of the high end market.
I am hoping this is the low end phone, the 5s will be the high end of the middle range, and that we will see a bigger screen phone at the high end.
I agree on margins. But apple sold 2 times more iphone 4s than iphone 4. With the iphone 5, growth as almost stop in unit sales. So there is growth deceleration, eps is going down. No stock can maintain a high PE with stats like that.
Like i said, i am taking this into account.
Hopefully, Apple will be able to get a live feed from a cable company or DSL iptv feed at some point. Those apps are nice, but getting live HD feeds into iOS would be better. What we need to see is an iOS cable app that can connect to there live feeds, not something that streams over the net. For people hoping to get channels directtly from Apple, forget it, owners will never allow this.
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