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Yep, and most of the android apps are ad based. Those stats includes all ads?
  Estimates are still at $7.30 compare to actual 2012 of $9.80  If they miss already low estimates the stock will go to $350 or less. In the past Apple had drops on earnings because it always had a huge rally before them and expectections were overblown.   Now we have very low expectactions and estimates, and we probably wont rally into earnings. For the sake of the company, I am hoping the ipad mini sales will compensate for lower iphone sales. Think about this guys,...
  imo that not an issue. They will just have to call it something else in UK. OR make a deal with them.
  Indeed. Its pretty obvious the primary function is not going to be a watch. Just like the square ipod nano, people were going :  hey this can be a watch too. imo, beside being an ipod and a watch, its going to be a device that can monitor body functions.   It could also have other purposes. For example if its waterproof and has a facetime camera, its could be used underwater to take pics or be a easy to carry camera/ipod to the beach.   Like other said, it could also be...
Good point, a move to IGZO could results in a UI look that will be hard to replicate even with the new low power super LCD and amoled.
I cant believe people are buying the gems for real cash. On the other hand , some heroes are tempting. The 3 we got are max out, with the beast master being the best one by far. Imo the dragon is too expensive. I would buy a bundle of new maps if they make more.
  Hey, I am not saying they will be right, they are often wrong. But sentiment is pretty low atm. That being said, I do believe Apple can turn this around, so I do have real money betting on this. But my confidence is not strong as it could be, giving the lastest product annoncement hiatus. But they could still have a great plan and iOS 7 is a key part of the new upcomming hardware, so they had to delay all hardware (upgrades/new) to fall.
  Well, the flat interface concept is all about less UI and more functions. Maybe some people only see looks, but its all about functions. Looks like they made a decent job from you're comments.  It may lays the groundwork for more to come indeed, but unfortuanatly I am getting worried Apple can still really innovate. It sure looks like they are building the foundation of something, but they need to make something soon because inaction is hurting there image at the...
  Indeed. Saying that Apple is in healthcare now is like saying Dell is in heathcare because hospitals are using PC's.   Wearable medical devices that connects to an iphone and send data to a monitor could be a play. Maybe an Apple branded watch like device you get when you are hospitalise that monitor and send data to the nurse desk monitors (imacs). Then doctors moving into a patient room could catch it live on there ipad while seeing the patient. Software and interface...
    I have never seen a true open source OS initiative worked. Ubuntu is (was) manage by Mark Shuttleworth and Android may be free to use and modify, but its Google baby are there is no way in hell you are touching that code. You can only have the source of the complete release to play with.
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