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  lol, tech is not cars and its not food.  In tech, someone can sell a better product then you for half the price in an heartbeat.
  With the amount of cash Apple has I dont think the company will ever be "doomed" in a sense it will go bankrupt.  But the way the company is manage, it could quickly move to a niche market and have its shares continu to freefall has EPS continu to tank.   Apple is no longer leading the high end market in smartphone, and its missing all other segments because its completly disconnect to market changes. Apple is on his way to kill its strongest asset: the ecosystem. The...
  I would pay for a big icloud drive. They should offer this imo. I would also pay to have unlimited photo stream, not just 1000 pics.  I lost hundreds of pics when my imac drive fail, the pics where just out of the photo stream and I didnt had time to process, sort and backup my pics. So I lost them.   I now a time capsuled backup of the entire imac, but its too late.
What I would like Apple do with maps is take advantage of there faster method of scanning data (plane VS google street view)  The plus on that tech is then can show 3D rendering of everything in a scan region while street view, while more detail, is limited to what you can see... from the street.   So why not scan the entire world and make a 3D view of it? I was expecting to have a lot more 3D coverage in Apple maps. Granted Google has a huge head start with street...
Well one that looks like the new iMacs would be a good start. And some 4k monitors for the mac pro   While at it why not bigger ones that could be used like a TV.
  Well I didnt notice at first but some choice of text size and colors make some parts of the UI difficult to read. Small text with gray of gray or gray on white are very difficult to read to me. White on Cyan is not very good either, for me anyway.    I also think some section frames are too discret, to the point some people will simply not see them. This is where flat interface gets tricky, you need to be carefull to not over do it.   But on the other hand, the look is...
  Good point, especially if this makes it to the Apple TV.
  Well, they could introduce categorie lines (like the itunes movie store) so we could organize the newsstand. If we could title the lines then there is added functionnality. Flat interface doesnt means everything needs to be in 2D.  With Jon Ive I fear Apple may over do it. Well the albums 3D effects gives me hope.   Anyway I still like the new look.
Loved that game. Would be great to replay it on my ipad.
  It worries me because employes know whats going on to some extend inside the company. Employes moving away is never good.  Well I still owns leaps prior to product cycles, so I am hoping Apple will be able to stop the bleeding at some point. But my hopes are pretty low. If Apple really does what the fanboys here expects, which is just an iPhone 5s, no TV, no game console, I think Apple EPS will continu to go down.    Seriously, I don't see how people are going to...
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