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  The reasons of the drop are very worrysome imo   http://www.streetinsider.com/Analyst+Comments/Apple+(AAPL)+Morale+Low,+Employees+Consider+Jumping+Ship/8442748.html   And I care, I still do own Apple options leaps.
The mac pro is nice innovation. But its high end video/cad, and it took them so long to update that line that pros were starting to leave the platform. Its nice they did it, but its not gonna move a needle EPS wise.I am not saying Apple does like Samsung and release dozens of phones per year, but I dont think wanting 3 NEW models per year means they spread all over the place. On the tv/game console side, they sure are taking there time.Like 6 months ago, Tim said dont bet...
I am confuse on the cpus. The A6 are made on what kind of plants? Those 20, 10, 8 nanometers seems very low. On diversification, Apple could also use AMD or Intel to have 2 suppliers.
I thinkthe best way to compete with google for example is not by using courts, but by competing with them. Apple maps is an example. iRadio with ads is a good example. More services with iAds will hurt them more then lawsuits.
  I am hoping Apple will at least meets the consensus, which is $7.30, down 30% from a year ago. Trailling TTM EPS will drop to $41, down from $44, rising the P/E. I must admit Apple future looks pretty dark ATM, its looks like we will get the worst case scenario, which is significant EPS decline.  Its a shame.    You always hope Apple will pull an ace off its sleeves, but so far we are not getting anything.  All we are getting is tasteless incremental upgrades with a...
  I seriously hope Apple does better than that this year. And I am hoping for 3 phone models that I would personnaly name: iPhone 6 LT (low cost phone, 4" screen, same iPhone 5 screen) iPhone 6 (Middle range phone, 4" screen, 720P resolution, IGZO) IPhone 6 XL (high end phone, 5" screen, 1080p resolution, IGZO)
The iOS 7 interface is great imo, it reminds me of start trek next generation interface, which is neat and optimize for functions over looks.     But Apple is absolutely NOT leading anything with it, its just FOLLOWING the flat interface trend. There is some minor innovations and despite a lot of elements being taking out of various other OS's, the final product is still unique.   This OS will be good enough to drive existing and new products for the next few...
  You live under a rock? we been getting Year over Year profits declines for a while.     Next quarter EPS consensus is $7.30, last year results was $9.32 Last quarter EPS was $10.09, last year results was $12.30 The december quarter was flat, $13.81 VS $13.86   Between the beginning of 2012 and the end of the that year, Apple went from 80% YoY growth to no growth. Now its on the decline. People thinking everting is peachy are in denial...
  This is what I expect too.  They will the ditch the 3.5 screens. Other than that I hope they will have 2 models at the high end, one 4" screen and one 5" screen.
  In Canada they are on the Bell network, so coverage is great. In the USA its on the Sprint network.
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