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  This is a major factor that most internet only TV dreamers just wont get.  Pretty much all of the major networks and channels have ties to the Cable industry. So on top of technical problems related to distribution over the net of live feeds, the source material just wont allow it.   The only thing that could worked is if companies like Netflix succeed in making there own content and becomes the new "HBO" by providing material that's only available over the net....
  This is what I think too. New low cost iphones production should go to new markets, well at least at first. If they have a strategy to discontinu the 4:3 ratio 3.5" phones, then buiding 4" phone around $400 for current markets makes sense too.   A low cost by high quality $400 phone will take off in current markets, and some new, but its still to high to reach large volume in India and China.
  When doing Airplay, the feed is send to the router then the Apple TV.  If youre are far away from the router when at the TV that means 2 feeds with low signals = glitches. Another problem I have seen with Apple TV is wifi channels saturation. This can happen if youre surrounded with dozens of routers from neighbors.
  Exept that Game of Thrones IS available on itunes, I bought the 2 seasons in french in itunes. On the other hand, I am not sure the latest season in available while its playing on HBO.   Currently, I am watching in it english while its playing on HBO and I watch the french version to recap just before the next season begins.
  Yet another patent troll company.  The patent system is so screwed up. When you have companies trading patents in order to sued someone at some point, its just plain broken.
  imo its could design for China and India, those guys have electrical grid problems in some regions and will probably used there phone for everything since they can only affort a single device most of the time.  More battery life is more important than form factors.  I am pretty confident the cheap iphone internals will be decents resulting in a pretty powerfull device. and maybe the battery will be user replacable, which would make sense for those markets.   and I dont...
I dont own an Apple TV rigth now, so someone please tell me if the canadian version has TMNGO, which is the equivalent of HBOGO
  Well, its much more likely related to design and engineering.  Cheaper components could be consuming more power than newer. If they want to achieve the same battery life and functionnaly at the cheaper price, it makes sense the device will be bigger and heavier.   imo its more important to ditch form factors over functionnaly when making a lower cost phone. The interesting component will be the screen, will it be retina?  My guess is maybe, if they changed the iphone 5s...
  I never taught of that, but that could be an interesting model for TV channels too.   That being said, I would glady still buy an Apple TV set, having the cable feeds integrated into iOS is something I want. For me, the best way to make it worked would be to sell dummy monitors that are link to either an AppleTV box or could have a plug-in Apple TV core that could be updated over the years.   So multiple monitor sizes and upgraded Apple TV box to include cable feeds/OTA...
  China, India and Brazil are huge markets potential if apple could offer something there that is appealing to more than 2% of the population. Even in developped markets, EU could used a less than $400 iphone that is NOT the previous model.
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