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Vaporware product running into yield issues...   I will assume Apple is testing multiple screen sizes and screen tech, if one screen has problem maybe they can try another or, god forbid they solve the problem and improve the yield. If Wong ton soup inc. can make 5" phones, why cant Apple?   I hope Apple will not use OLED, that would mean IGZO has some sort of major problem keeping it from being used. IGZO is a lot more "retina" friendly.
  I have the 27" imac with the GTX 680mx.  The imac has roughly the same resolution as the 15" rMBP. You cant squeeze an mx chip into a laptop, but the 680m would have been a nice optionnal upgrade for the 15" rMBP.     That being said, the GT 650m is still a decent GPU, its no high end gaming GPU like the 680mx, but it will run World of warcraft at "good" settings. At this point in time you a better off waiting for the next refresh indeed.
    Like I said it makes more sense at $1500 than $1700. The specs between the old price $1700 13" rMBP and the  $2100 15" rMBP made the 13" a very very bad choice for what you get for youre $. imo it was overprice even for an Apple product.
  I meant the 13" RMBP should have a discreet GPU like the GT 650m.  But at $1500, the same machine with an intel Haswell CPU w/HD5000 would be decent since its 2.5 times faster than the HD4000.   Still no gaming machine, but at least it would be able to run old games or do photo editing without choking.    The 13" RMBP is a broken product to me, its as a major GPU bottleneck that makes the machine useless for anything other than web browsing and desktop apps. Its a very...
  Overprice compare to Apple own 15" RMBP...  look at the specs, you almost have to be a fool the buy the 13" at $1700.  Makes a bit more sense at 1500$
the 13" was way overprice for something with no GPU.  Its an improvement at $1500, it fits the MacBook Air with retina needs.  But I still think you need a GPU to drive that resolution, so its not a PC for either gaming or serious video/photo editing.   IF you want an Air style laptop with retina I suggest you wait for the ones with then new Intel Haswell CPU with HD5000 integrated GPU. We should get those this summer.
Funny thing is the screen lack of brightness and wierd colors is the first thing I notice on the Nexus 4. The screen look pale and washed out. I tried to rise brightness and it did improve.    I have the 4s and the Nexus 4 side by side and even with increase brightness on the nexus 4, the 4s still looks more vivid and as what seems to be more accurate colors indeed.  The iphone also seems to have less reflections. On the resolution side, the nexus 4 is 1080x720 on a...
  They are already selling a cheaper phone with a smaller screen, its called the iphone 4...     The most urgent need for a low cost phone is in emerging market. Apple is suppose to design the best hardware for the customers right?  Well those guys can only afford one device, so they need something with a very long battery life and a decent screen size (4"+) for $300 max unlock. Its a matter of putting the best possible specs without creating bottlenecks or speding too...
  They need a 4" device for $400 or less considering the Nexus 4 sells for $360 and is a much better phone than the 4s and the 4. A low price 5" would be nice but I guess the big screen iphone will be high end so expensive, unless they do one with the same resolution as the iphone 5.
Indeed. If I ever buy an android device its going to be a Nexus, I want something i can upgrade without dealing with manufacturers layers on top of android.
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