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I have noticed this too.
I just check all the Apple stores in the Montreal area (4 stores) and they are still all out of 6 Plus and only 1 store has the iphone 6 in space gray.  Demand is still overwhelming.
bought 1000 shares at $1.25 as a high risk trade. This could be very profitable if the problems get solved.
I dont know about the Nexus 4, but I have the iphone 6 and 6+ and the screen is absolutely stunning. Pixels stay clear even when seen from a angle.
 the funny thing is I will need a MBA too.  I plan on using it for 30 minutes in my 50 min commute train ride.
I love the aTV in the photo, hoping we get an update.   I bought the iphone 6+ yesterday, the store still had inventory at 4 pm because they received a huge shipment.   I reserved it for pick up at 4:30 pm, and when I got there, there was a freaking line to get iphones just like on launch day.  The store was completly pack, good thing they didnt launch new ipads yet.   I love my new phone, but 128g + apple care + case + sales tax = $1400.  ouch.
I have a feeling the price will be very high.
40 millions hits on Youtube = over $150 000 in revenu for him.  I think the guy is pretty happy with its video.   Regarding the legitimacy of the video, the guy made another video on the street with a brand new phone and he bend it with ease. After seeing this I think Apple should halt production and redesign it before too many are made. Its also obvious the guy knows exactly where the weak spot is, which is not in the middle of the phone.
Nice catch up on Android but they are still missing hardware stats
 They say an image is worth a thousand words...   
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