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    It could be a nice domestic desktop computer if they release a model with less expensive and more consumer oriented GPU'S.  They are using 2 CAD optimize and very expensive GPU's that are sub-part for anything other than video editing and CAD.  For 1/4 of the price you could put more powerful GPU'S in there and those machines would be great for gamers who need better GPU's than iMac can provide.   For example, a pair of GTX 770 or Radeon 7970 would be a lot less...
Its a figure of speech, I dont really believe I am cooking, but I dont like being in the middle of a mess of wifi signals. With the router behind me and the TV in front, I am getting bombarded by wifi waves when I do this.  
Any HD5000 benchmarks out yet?   Also, would be nice if Apple could produce something with a decent ifixit score. I understand most of Apple customers dont want to open there toy, but its still usefull for the afterlife of the products, once they are sold used and the customer upgrades to a new toy.
  Airplay is just horrible for ATV gaming.  It gliches too much. Not to mention you are pretty much in a microwave oven when doing it.
  imo this is to adress the Apple TV game side of it.  Apple will probably release some kind of all around controller (remote).
    wow, thanks for sharing this, very interesting stats.   The mobile revolution has really push puzzle games up.
OMG!   This could be link to the upcoming Apple TV apps and TV box or TV set. Maybe Apple didnt introduce an Apple TV app store at the WWDC because there is no need to.  When the TV launches, it will support all the iphone apps (16x9 ratio) right from the start. All it needs to do so is a game controller and an all round multi-touch controller. They could introduce the TV App stores only at launch since there will already be so many apps on it.   Been a while since I...
We are getting a lot of leak parts lately.  imo Apple will release something before the fall.
  I am no sure which version it is. I could go verify it will come back. There are Thunderbolt1 with external case and Nividia 680GT out there that worked with great performance boost, almost the same as a full desktop setup. The main problem is memory, you absolutly must have all you need on the GPU or the thunderbolt will choke.  
I wonder if Nvidia or AMD have plans to release deticated thunderbolt1 GPU's (Pcie 4x speed).  A GPU with its own enclosure using a low power mobile chip so we dont end up with something bigger than the laptop. If the laptop market could adopt thunderbolt more rapidely there could be a market for this.   On the Mac Pro side, GPU upgrades are going to be a problem. Thunderbolt2 is about 8x speed compare to GPU PC slots that pretty much all run at 16x. Most GPU dont...
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