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  This is where Apple as revolutionise the desktop PC imo, all this can be done with the thunderbolt ports, which is easier to do for consumer than popping up the hood. So the spaces needed for the setup will depend on youre expansion needs, while maybe a lot of users wont feel to need to upgrade anything.   That being said, this is NOT a server and it is not design for this use. There is no debate about it, companies dont spend $ on GPU in servers and those machine need...
  Well, Apple also does have a desktop 3d map beta because its the new OS-X. It went beta yesterday. btw Iove there new integration of the desktop map with the mobile map. Very well done imo.
  Vector maps were on android long before Apple introduce it.  Not to be confuse with the old map apps on iOS, which was lagging a lot of new map features already available on Android.   Regarding there 3D flyover, are they scanning the ground with planes?  How does Google do it?   That could be something Apple did first indeed.
  Well, I do think the new interface is very clean. I like the background effects. But its a move toward a flat interface, like windows 8. Its not exactly the same of course.  Well Android and iOS now have very different looks.   If the battery life is just achieved with Haswell, they using IGZO later on will return amazing battery life.
Had to sell my options that comes to expirations before jan 2014 and went short with a little cash. I really love the cars deal, the Apple TV mac screen which could be used over airplay.    The flat interface is a risky move. Apple will get flame all over the net for cloning windows 8.    The Mac pro looks nice, but what about upgradability?  I saw it has a few PCI slots, but other than that I didn't see much else.   Macbook air battery life increase is nice....
Yep, and its down early. Imo this means new hardware for sure.
  Normal pattern, but like I said, what are the rumors this year?  MBA and maybe iRadio.   Both are very probable. Normally we have a lot more rumors than this, so disappointing is less likely.
  We didnt had any kind of rally going into the event. In fact we got a selloff.  imo you are right, expectations are low. Normally we go into this event with a lot more rumors and expectations, so the stock rally before and tank after. This year, we go into this with nothing but the obvious. Apple has the ball now, it needs to surprise on something for a rally.
  If they go flat they better come out with something great, like NOT making everything flat.    And we better have more than just OS updates and new MBA. I really don't know how the fanboys can stand seeing Apple going down the toilet with almost no innovation.  Incremental updates with parts not even design by Apple is not innovation. After 9 months they must have something up there sleeves. Otherwise, well they are just bad, really bad.
Induce Charging: I wish Apple would now do induce charging since we don't need to sync with a cable anymore. I would prefer to just install pad, hide cables and just put my device on them for charging. Maps: Sure it was v1.0 and I like the fying over to make 3D maps because you can 3D everything while google street is limited by what you can see from the street. BUT, the problem is they removed google maps at the same time. WWDC: The thing I would like to see the most...
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