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Good. Maybe my leaps will break even someday.   I don't think the problem with the stock is news or how Apple is doing.  Its overweight by too many funds are they are running to the exits. No amount of news is going to do anything until the index funds are hedge funds are balance. At some point the tax selling will stop because there just won't be any more profit to take.
  You seen the report about Apple on fast money, they compare Apple to coca cola, Apple would be a better value play at this point then coke.  I think Apple was about to rebound with lots of buyers at the low 540's, but the market correction made Apple break support and it gap down in the end. 
  Samsung copies a lot on the product side, but they are one of the best regarding panel's R&D and panels production. Apple has incell for now but Samsung could very well come up with panels innovation and cut off Apple from it. There latest research is on flexible panels.
Actually, the only place Apple won in the world is in the US. They are losing everywhere else. And Samsung no longer needs Apple on its supply chain, its selling more phones than Apple with very good margins.   Its in fact in there best interest to cause them trouble on there supply chain.   Apple should have move aways from Samsung when it started sueing them.  Pretty stupid from Apple imo.
  I am going to hope you are wrong, they did said on the earning call that production has improve in october. Btw I think the items that are going to be on sale on black friday are going to be the iPods, the ipad4 and the marbook airs.
I am all for Apple dropping Samsung, but I hope Apple is making secret plans with someone and ramping up production instead of getting terms dictate by Samsung.     Would be nice to get some kind of good news now because the sentiment is pretty horrible regarding Apple stock.  Maybe Tim Took should return to managing the supply chain and find another CEO. 
They should do that with the mini too.  100$ on the mini would be a greater % rebate.
  lol, like I said almost anything would be better than a stylus.  I was thinking of discreet "spy style" bluetooth ear/micro.  I am saying this because at my work place we think the guy (IT geek) that walk around all day long with its bluetooth look pretty stupid. btw we are all IT where I work, its just that some fit the stereotype more than others.
  yep, and the 1080p phone would be 6.7"  at 326 PPI.   So if Apple makes a phablet should it go for the 4.5" phone or the 6.7" phone?  :-)
  What would be the screen size of a device that has a retina display (same pixels per inch) with a 1280x720 resolution.  The iPhone 5 as a resolution of 1136x640 at 326 pixels per inch.   So what size would a 1280x720 screen be at  326 PPI? and while at it, what size would a 1920x1080 screen be at 326 PPI?   Thats your daily pop quiz question :-)   Ok, since the resolution difference is about 12.6% bigger, I think the screen would be 12.6% bigger, so 4 x 1.126 = 4.5" for...
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