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  I think the stock is in for rebound. Assuming they maintain EPS, it should be at $500.  On the fundamentals side, if Apple surprise or show sign of growth, its could rebound violently. Stock bottoms happens when everyone is giving up and when expectations are low. We are there.   Look at the following video: I am more on the Carter side that the fundamental guy, and I am fundamental investor. http://goo.gl/zt1s0   This is interesting : http://goo.gl/P9gpW   I think...
  Well google play accounts should be in there.  imo they are not because they didnt had the numbers.
    depend on the market target.  For an unlock phone in develop countries, 300 to 400 is ok.  For emerging markets its still too expensive.  At 399$ they could minic the look if the iPhone 5.  Maybe the plastic cover leaks we saw are for the emerging markets, something price in the $100 to $200 range.
  its like the UFO's pics...
  The resolution is high enough, especially for the models with no discret GPU. But IGZO would be great for batterie life.  Maybe the 13" rMBA and 13" rMBP will melt into one product.  HD5000 should be able to drive the 13" resolution, unlike the current 13" rMBP which in my opinion is a broken product.
  Problem with Windows 8 is they force feed the touch interface to a bunch of people who dont like innovation. They should had made the interface optionnal. They have corrected that but it may be too late. That being said, touch interface are here to stay and it will spill to the desktop to a point where OS without them will feel severely outdated.
To me the mac laptops are far from perfect. For all the models that dont have a GPU, at least the new intel chips will be strong enough to drive the 13" rMBP and allow to build rMBA. But that is intel innovation, not apple. If Apple only upgrade the CPU and the cameras, that would mean they didnt innovate anything in year. I would like to see OS-X borrow the new iOS touch interface (optionnal mode) so they can build touch screen models that turn into tablets. Onthe...
  Yep. Lets hope she is wrong because what she announced is just tasteless incremental upgrades. 
  Yep!  getting rid of the home button would be a nice move indeed. An entire screen that react both to touch and/or physical press/release. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2419720,00.asp .  In the rare events the device completly crash, there is still the power button to reboot.
  Yes. Better use of there money than investing it at 2% and paying 35% of the interest to the US. They are making there own subsidies by financing the phone themselves.   Using the same formula, I think a phone especially design for emerging markets would have a even greater succes than old iphones. We will see soon enough what Apple will do in the coming months.
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