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  They need the IGZO screen to move to a full HD (1920x1080) bigger iphone.  IGZO will allow more pixels with very low power consumption.  In the furure I expect Apple to continu to carry the 4" screen and add a bigger model. They may also make a less expensive (but not cheap) iphone for emerging markets.   The thing I would also love them to do is to start building iOS phones for others, like facebook, yahoo, amazon, ...  This would be a nice way to expand the part of...
    The reason is simple, people saw the mini design are many are delaying the purchase of the 10" ipad to the new design.  They have to release it.  I think the mini will only see incremental upgrades, like the A6.   I expect the IGZO screens and the retina mini to come in fall.  So in a sense they are doing 1 big upgrade on 1 ipad model per year while the other one gets just a few internals upgrade.   They absolutly must keep a shorter refresh cycle and above all break...
2010 q4 to 2011 q4 we got 70% growth.2011 q4 to 2012 q4 I expect between 15 to 30% on revenu, but EPS may be lower.Unless apple come out with that low cost iphone in q2 and gets china mobile, i expect negative growth in q2 and q3. And you are right, apple is rapidly losing market shares worldwide, so its growth is less than the broader market, even if there is growth.
If you compare this q4 growth compare to q4 in 2011, apple is decelerating with both feets on the brakes.
Imo apple lost around 5% market share based on the ceo comments. So we should have about 5 millions iphones in the quarter
Because the high end market has saturated. Growth is in the low to mid range now. Of course of you dont care about Apple growth you wont understand. And 450$ for a 8g iphone 4 is very very expensive.Personnaly i hate that Apple only has one phone. With 70% of its profit coming out of the iphone, if they mess up an upgrade it could cut the sotck price in half in s heartbeat. And Apple is losing its shine, its not adapting to new market needs.
Accourding to Verizon CEO they have 50% iphones sales, down 5% from last year 55%.  But they have 30% yoy increase in sales.  Last year they had 4.3 millions iphones so that gives around 5 millions iphones this year.
I dont see how having to manage the data would be a better solution.... The fusion remove all the hassel out of it, so imo its a better solution for most users.That being said, a thunderbolt ssd could be usefull for people without the fusion drive indeed,but this means you will have to configure things then manage the data.The hybrid drives are cache drives, so the fusion drive is not an hybrid because it manage whats on the ssd and the hd, it doesnt duplicate it to...
My imac setup    
The "hold it in one hand" feature is a phone thing imo, i see the advantage of being able to dial with one hand, but seriously whats the point of editing a photo with one hand like shown in the apple ad... I hope Apple will wake up and realise "phones" are used less for phone calls and more for computer task and texting. At some point apple will have offer a bigger screen model or lose the market.Btw i have no problem reaching all the iphone 5 screen with my thumb. You...
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