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  i hope not because ipad apps dont fit into a TV screen to fill it up.  imo its annoying.
I remember those guys from last year. They showed legitimate iphone 5 components ahead of the launch. With the amount of leaks we have on iphones parts and accessories they got to be manufacturing them right now. Maybe the low cost phone will launch this summer ahead of the high end iphone 5s 
I am more and more convince the Apple TV App store will support all the iphones apps right from the start. There will still be room for specialize apps after launch. but introducing the TV with hundreds of tousands of apps will be a major thing.  The current iphone 5 resolution is 1136 × 640 pixels, at 16:9 which is already almost 720p resolution.     The innovation will be the way you control them. The "remote" has to be multitouch to support current apps. If they...
  I dont think so.  If Apple is to introduce a new size later on, its not dumb enough to show us a bigger side game control right now that would hint at the new size immediatly. The important thing they did is to introduce what the controls will be and to introduce the dev API for them.   Even if Apple is to introduce multiple iphones and ipod touch models, they wont spread in tons of sizes either, maybe we will get 3 sizes tops. Not a problem for the game...
    It could be a nice domestic desktop computer if they release a model with less expensive and more consumer oriented GPU'S.  They are using 2 CAD optimize and very expensive GPU's that are sub-part for anything other than video editing and CAD.  For 1/4 of the price you could put more powerful GPU'S in there and those machines would be great for gamers who need better GPU's than iMac can provide.   For example, a pair of GTX 770 or Radeon 7970 would be a lot less...
Its a figure of speech, I dont really believe I am cooking, but I dont like being in the middle of a mess of wifi signals. With the router behind me and the TV in front, I am getting bombarded by wifi waves when I do this.  
Any HD5000 benchmarks out yet?   Also, would be nice if Apple could produce something with a decent ifixit score. I understand most of Apple customers dont want to open there toy, but its still usefull for the afterlife of the products, once they are sold used and the customer upgrades to a new toy.
  Airplay is just horrible for ATV gaming.  It gliches too much. Not to mention you are pretty much in a microwave oven when doing it.
  imo this is to adress the Apple TV game side of it.  Apple will probably release some kind of all around controller (remote).
    wow, thanks for sharing this, very interesting stats.   The mobile revolution has really push puzzle games up.
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