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  The problem here is Apple users could flee the ios ecosystem and still keep there movies and music. There is where I hate Apple, it just want to close everthing down just to retain users, its not acting for the users best interest at all.   imo facetime should be port to both windows and iOS for starters. Hopefully they could do a better job then itunes which is the mother of all bloated software on windows.
  I wish they could do something like this too...  imo Apple is the problem here.
  That pretty much itunes business model. Problem is if I would have to buy each show I watch on itunes it would cost my a lot more than my cable bill.
  From the experience I have with "a la carte", they will never included premium movie channels has "one choice" in the line up.  Those channels are bundle seperatly here. For example, I pay 24$ for the basic mandatory package and 18$ for 15 channels of my choice. But since I want HBO and The movie network, I took that package which is an additionnal $12.    But, with all that I have exactly all the channels I want from there line-up and most of the channels come with "on...
  Wow thats wierd, you are paying xtras for data coming from various website? Note that unlimited data for some TV stream websites could be worth it.
  You're are assuming Apple goes without the ISP's.   I am not so sure of that. I personnally thinks Apple is or at least was trying to go with Cable partnership.
    Been using "a la carte" for almost 10 years now and I sure wont go back to packages.  The only place in north America that I know offer this is the Quebec province in Canada. Its not even available in other Canadian provinces.   The thing is Cable and Bell Fibe do also offer regular packages, but at least we have "a la carte" option if we want. Most people here want a mix of english and french channels, complicating the packages content so they came out with...
I hope Apple keeps the old ipad mini and do a decent price reduction on it.  Maybe one model at 199$ ?  The problem with Apple being the only makers of iOS hardware is its not covering the entire market.    I know purist dont want Apple to cover the low end, but not doing it hurts the ecosystem because its keeping out a lot people.  If I was Apple, I would push special itunes rebates for buyers on the cheap iphone in both India and China in order to keep them from...
  Content deals are what stalling this indeed.  But the still need to revamp that interface, its getting old.     Regarding content deals, cant wait to see if Apple will go by itself and bypass cable or work with cable. I am watching the QAM (cable) vs IPTV (DSL) war in both Canada and the US and its getting interesting. Cable is not reacting to well against the first real competition they face. If apple goes by itselft it wont be able to get a lot of channels because...
  Its depends on someone's point of view.  To me its more like YoY and Q2Q declines in booming tablet and smartphone markets. Its horrible to me because last year Apple was dealing with Q2Q decline (normal) but still was doing double digit YoY growth. I am kind of hoping Apple can maintain its YoY EPS at the minimum.
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