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How to you get streetview ???
    This!   Google is ad based so its giving away software and dumping hardware at cost.  They are market destroyers, if you let them be they will bankupt the entire tech industry. In fact it may be already too late.  And google is the ultimate big brother, its spies on everything you do from emails to web searches to GPS location.
If Microsoft removes in-app purchased and doesnt provide a link to a web page for additional storage, then Apple should approuve it.  Its the kindle app debate all over again.  imo Apple is abusing its position if it still doesnt approuve the app, not to mention its going against its own rules.
  Ye, but  those are for Google Fiber.  Still would be nice to see how they package channels.  imo it will be just another cable company like all the others...
    imo they need to random the cycle, neither 1 year or 6 months is good.  Unpredictable is key here so they can stabilize demand.
  Thats for VOD, they are pretty much building themselves the equivalent of itunes. This is not a live TV play.
  I see 120/mo for there TV + internet packages but cant get the details because my IE freeze when I get to that site.  Anyone knows how they package channels?   Going head to head with Cable is going to be hard considering they also have to build a new distribution network everwhere. They are still using a BOX. imo the way to change that market is to have the TV do everything in a consistent interface. To do that you need to get deals with cable.
  I was expecting Google to replace windows CE with Android on those boxes.  Google is lacking vision on this.  Well if they dump that division it pretty much means Apple will have an edge with cable operators. Lets hope they sell before Apple comes out.   The problem with some cable operators is they think there business is peachy and just wont adapt until they face extinction.  I dont think Apple will ever get everyone onboard, but they dont have to.  If you are cover...
  Obviously an Apple TV app store would mean you cant just get iOS ipad app, it would have to be a separate store with apps develop especially for it. The thing is if they want to do it ahead of the TV set using the 99$ box, they will have to release a new way to control the TV , or new remote.  Apple TV beta suggest they are putting bluetooth into it, its the first step.   And Airplay is nice, but maybe a customer who buy's an Apple TV would not want to have to buy a...
  Well, we are well overdue for a single device that does all of the set-up box job, but I think they will have no choice to still make a cable box, especially if they do a partnership with cable. I am hoping Apple will be able to change how Cable package content, but it will be no picnic.   In the mean time, there is still a lot of things that could go ahead of the of full TV set, like Apple TV app store, FaceTime, Siri, ...
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