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  oh!  need to go check out that logo...   and tallestskill is no big fan of the Apple TV set, if you got flame by him.  imo we will get the software revamp way before the actual TV set, so its going to be on the Apple TV box at first.   update:   The WWDC logo could indeed be TV related. Of course, we cant be sure but this reinforce other rumors I saw about a TV software revamp and a new Apple TV box introduction. I think I will buy a few options calls that expires after...
  Lower power consumptions for starters.  I am hoping for IGZO at last.   On another subject I saw rumors of a complete Apple TV software revamp at the WWDC. Anyone else ears about this?
The dividend yield + buy back = a nice return, somewhere near 5% at 500$.   With the return to investors Apple has floor the stock.  After that its must maintain its EPS or increase it with cycles or new products.
I am hoping they spread the cycles a little bit instead of coming out with everything at once
If you really bought the stock and not options its a good move. Volatility is very high right now so options premiums are huge. Options price are going down after earning regardless of stock direction, unless the move is big, both sides will lose.
To avoid a drop Apple need to beat the whisper number, which is at 10.55
I am not sure if a low cost iphone is needed in developped markets, but its badly needed in emerging markets. The emerging markets needs are diffrerent than developped markets, so serving the old iphone doesnt fit there need at all. Emerging market parameters: Unrelyable power grid Limited wired internet access. Low income, unable to afford multiple devices. From those parameters, what they need is a low cost phablet with either long battery life or replacable...
  That could be explained if iphone owners change there phone more often than android users. Like mention above there is the pre-paid market too.   The market share numbers are not bogus...   I know lots of people who bought the Nexus 4 at 300$. Thats unlock, and it allows you to get the pre-paid plans here in Canada. I am seeing a lot more android phones "in the wild" than last year.
  Because I consider the Q2Q decline to be more accurate for global sales then the Verizon YoY rise because VZ is taking market shares in the carrier business in the US. Look at the numbers next week, if they are near 31 millions I was right if they are near 40 millions you are.
  Last year Apple started selling the 4s in China in january. This time they started in december. China numbers are going to be worst than last year. This will contribube even more to the yoy decline. Unless there is a new market in 2013 we didnt had in 2012, this is not looking good.   That being said, I am looking at this trading at 395 right now and its getting pretty cheap *IF* Apple can come up with decent product cycles in the second half of 2013. The problem is I...
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