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  lol, can't wait for episode 9 this weekend.  Brace yourself for the R.W.
The thing to watch for at the WWDC is a Apple TV or an Apple TV App store. This could be precursor to a move on the hardware side.
    I agree to this. But putting a HD on the Apple TV would be a mistake, unless its aim at being a PvR.   Itune in the could In a sense it did improved with icloud, if you bought you're music, TV, movies on itunes then there is no need to setup a itunes server, you can just stream from the cloud. The problem with that would be children that watch the same thing over and over again. In that case you still need to feed from a local drive, unless you have unlimited...
  Regarding seeing a lot more big screen Android phones out there:  its more than anecdotal evidence.  I see a lot of those phones now, more than iphones actually.
Lots of feature phone user are upgrading to cheap android devices and dont used there "smartphone" part. Will be more interesting to see stats between lets say an iphone 5 and a S3.
  imo a good phablet size is something more around 5.5" or 6".  5" may be to small for a tablet and too big for a phone. imo 16x9 ratio 7" is too big.  On the other hand my collegue have no problem carrying is 4:3 ratio 8" ipad mini in his pockets. But then again he his build like a football player. Point is choice is what we need. One size fits all is just plain stupid.   On the phone side, a true 16:9 ratio 5" phone would still be narrow enough to fit in any man...
  Indeed. I do think a FEW people will bother about color accuracy on a PHONE, but size and maybe reflectivity are way more important specs for the average customer. I really dont like that comment too, it shows a total lack of vision. I take this as a attempt to noted OLED sucks. I think they will do it when then can do a thin, retina one without using OLED.   IF you put a iphone 5 side by side with a OLED screen phone (Galaxy S3, Nexus 4, ...) you will immediatly notice...
  I lot of people dont want to carry 2 devices. The fact that you dont like them doesnt mean that nobody does.
  In short, they dont want to use OLED.   imo IGZO would solved his concerns. I have the feeling they will make a big thing out of it when they release the retina ipad mini.     They need something they can sell unlock, something very cheap sold only in emeging market and something around $300 for internationnal markets.
  I assumed the current price will be used by the new ipad mini.  The old model at a lower price point would address the low end market.
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