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  Normal pattern, but like I said, what are the rumors this year?  MBA and maybe iRadio.   Both are very probable. Normally we have a lot more rumors than this, so disappointing is less likely.
  We didnt had any kind of rally going into the event. In fact we got a selloff.  imo you are right, expectations are low. Normally we go into this event with a lot more rumors and expectations, so the stock rally before and tank after. This year, we go into this with nothing but the obvious. Apple has the ball now, it needs to surprise on something for a rally.
  If they go flat they better come out with something great, like NOT making everything flat.    And we better have more than just OS updates and new MBA. I really don't know how the fanboys can stand seeing Apple going down the toilet with almost no innovation.  Incremental updates with parts not even design by Apple is not innovation. After 9 months they must have something up there sleeves. Otherwise, well they are just bad, really bad.
Induce Charging: I wish Apple would now do induce charging since we don't need to sync with a cable anymore. I would prefer to just install pad, hide cables and just put my device on them for charging. Maps: Sure it was v1.0 and I like the fying over to make 3D maps because you can 3D everything while google street is limited by what you can see from the street. BUT, the problem is they removed google maps at the same time. WWDC: The thing I would like to see the most...
  There are no free lunch, if the HTC One is thin and light, it gave up something.  Whats the CPU/GPU performance? How is battery life?  Concerning OLED, I did mention the S4 is closing the gap. Ok ,maybe not ALL big screen phone are OLED, but most are.   I am still hoping Apple did invest billions in Shark in ordre to have IGZO capacity right about now. If so, they will leap over the market for around 2 years.
    For the markets, its all about EPS.  And despite higher sell numbers, EPS did stalled.  So growth went to an halt and when that happens any stock will fall like a rock, especially after a parabolic move.   That being said, we are sitting at 10 P/E on a 3% yield on top of another 3% in buybacks.  We went from overvalue with too much optimist to undervalue and pessimistic.  If Apple announced something that has even a remote chance of increasing EPS, we will get a...
  Product cycles are about to begin, lets give Apple a chance to fire its guns.   With market sentiment regarding Apple, I dont think we will see the old pattern of buy the rumor and sell the news.  My bets are on the exact opposite. I am expecting a sell the rumors and buy the news. (that is if it is good news). I covered my shorts this morning and went long at multiple expiration and strikes (options).  I also suggest to go light before earnings, because they will...
  Regarding the current Android large screen phones, they all use OLED or amoled  indeed.  The tradeoff are easy to spot if you put an iphone 5 or even an ipad mini side by side with those phones. On the Apple devices, the colors are much more accurate and vivid. That being said, I am not so sure the average consumers cares more about the colors then the screen size and resolution.   There is also a gap between Apple own devices, if I put the ipad mini side by side with...
  The article is about sale numbers at the CARRIERS, why would they count Apple store sales... They dont try to extrapolate market shares from those numbers, you can draw youre own conclusions.   Anyway its irrelevant here because all the sales numbers, market shares, or anecdotal evidences are always denied by the fanboys, regardless of the source.
  The only problem with jailbreaking is you cant service the device if its jailbreak. You need to put back the original solftware before. The problem is some users are unable to do it and they are left with a broken product.
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