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I just got the 21.5" imac today. Very nice machine, i have the 1500$ one, with the GT 650m and performance is good in games. This will be my wife mac, i am ordering the 27" imac with fusion drive and the gtx 680mx in january.
  I didnt try the recent map app we just got on iOS, but the Android smartphone its taking route information and its using it to push ads related to youre route. I dont know how its saving the information, but its doing it. Results is key here, experiment with it and watch it play out. IF Google is not recording it, how can I still received related ads weeks later...
  It doesnt get more obvious than that:   1. go to youre smartphone app, log into another email account than gmail.  Send to youre gmail account something about cars, that you want to buy a particular car model, ...   2. Go on a PC, log into gmail with a web browser. look at the ads all around the page.  read the email about the cars. Look at the ads.  Reply to youreself, continu the email exchange with other car models, ...   3. Get on the phone, reply to car email and...
  I got garmin, but its for offline turn by turn.  The problem with both Apple and google is it requires a connection.
  Well, I got the address by holding my finger in a spot on the map, got a little red pin, swipe the address up and got streetview. After that I was unable to get rid of the address but tapping quickly else where makes it disapear.  Once you know how it works its nice, but imo its not obvious.
How to you get streetview ???
    This!   Google is ad based so its giving away software and dumping hardware at cost.  They are market destroyers, if you let them be they will bankupt the entire tech industry. In fact it may be already too late.  And google is the ultimate big brother, its spies on everything you do from emails to web searches to GPS location.
If Microsoft removes in-app purchased and doesnt provide a link to a web page for additional storage, then Apple should approuve it.  Its the kindle app debate all over again.  imo Apple is abusing its position if it still doesnt approuve the app, not to mention its going against its own rules.
  Ye, but  those are for Google Fiber.  Still would be nice to see how they package channels.  imo it will be just another cable company like all the others...
    imo they need to random the cycle, neither 1 year or 6 months is good.  Unpredictable is key here so they can stabilize demand.
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