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The Ipad Mini offers 29.6 square inches of screen, or 35 percent more screen real estate than other 7in tablets at 21.9 square inches. The IPS in cell screen looks better despite its lower pixel density.   Cant wait to see all those tablets align together at the local best buy, I have the feeling the mini is going to make a very good impression. I dont think people realise how small a 7" 16x9 tablet is, its tiny.   And Amazon is the most cryptic companie out...
  I know its done by computers now, but I dont believe the Mm's only make money on bid's and offers.  I am afraid they will sell OTM puts and calls and then exchange shares between them in order to pin the stock and make those options expired worthless or try to move to stock toward max pain.
By market makers i mean the ones taking the other side of option transaction. If they are 10 open interest of a specific call and someone try to buy 1000 of them, who do you think sells those calls. They are the same ones who pin the stock near opex.
  From what I understands, the funds started taking profit after the all time high to secure profits before the year end.  Those guys are rated on performance.  They now have more cash on the side lines and will have to buy back shares if the price keeps going lower. Did you notice the stock move to 580 follow by a fast bounce after nasdaq removed the halt.  There is a lot of fund buyers below $600.  If we get a broad market correction there will be strong support for...
  I wish but that is the same amount of the iPhone 5.   imo its more like 1 millions, but, I wish it could be more.   I am very happy to see they sold out on some models. Lets not forget people have still not seen it, dont expect a lot of customers that haven't own any Apple products before to buy online before they even see the ipad mini.    The mini is a product that will sell well once people have seen how clear and vivid the screen is and how light it is.  Its like a...
  The marker makers will "try" to pin the stock on normal days, but even them cant control moves drive by major news, but they will try to temper moves when volumes comes down.   The mm's goal is to hold the stock and farm option premiums and let go the stock when no news is expected and not a lot of options have been sold.  This is why Apple tend to make sudden moves for no apparent reasons.      You should have seen the weekly calls open interest in the 4 weeks Apple...
  I dont agree.  I think a lot of people who don't care about having retina may go for a 64g mini for the same price of a 16g ipad4.  On top of that the 32g and 64g are where Apple gets its margins, so why would they stop making them??  I will note that the white iPad sold out of all capacity and the black one will be the end of the week-end.
Does the ipad 3 used in-cell tech and IPS? Those screen are much more vivid and it may make the mini look better if youre vision is not good enough to see the resolution difference.
Imo this is why they need to go for unexpected product cycles instead of being on a predictable calender. Too many people know about the cycles so it creates impossible to meet demand at launch.
I think they mention it becasue its the same pixels per inch. But the 2 screens are using completly different screen tech indeed, which will makethe mini look a lot better.Go watch the cnet video, the guys says it looks much better then the ipad2 screen.
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