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btw in Canada the Black 32g & 64g shows "delivers 11/2 - 11/6"
Yep, some droidfans will say Apple only sold the minis on the first week-end because of there great marketing skills. Well It looks like Apple is now a master at marketing because it can sell out wihtout doing a single TV ad.
Well the 4s sales did blow out expectations out of the water in Q1 2012. I dont remember ipad 3 sales, but I think they were good.
Cant wait to see them, they will be in store nov 2 right?   From an investor stand-point, I am glad to see the 32g and 64g are sold out too, those have good margins. If a lot of people buy a 64g mini instead of a 16g ipad4, this will actually improved Apple margins on the ipad line.
Actually the stock is handlng the miss much better than expected. The Market makers cant be more happy, everyone on the weekly will lose.I sure hope we go above 800 next year but i see a lot headwinds. They just refresh everything, so sales are going to dry in spring. They could annonce something else maybe , or do a surprise refresh, we will see.Another worry is margins. They are great, but lower margins means less EPS which means the stock may go nowhere for months....
But 11 EPS is very low, there margins are getting hit hard.I dont see how the 14 millions ipads is great, good thing they updated and release the mini to make sure they control that market.Still a good quarter considering other business are coming up with horrible quarters right now.
I think Apple should avoid doing refresh on a predictable scheduled. This slow sales a lot at the end of the cycle and create impossible to meet demand at launch.   They should just suprise the market each time and avoid those predictable patterns.
  WoW, android geek at  his best.  "hey, we see less but the resolution is better..."  for crying out loud how dumb can you get.
So you want Apple to dump the mini at cost like the other desperate android tablets?  Why would they do that?
  to me its worth it because the experience is a lot better.
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