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  They need a 4" device for $400 or less considering the Nexus 4 sells for $360 and is a much better phone than the 4s and the 4. A low price 5" would be nice but I guess the big screen iphone will be high end so expensive, unless they do one with the same resolution as the iphone 5.
Indeed. If I ever buy an android device its going to be a Nexus, I want something i can upgrade without dealing with manufacturers layers on top of android.
Indeed. Most of the android devices dont have well balance specs and often have huge bottlenecks. But the nexus 4 is very well design and balance allowing a very nice price for what you get. Imo its beats the crap out of the more expensive iphone 4 and iphone 4s. To top it off I think android as leap over iOS in terms of innovation and power, making it a better OS for the moment.It makes wonder what the hell is apple doing? They are sitting on pile of cash and not doing...
I need a bigger screen because i do a lot of internet on my phone and i need something between a tablet and a small phone for the job. I also would like a bigger screen because i cant see well at short distance now. I used low prescription glass for reading but i dont carry those all the time. 5" phones are here to stay, regardless of the people you thinks that because they dont need them, nobody needs them.Another thing i like about the nexus 4 is its only 360$ unlock....
If apple doesnt have a big screen when my contract expires, i am buying a nexus phone. And i am not alone
There is less reflection on the mini but its nothing compare to the new imac improvements. They really did a great job on the imacs.On the retina ipad mini, i dont think its doable unless they go with IGZO. If they dont the new mini will be heavier and more thick.
I think what most people fail to understand is google and apple maps required an internet connection, which kind of makes them work only inside youre own country because once you cross a border, you get into data roaming, which is vey very expensive.
    imo DITO is a layer above the panel so both can be used, but flaneur comments makes me wonder now. The mini use DITO on top of silicon LCD's, why not DITO on top of a Indium gallium zinc oxide LCD?   IGZO is a panel tech and DITO is a touch tech, unless mr Flaneur knows better I dont see why you cant used both?   IF the only ipad 5 improvement is putting the ipad mini touch above the current LCD and change the GPU it makes me wonder WTF are they doing at Apple? That...
  Actually the display is the first place to look to squeeze thickness.  Most of the weight and thickness is the battery and for example IGZO panels can save up to 80% power, so thinner batteries can be used.   If I understand this correctly, the could use both DITO touch and IGZO panels for optimal performance. I like the mention of Sharp in there, they are the ones owning IGZO. Another interesting thing about IGZO is you could put a solar panel behind it and have a...
Stock is going down on growth decelaration and margins. This is causing a shift in fund ownership from growth to value.This will provide a chance to pick up the stock at undervalue levels even by value stock metrics. If apple can maintain small eps growth this will play out fine.But apple is flirthing with yoy declines now, so there is still a risk even at the current price.
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