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Thats a 35% Q2Q decline. Last year Verizon sold 3.2 million iphones in the quarter, so it’s a 25% yoy increase. BUT they also sold more Smartphone’s than last year so the iphone yoy increase is to take in a context where more Smartphone’s were sold.   If we extrapolate the 35% Q2Q decline to Q1 total numbers we get 31 million iphones for Q2. Last year Apple sold 35 million iphones in Q2 2012, so this would be a 11% YoY decline.   I think we will see YoY EPS...
  It does look like the kind of place you can get arrested and put in jail for absolutly no reason.   I went to Cuba one. To my suprise you need to go throught custom's to get OUT of the country. If I cross the border from Canada to the US the canadian customs is not going to stop me and make sure I can get out... Imo dont go to a country that checks people on there way out...
Huh ?!? I have never seen a porn App in the app store... I am so glad I dont live in China.
Ack!  If Apple is down to colors then its the end.  More screen sizes please...
  If the ipad numbers continu to rise it helps diversified Apple line. But the income % coming out of the iphones is still to high, a major drop on iphones will tank the EPS and Apple valuation could go from undervalue (PE < 15) to horrible (PE will increase because EPS went down because the PE is price/annual EPS).     Thats the risk with companies on the decline, valuation seems good, invertors often oversell at the first sign of growth deceleration. The ball is in...
  This may be a running gag, only this time there are real YoY declines. Apple offer only 1 new model of iphone and it accounts for 70% of its income.  Its a financial timebomb, the risk for investors is huge.   Maybe Apple will diversified its iphone lines and maybe Apple will introduce something new.  Currently Apple needs to do both just to keep its earnings, otherwise its going down like a rock.
Too bad TMN Go (canadian version of HBO go) would not let us airplay anything, even in iPad mirror mode.
  All i can find is some rumors about iRadio on CNBC today.
  Indeed. And you can get very nice plans with an unlock phone.  All my future phones will be unlock from now on.
I am getting news from some french press agencies that Apple will hold an event on april 18th?  Nothing on apple insider?   Update : It looks like this news is based on rumors. Still strange its being relay by normally more serious press.
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