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    BTW Apple almost died because it place itself in a pc market niche.  With the ecosystem wars you must keep a significant market share to avoid a massive exodus from you're ecosystem by both customers and developers.  Maintaining a critical mass is key.   And Apple could have a better offering on the cheap side in any market,  the iPhone 4 at 8g is still too expensive compare to the Android competition.  You can have better phones at 250$ unlock.
In emerging markets Apple should pull an Amazon.  Dump at cost a 99$ cell phone and make money on the ecosystem. All they need to make is a 3 gs type phone with a long batterie life. Cheap, heavy duty and long battery life are the key metrics.   Speaking of international markets, in Canada, Apple is now selling multilingual movies.  There is a bunch of movies with english, french and spanish soundtracks.
"Revenue was up about half as much, as the average selling price of Android tablets plummeted from $219 to $151."    I am not sure what tablets sold to make that average, so does that mean the bulk of the android tablets are kindle fires, Nook and Kobo?  That would mean the Nexus tablets are not doing well at all.
Cant find the IZGO apple TV news, where is it?  Just saying because I hope Apple will use this tech in the next iPads and iphone. 
ship times are slipping,  7 to 10 days now
I wish Apple will stop using glue... The ipad 3 and 4 and now the imacs. At least the mini is better, so maybe its a good sign. Anyway, one more reason to justify the apple care on my new imac
GPU benchmarks of various iMac configurations mixed with other GPU   I am upgrading from my late 2009 27" iMac with a radeon 4850 GPU.  So even the GT 650m beats my old GPU now.    
"Businesses are buying iPhones "in droves," IDC said, pointing out that Apple's well-instituted iOS platform and tight security are "win-win" for enterprise customers. One concern, however, is Apple's strict app submission and curation policies, which the firm said"can create frustration" with enterprise customers."   WTF are they talking about, entreprise have there own private app store in which they can put whatever the feel in it. Apple doesnt control at all
  Indeed, Grandpa geeks tend to be grumpy when they get older. 
  What mac drop BTW?   I went 3 times at the Apple store on black friday and they were selling more mac's than ipads.  It must have been because the mac rebate was decent but still.   I think the imac will have significant numbers this quarter because a lot of people are waiting for them.  That is assuming Apple can meet demand, but I expect the imacs to sell out until january.
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