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Tim Took explanations regarding the AOI cashholder existance are very clear.  Its collects all the after tax profits from its internationnal subsidaries. This mean the foreign tax were all paid for, this is only place to hold the cash.   I was surprise to see the tax on the interest of that cash are paid in the US despite the fact that AOI as no country of residance. So in practice AOI pays its taxes like a US company.  I dont think Apple could be more fair than...
The senate just accused them of being thieves.  It doesn't matter if true or not, this will stick in people minds and hurt sales in the only place in the world Apple still had a decent market share. I hope Tim Cook can repair this but I think Apple reputation just took a hell of a blow.   This is going to be all over the news and average Joe is not going to understand anything else other then Apple is making tax gimmicks.
  I think its pretty clear Apple won't be doom some time with the amount of cash they have.  But that doesnt means it won't start shrinking or lose major markets. That the problem with tech, most industrials company change slowly, up or down, but tech could rise and collapse in a short period of time.
  Good idea, a screen that unfold 3 times into a 27" MBA :-)
  Thats a nice pile of BS.  Apple pays its taxes in the countries it makes its sales. The problem is the US wants to charge the difference between the country rates and the US rates when Apple tries to move the cash into the US. The result is the cash stays offshore unless the country has a >= 35% tax rates, in which case Apple can bring the cash to the US without additionnal charge.   For example, if Canada tax rate is at 25%, Apple pays 25% to Canada on sales made in...
  imo a real A5, more memory and more SSD is all it takes for the low end box.  Hopefully we get the A5X and 16g SSD for a low end streaming/gaming box. IF they can pull this off at $99 its going to sell like hot cupcakes. What I would do is also offer 32g,64g models to finance the low price model, pretty much like they do with ipads/iphones.
  Indeed. As soon as the TV app store is launch, imo all the ipads TV apps will be ported pretty fast. Negociation over ads will be the only thing keeping them to go live after that.
  Because God forbid's Apple drop the price on something...   I am still hoping that after the ipad mini 2 launch, Apple can manage to sell the current 16g version at $200.   Regarding the retina screens, cant wait to see what they will use. imo the ipads will move to IGZO this year. Otherwise it could be OLED, but the colors on OLED are not to Apple standards.
When Apple pays its quarterly dividends, the amount paid to US citizens/institution shareholders should be tax free because the recipient will be tax for that income. Otherwise its like double taxing.   This would allow Apple to bring back to the US the amount paid from its offshores accounts.   Very nice explaination of the problem with the oversee cash: http://goo.gl/ATVPl
  Its going to be Apple turn at the WWDC, we will see and lets hope it gets better.
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