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  1. Apple is shiftting from growth ownership to value ownership. This makes hedge funds dump Apple in favor of something else. Apple has a huge market cap, which make it reach a point where everyone who can own it already does, which in turn stall the stock price. A yield allow more "funds" to be able to hold some Apple. Reference: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-02-21/hedge-funds-boost-stock-bets-to-07-high-goldman-says.html   2. If you cant see apple yoy growth...
  Massive stock buybacks is a temporary thing.  A dividend will be more beneficial in the long term.  Also, buybacks doesnt bring the income funds in Apple. Apple is shifting from a growth stock to a value stock, and to do this you need to allow income funds to get in.    Currently the yield support a price of around $350 (yield > 3%) in a zero growth scenario. If Apple can rise the dividends and still continu to pile up cash then they should do it. I am not very...
  He is a bit pessimistic, but this could very well play out like this, which would be bad for my invesments.  We have too many fans here seeing things through pink glasses, which is not better than lowballing it imo.   That being said I am not very impress with Apple R&D, but I am still hoping they can make a come back and bring the growth.  ATM Apple is stall in terms of growth and its getting dangerously close of starting to decline. 
I second that. I have seen him say something and trade the opposite so many times, he is a stock manipulator.
  Depends, I think most people refer fiscal Q1 or Q2  by just "Q1" or "Q2" while calender Q1 is reference like Q1 2013. Some people use fiscal quaters while others use calenders quarters.  I was trying to use calender quarters, which I think is reffered as Q1 2013.  But we are in the current fiscal Q2 indeed.   They may be able to lower the 27" imacs price later on, unless they move to retina, then no.  I think those laminated 27" IPS screens are very expensive, so not...
    So the iphone 5 as a better casing...  and thats pretty much it.  Apple getting his butt kick out of the high market is not funny imo. When you charge a premium for a product, you need to lead, not lag.   IF they continu to entrenched themselves behind that 4" size is better for everyone, they are going straight to the graveyard.
imo the mac sales should be better in 2013 Q1 than in  2012 Q1. It will be a strong quarter for the imac, on the laptop side, the refreshes are getting closer, but  we did had some late summer updates, so the laptop side should be better than last year.   Whats blurring the lines here is the PC regression, we will have to compare Apple numbers to the rest of the market.
They wont do more than a 100% div increase, so maybe 4% yield tops
  Its a matter of if they can manage to put the necessary hardware in the $99 box.  On the CPU/GPU side they would have enough power with the A5X. The current Apple TV does have very little SSD, but with the price drop in components, if they can pack 16g for that $99 then they will have something pretty decent here.    Everything else can be optionnal:  gaming controls, keyboard, trackpads, remotes, ... If they do add an app store, they should come out with multiple Apple...
    I have noticed that too, I did tried it and its a piece of junk to play games.
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