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    I dont think the angry birds week-end gamers are capable of understanding this.  Not to mention the fanbois that think that everthing Apple do is gold.
  I so dont agree with this.  Airplay makes it a  lot more expensive than a dedicated game console with controls. Yes the Apple TV is 99$, but then you need a $330 ipad or a $700 iphone to play?  and that is per person on multi-player games?  This is already available and do you see it working?  NO. To top it off the ipad and iphones or ipods are not optimal gaming control, nothing beats real buttons when playing a game.   Apple should have launch its Apple TV app store a...
Dont expect me to explain why amazon "hopes" are so high i dont get it myself. Imo that thing is way way overbought. I sure dont share those hopes.
  1. like I said, Amazon "hopes of growth" are very high.   2. http://ycharts.com/companies/AAPL/eps_growth
  Going from 100% to 7% in a year is a pretty big drop. Apple went from "high hopes of growth" to "neutral to negative" hopes of growth in a few months. 7% is a great value stock growth rate indeed.  But until recently Apple was not a value stock. If Apple can maintain even only 7% EPS growth next year its currently undervalue even by value stock metrics. Keep in mind that the transition from a growth stock to a value stock means a lot of shares need to change hands,...
    Apple, the company is not in a crisis, but they stock sure is.  Stock price is based on 2 things:   1. Valuation (Stock price divide by earning per share will give you the Price/earning indicator, which is one of many valuation stat) 2. Hopes of growth.   The more "hopes of growth" there is, the more stock price will "expand" compare to its valuation, making the the P/E indicator bigger. The logic is if the company earns more in the future, the valuation will improve...
This is one of the reasons i am still holding my leaps. But we are bottom feeding here, if Apple would have done the usual growth we had in the past 5 years, we wouldnt be arguing about all those details. The story has changed and the stock as reacted to it. Apple went to growth stock to a value stock that may or may not be a down stock. That is one hell of a change.
I am very aware of this. If you take the 2011 xtra week into account we get 8% YoY EPS growth. To me this is still insignificant growth compare to what Apple did between 2007 and 2011. We are getting dangerously close to negative growth which will be even more horrible for the stock.
  Money talks and bullshit walks. They can release all the studies they want, it still wont change the fact Apple didnt had any YoY EPS growth between Q4 2011 and Q4 2012. This is despite the fact the iphone had 25% YoY growth and the ipad had 47% YoY growth in unit sales.   Margins are compressing, market is getting mainstream and unless Apple get more competive in price or really innovate they are going straigth to a niche market share. Trends are shifting and Apple...
I see a rectangle phone... Imo its better than the ip5, no waste of space at the bottom or the top allows for a bigger screen with just a little bigger case.
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