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  Computer business is not the car business. You must maintain critical mass to keep the ecosystem going on. IF Apple gets to low it will start losing its devs.     The only niche market Apple ever had is the PC business.  ipod, iphones and ipads are not niche markets at all. But the iphone business is on its way there.  Getting most of the profit in a market is a double edge sword, Apple better deliver top of the line innovation to justify it or its just overpricing....
  I am hoping Apple will get a clue and move iMessage and Facetime cross platform too...
  Thanks for the link.  From my understanding Samsung has the old Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) late 90's patents that may be not as advanced of what Sharp has right now. imo they still needed to secure the more advance IGZO tech from Sharp with the deal they just made.   Maybe with the 2 billions investment in Sharp, Apple as secure IGZO production in volume and even if Samsung has the tech, its still wont be able to output the screens in volume until...
of course, when we are not happy with the numbers lets question the source...   Fact is Apple is painting itseft into a niche corner just like it did in the 80's. This year is pretty much last chance for Apple to come out with multiple iphone models that adress the entire market.    Apple was able to slow down its tablet market share freefall with the ipad mini, its needs to move asap on the phone side.
  link please. Because I sure can give you tons that refer IGZO patents own by Sharp. Here is one regarding Samsung... http://www.oled-info.com/samsung-may-invest-sharp-gain-access-igzo-and-other-technologies
  and I am saying it doesnt apply only to LCD's. Glass, memory, 4g chipset, sound chipset, ...
    For some reasons some people think Apple is inventing everything.  In fact, most the stuff in Apple devices was made or invented by someone else.
Samsung is making sure it will get IGZO.... Apple is getting own again. Lets hope that rumored 2 billions went into facilities that will output IGZOscreens for Apple only and we dont have Samsung take away Apple screens.
  the amazon Kindle Fire HD.
  Yep. and hopefully they will carry 1 old mini model at $199. Would be nice if the retina mini could drop to $299 too. imo they need a lower consumption screen tech to make it worked.
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