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  Indeed. As soon as the TV app store is launch, imo all the ipads TV apps will be ported pretty fast. Negociation over ads will be the only thing keeping them to go live after that.
  Because God forbid's Apple drop the price on something...   I am still hoping that after the ipad mini 2 launch, Apple can manage to sell the current 16g version at $200.   Regarding the retina screens, cant wait to see what they will use. imo the ipads will move to IGZO this year. Otherwise it could be OLED, but the colors on OLED are not to Apple standards.
When Apple pays its quarterly dividends, the amount paid to US citizens/institution shareholders should be tax free because the recipient will be tax for that income. Otherwise its like double taxing.   This would allow Apple to bring back to the US the amount paid from its offshores accounts.   Very nice explaination of the problem with the oversee cash: http://goo.gl/ATVPl
  Its going to be Apple turn at the WWDC, we will see and lets hope it gets better.
  Since they are charging for the service why not. Would be a smart move imo.
Ok that explains the stock dive.  imo there is going to be another dive when they get to hardware.
    They could get away with 35% gross margins. $150 cost + 35% = $200.  I believe even at the low end Apple can charge a small premium relative to other low end phones. The other thing I would do is make special software bundles to buyers of the low end phone in those countries to get extra itunes revenu and attempt to take down piracy.     I dont know what Google just announced but the stock is taking a serious dive right now.
  I wish I could get a pair of youre pink glasses and believe what I see with them. I would be less nervous with my Apple LEAPS.
  I have been pouding this too. To support the ecosystem you need to maintain critical mass. Since Apple is the only maker of iOS hardware it must do something about the low end in emerging markets. I dont care if they dont sell the low end phone is rich countries, but they need to offer something in China and India ASAP before its too late. Apple is getting is butt kick everywhere exept North America and the UK.   In rich countries, Apple need to come back on top and...
    that is exactly why the labels dont want to cut a deal with Apple. On top of not likeing Apple dominance, nobody likes being bully.
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