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"Verizon reported selling 3.1M iPhones, just over a fifth (or roughly 651,000) of those were the iPhone 5. To compare, during Q2 Verizon sold 2.7 million iPhones." That's pretty good, the 4s sales were not bad so earnings shouldnt be so bad. Another good point of interest is they sold 6.8 million smartphones in the third quarter. So the 3.1 millions iphones is almost half of there sales in a quarter where the Galaxy S3 came out and the iphone was about to get a...
  total BS, nobody knows what would had happen under Steve...   Apple had is shared of problems under steve too
    its still going to be bigger than on my iphone 4s and I can tap those icons and buttons at that size.  Not a problem imo, they dont even need to scale anything up.
I like it.  They are covering there butt in case it oversell the regular one. With 2 full sets of ipads at 2 different sizes they giving users a lot more choices.
    Seriously you guys are worring me.  I dont see any problem for Apple to launch a retina MBP, iMac and an non retina ipad mini at the same event.  But even with a non retina screen, it will still have better pixel per inch than the ipad 2 because the screen is smaller.   Half the people I talk to are unable to tell the difference between the ipad 2 screen and the retina ipad3...  price on the other hand is something they see right away. A better than ipad2 screen for...
  Well an ipad mini at 1024x768 would have better DPI than the ipad 2 because of the smaller screen size, so it will look better even if its not retina.
  If you want retina so bad why dont you buy the ipad3 now, because ... , its available right now and its not vaporware....
  price....    #1 reason to do a mini is a low price.
  They will probably introduce the imac's, the mac mini and the 13" mac pro at the same event. But the PC business is not what put Apple on the map, its the ipod, iphone, ipad which is more than 80% of there income.    But in the shrinking PC market, Apple is one the few that is actually gaining market shares.
  1024x768 like the ipad 1 and 2....  so 4:3   Anyone is going to start the price debate again? Like that ultra fanboi bozo who was interview on CNBC who wants a high end ipad mini at 349$? 
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