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  and I am saying it doesnt apply only to LCD's. Glass, memory, 4g chipset, sound chipset, ...
    For some reasons some people think Apple is inventing everything.  In fact, most the stuff in Apple devices was made or invented by someone else.
Samsung is making sure it will get IGZO.... Apple is getting own again. Lets hope that rumored 2 billions went into facilities that will output IGZOscreens for Apple only and we dont have Samsung take away Apple screens.
  the amazon Kindle Fire HD.
  Yep. and hopefully they will carry 1 old mini model at $199. Would be nice if the retina mini could drop to $299 too. imo they need a lower consumption screen tech to make it worked.
  Apple is doing great with services and sales on itunes, its just that its still a drop in the bucket compare to the massive amounts coming out the hardware business. Since Apple is the only hardware makers for its OS's, it needs to cover the entire markets, so that means adressing the low end. They can get away with applying good margins on the low end stuff, but they still need to offer something at that level to preserved the ecosystem and keep it from painting...
  I was thinking that too, he has been kicking the TV can for some time now. But at some point Apple will have to make a move, so he is saying 2014 and Apple will announce it earlier. imo they will either update the TV box soon or announce the TV. Notice how they skip the TV update this winter.   He is lowering the price target because Apple, well, has come to an complete halt in terms of EPS. Apple return to growth is not going to be easy.
    Actually Coke is premium in Cuba.  Its more expensive than rhum there.
  The problem here is Apple users could flee the ios ecosystem and still keep there movies and music. There is where I hate Apple, it just want to close everthing down just to retain users, its not acting for the users best interest at all.   imo facetime should be port to both windows and iOS for starters. Hopefully they could do a better job then itunes which is the mother of all bloated software on windows.
  I wish they could do something like this too...  imo Apple is the problem here.
New Posts  All Forums: