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  i guess you mean reducing length. Well on a 4" it would make it shorter but if you used the xtra space to make the screen bigger you will end-up with a bigger screen and the phone would not be a lot bigger. If you respect the 16:9 ratio that would mean the phone would get wider but the phone would not be longer, well depending on how much you increase the screen size.    They could also do this on all devices, ipads, ipods and the upcoming iwatch.
Will be interesting to see what iRadio will be, if it ever existed.   I wonder if there is going to be in app subscription and if so will Apple take a cut? I have the feeling you will need to subscribe before on the net and the app wont offer it to avoid paying Apple.   Another interesting point would be to see if Apple will make an windows and android iRadio app?  imo they should do it with Facetime, message and maps.
  imo its pretty much a given that they will update the internals.  But seriously, incremental internal refresh and color options is a major fail on the innovation side. I am going to hope they do better than that because thats the kind of "innovations" that can be done by the bottom feeding low end taiwan companies.   Innovation I am hoping for:   Batterie life:  IGZO at the same resolution could triple batterie life. Smartphone batterie life is short compare to what we...
What I would like to see beside new iOS et OS-X:   - New retina MBA with IGZO screens, new intel CPU's. 4g or LTE build in (option) - New MacPro - Apple TV app store. Apple TV UI revamp. - New Apple TV box.   Some other material than aluminum for the MBA? Carbon fibers?
  lol, can't wait for episode 9 this weekend.  Brace yourself for the R.W.
The thing to watch for at the WWDC is a Apple TV or an Apple TV App store. This could be precursor to a move on the hardware side.
    I agree to this. But putting a HD on the Apple TV would be a mistake, unless its aim at being a PvR.   Itune in the could In a sense it did improved with icloud, if you bought you're music, TV, movies on itunes then there is no need to setup a itunes server, you can just stream from the cloud. The problem with that would be children that watch the same thing over and over again. In that case you still need to feed from a local drive, unless you have unlimited...
  Regarding seeing a lot more big screen Android phones out there:  its more than anecdotal evidence.  I see a lot of those phones now, more than iphones actually.
Lots of feature phone user are upgrading to cheap android devices and dont used there "smartphone" part. Will be more interesting to see stats between lets say an iphone 5 and a S3.
  imo a good phablet size is something more around 5.5" or 6".  5" may be to small for a tablet and too big for a phone. imo 16x9 ratio 7" is too big.  On the other hand my collegue have no problem carrying is 4:3 ratio 8" ipad mini in his pockets. But then again he his build like a football player. Point is choice is what we need. One size fits all is just plain stupid.   On the phone side, a true 16:9 ratio 5" phone would still be narrow enough to fit in any man...
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