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  What would be the screen size of a device that has a retina display (same pixels per inch) with a 1280x720 resolution.  The iPhone 5 as a resolution of 1136x640 at 326 pixels per inch.   So what size would a 1280x720 screen be at  326 PPI? and while at it, what size would a 1920x1080 screen be at 326 PPI?   Thats your daily pop quiz question :-)   Ok, since the resolution difference is about 12.6% bigger, I think the screen would be 12.6% bigger, so 4 x 1.126 = 4.5" for...
  They could try a voice model but the mini is still pretty big to carry around.  I was thinking of 1280x720 (720p) phone that would be retina.  I am not sure if the screen would be big enough at that resolution (can anyone calculate the size?)
Yep pretty much whats happening indeed. Of course there are the margins concerns, but we are way oversold on just the noise like management changes, maps, supply and margins.My prediction is we will bounce between 500 and 550 for a while before it goes up again.
imo Apple need to make 2 iphone models next year.  Keep the iphone 5 with a refresh and introduce a bigger phone.  But instead of a pen, Apple should sell with a small and discreet bluetooth ear piece, something like spy's would used.    They have multiple ipods size, 2 ipad sizes, why not 2 iphone sizes? The phablet is a growing market because people make less voice calls and more texting/apps/social/web on there device.  Apple needs to adapt, find what that product...
  Exactly. I have the mini and the nexus 7 here and nobody can tell the difference. As a retina ipad 3 owner I can spot pixels on non-retina in a nanosecond, but it seems people who didnt got spoil by a retina screen just cant see any difference. On the other hand, everyone see's that the mini as a bigger screen than the nexus 7 and feels lighter.     I was showing the ipad 2 and ipad 3 to a bunch of people and they really had to look closely for a long time to tell which...
imo the resolution is not a big issue for the first gen mini, weight and screen realestate is more important.  But Apple really needs to work on reflections and color accuracy.   The one that is going to come up with a color screen that is fast and can be read in the sun is going to make tons of money. That a good place to put R&D.
  Actually, the ipad mini is not a 7" tablet.  The fact that is 7.9 with a 4:3 ratio makes a great tablet. When using a 7" you really feel you are handling a compromise device.   The mini is every inch an ipad indeed.   And because the mini has the same height as the Nexus 7, they both display the same screen size when watching a 16:9 movie.
  It was the same for me, in fact all tables (ipods, macs, iphones... ) were pack except the ipad 4 ones. imo if there is something to hide its the ipad 4 sales.
sI think the sales are well spread between the ipad mini, ipad 2 and ipad 4.  worst case they are trying to hide there ipad 4 sales, those are still in stock. I went to the Apple stores and everyone were all over the mini's with poeple constantly asking the staff if they had it. I saw some ipad 2 being sold because of the mini shortage.   Imagine, they sold almost as many ipads wifi only as iphone 5.  Demand is very strong.
wow, fail
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