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Last year rebate was 50$ off all ipads and 100$ off all macbooks, thats pretty close imo. We still need to wait to see this year rebates. Btw merchants have a cut on itunes cards so a 60$ gift card is the same as a 50$ rebate for them...Of course the 100$ or 50$ rebates are bigger percentage wise on the lowest price items.
Merchants always beat Apple stores rebates. Last year in Canada it was stamples who had the best ipads rebate.The ipad3 is a discontinued product so i am not sure whats youre point? If you want to imply that Apple is in some kind of trouble and needs to make bigger rebates this year you are dead wrong imo...
If anyone ears about an iTunes gift card special in Canada I am interested.  I need to reload. Needs about 200$ worth.
Would $1,000,000 have bumped the stock by 25 points? Friday volume was 2x average at 50 millions shares for a total of 25 billions. So that million was a drop in the bucket. Btw on friday at the low mutual funds and pension funds bought large volume of shares. They had there bid sitting there in case. That scare the hell out of the hedge funds, the brokers saw that then covered and the stock made a nice oversold V pattern.
Here is my wish list:   1. Apple need to break its predictable product launch patterns. 2. The Big, the Small and the Ugly: 4.5"+ iPhone 6, 4" iPhone 6 and a low cost emerging markets iOS phone. 3. Much lighter regular ipad, retina ipad mini at 329$ and non retina iPad mini at 249$ or even 199$. 4. 799 and 999 macbook airs. 5. Apple TV set and cable box with full cable partnership.   If Apple doesnt do anything, its going to paint itself in a corner just...
You need to take into account the imacs have not started to sell yet. Everyone that wants one is waiting, so if they only sell 1 millions of those they will bust last year number.The retina MBP are high end machines and are very expensive, they wont sell in big numbers. The bulk of the sales are going to be MBA and the 21.5 imac when it comes out.I must agree that Apple will never have large pc sales until they can produce something below 1000. Maybe with ssd prices...
Good. Maybe my leaps will break even someday.   I don't think the problem with the stock is news or how Apple is doing.  Its overweight by too many funds are they are running to the exits. No amount of news is going to do anything until the index funds are hedge funds are balance. At some point the tax selling will stop because there just won't be any more profit to take.
  You seen the report about Apple on fast money, they compare Apple to coca cola, Apple would be a better value play at this point then coke.  I think Apple was about to rebound with lots of buyers at the low 540's, but the market correction made Apple break support and it gap down in the end. 
  Samsung copies a lot on the product side, but they are one of the best regarding panel's R&D and panels production. Apple has incell for now but Samsung could very well come up with panels innovation and cut off Apple from it. There latest research is on flexible panels.
Actually, the only place Apple won in the world is in the US. They are losing everywhere else. And Samsung no longer needs Apple on its supply chain, its selling more phones than Apple with very good margins.   Its in fact in there best interest to cause them trouble on there supply chain.   Apple should have move aways from Samsung when it started sueing them.  Pretty stupid from Apple imo.
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