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  My 27" iMac is still the best looking screen out there.  I guess retina on that size would just be too expensive and the macs are already pretty expensive.
  its pretty good but if you have an iPad 3 you will notice pretty quickly its not retina.  But the screen looks very good and after a few minutes you forget about it.
I wish Apple could solve its supply chain problems.  At least I am ready for yet another round of stock free fall. Apple is missing a lot of sales, I went to the Apple store after work and it was pack with people wanting the ipad mini.  Some people bought the iPad 2 instead but most were disappointed it was unavaible.   The iPad 4 must be the worst possible product refresh launch ever. Nobody was even looking at it with the store completely pack. btw the ipad 4...
BTW there was about 50th people in line at the downtown Montreal Apple store.  I could see the mini from a distance but could not enter so I will have to wait for my lunch break to go look at it.
I am not saying Apple is doom, I am saying Apple may have peak its growth. That doesnt affect at all its survability in the near term, but its a major trend change.One could assume they lowball guidance, but they only beat by 7% and 10% last 2 quarters. Personnally I think that with the full product refresh they will blowout guidance, if not there are major problems with either the supply lines or margins.
They clearly did it to counter both the surface and the nexus 10. Last year at january 2012 earnings, Apple did 13.5 EPS, which was a 110 % year over year growth from january 2011 EPS. This year, the guidance is 11.7 EPS. If they meet guidance, that would mean 15% decline from 2012. That is one hell of a reversal in profits. They lost all on of there momentun in one year, they had to react and they did. Competition is catching up and Apple is losing market shares. The...
  This is the kind of bad press Apple doesnt need, especially in Europe where they are not doing well at all. They should comply ASAP and let that thing died.   In fact, Apple has a chance to gain market share in EU with Google getting slam by France over Tax and ad revenu of the french press. All Apple has to do is play nice.
Is Samsung the only one in the world capable of making in cell LCD panels??  Apple must be desperate to still buy from them.  With Sony and Panasonic at record lost, cant the approach them to make some LCD's?    I dont understand it, unless its just luck and those panels come from various suppliers and Apple need all the screens they can get there hands on.
I think people get this wrong.  Android tablets are comparing themselves to the ipad, but the real threat is the windows tablets.    Apple fans are going to continu to buy into Apple because Apple has an extremely high retention ratio, but the Android and Windows buyers are all the same. If windows surface takes off, Android is going to be the one suffering from it.
Look at the mini geekbench, its the fastest ipad after the ipad4. Its faster than ipad2 and ipad3... Yet another example on how spec sheets can be deceiving...
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