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  Indeed. I do think a FEW people will bother about color accuracy on a PHONE, but size and maybe reflectivity are way more important specs for the average customer. I really dont like that comment too, it shows a total lack of vision. I take this as a attempt to noted OLED sucks. I think they will do it when then can do a thin, retina one without using OLED.   IF you put a iphone 5 side by side with a OLED screen phone (Galaxy S3, Nexus 4, ...) you will immediatly notice...
  I lot of people dont want to carry 2 devices. The fact that you dont like them doesnt mean that nobody does.
  In short, they dont want to use OLED.   imo IGZO would solved his concerns. I have the feeling they will make a big thing out of it when they release the retina ipad mini.     They need something they can sell unlock, something very cheap sold only in emeging market and something around $300 for internationnal markets.
  I assumed the current price will be used by the new ipad mini.  The old model at a lower price point would address the low end market.
  Actually on the ipad side what I would like to see is a move to the 16:9 aspect ratio. That would simplyfied resolution handling on the dev side and could explain why they would go to unnessary high PPI on the phones.    Phones could run at 1920x1080 full HD and tablets could run at double HD. That would take care of the resolution for a few years on all mobile devices and Apple could have a very clean dual resolution pattern that would be very clean for devs.   On top...
  They just didnt had the screen tech to do a retina mini last year. Imo we will get it this year. The regular ipad should be thinner and lighter too if they changed the screen tech.
I am hoping Apple keeps the current ipad mini when the new one gets out, but drop the price so it can maintain a decent market share.
  imo a 5" phone and a cheap emerging market phone would fall into the "execution" category. On tops on subpar innovation, the markets thinks Apple is also doing a bad job on execution. Apple should enter those markets, that would help EPS but its not going to WoW people. To me those products are important because they would support critical mass of the ecosystems. Apple needs to preserved its ecosystem and should offer something at the low end, because they are the only...
  There is nothing illegal in shorting a stock.  Trying to drive down the stock with false news could be investigated depending on youre status or media.   Apple did what they had to do regarding shareholders, the return to investment in terms of dividends and buyback is outstanding. This is why dips around $400 are getting violent rebounds because the stock P/E drops below 10 and the yield gets to 3% at those levels. Professional short sellers will cover depending on...
Imo it only makes sense if they go full hd on bigger screen... ... oh wait, they could make full HD the new resolution on the phone. A 5" full 1080p HD phone and the current 4" could move to 720p, so half the resolution of the bigger phone. Both screen size would be over current retina PPI and it would be great for app devs. in the same line of thinking , the new retina ipad mini could be half the resolution of the bigger retina ipad. Again, easier for devs.
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