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Monster is an infamous bully: http://www.bluejeanscable.com/legal/mcp/
Eh. Maybe.
Presumably the 21" iMac will be updated to include a 4k version, but I'd be quite a bit surprised if Apple decided that the already-niche 5k iMac needed a big brother, and needed it ASAP.
I just wanted to say that I thought this was a well-written, well-reasoned piece. Good job.
 In Snell's last Upgrade episode, as part of a discussion of limitations and (ignored) opportunities for Apple in the podcasting space (eg promoting standards for chapter-markers, making podcasting easier in Garageband/Logic) he mentioned that he couldn't see himself at Apple unless it involved podcasting or podcasting evangelism. He was responding to a comment by his co-host and made it seem as if he hadn't spoken with anyone at Apple about a job... and that given Apple's...
They didn't axe it - it's still a weekly podcast, now hosted by Chris Breen (one of the few Macworld oldtimers who wasn't fired when the magazine folded) and Susie Ochs (who has lots of Mac experience, having started years ago at MacAddict). Appleinsider #1 isn't bad, but one of the hosts has some boomy sound in his audio. Also, some kind of intro/outro music would be an improvement.
**Finally** a fast, funny _and_ informative Apple commercial. Like the old days.
 No, they were expecting it because Steve Jobs led them to believe it when he said "under $1,000" to Walt Mossberg (then of the Wall St Journal) and when Mossberg replied that that usually means $999 Jobs purposefully didn't correct him.
 That's because there's no mass production yet, with thousands of workers eyeing the design. We also didn't get the iPhone design early either (or designs of various iPod Nano designs), only rumors like the current iWatch rumors. It seems pretty obvious to me that the iWatch will be shown and demoed, as evidenced by the new building Apple is constructing at the Flint Center. I would not be surprised if it contained a track and exercise machines so guests can run around and...
 Exactly. There will be a product line, not simply a single product. I would not be surprised if the iPod Nano and Shuffle went away, and were replaced by a $99 wearable/music-player with limited tracking ability. This would smash to bits the current $99-$125 low-end Fitbits and Jawbones. Low end: starting at $99Mid end: starting at $199 or $249high end: starting at $349 or $399 and featuring the most tracking, sapphire, iPhone control, etc....
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