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I wonder if there will be sold differing classes of iWatch-devices depending on what phone the owner has. If, for example you owned an iPhone 6 with the latest and most powerful tech, you might only need a smaller wrist device to track health with sensors, whereas if you have an iPhone 5 or earlier (or you don't have an iPhone) your iWatch would be larger with more (and more expensive) sensor tech in the band. This would allow for cheaper, equally powerful iWatches to be...
Beats does $1.5 billion a year in sales. Beats Streaming is the best streaming app & service around. Apple gets a successful brand name, significant cash flow, and the ability to go toe-to-toe on streaming with a superior service. One last thing: the rumored selling price is the same amount Google spent for fricking NEST! Which do you think is a better deal and a better fit? What's the complaining about again?
One other interesting tidbit about Samsung's advertising funds: A coalition of media outlets in Ukraine has exposed Samsung as the top advertiser on two of the country's largest pirated file-sharing sites: https://torrentfreak.com/samsung-exposed-as-top-advertiser-on-pirate-sites-131004/
I'm just thankful that the above commenters don't have employment at Apple, otherwise the company would definitely be doomed.
Those markets don't need highly portable desktop machines. All the pro photographers and video editors I know do most of their work either at the same desk (with powerful hardware that's never moved) or with their less-powerful laptops (to which they'll offload their work to desktop machines and RAIDs). The only examples I can think of where Mac Pro performance would be needed on-set would be in only a few circumstances ... a tiny, tiny percentage of hardware sales, and a...
Sad, just sad.
I have an iSkin case for my Nano I really like, and I'm shocked at how scratched up it is, especially the screen cover. I'd hate to think what the Nano would look like without a protective case. (Note: I put the Nano in my front pocket with my keys.)
I doubt it. Apple is readying itself for the iPhone onslaught/marketing effort, from now until mid-July. They won't obfuscate new hardware introductions while they're riding the iPhone wave. So don't expect two series of iMac models -- just one, probably at the end of July (but possibly a little later).
Because Apple stage-manages its marketing carefully and knows not to step over one introduction with another. If they wanted to entice the iPhone-buying consumer they would simply have introduced the iMac along with the Macbook Pro.
64-bit isn't an issue. Any Mac you buy today will run Leopard just fine.
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