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My problem with "ask to buy" is that my 8 year old still has to enter a complicated password before it sends the request to my phone! This saves me nothing.
You can't be serious.  You understand most of the stockholders probably aren't even in the tech business, right?  They invest in the company cause it's run properly and has a chance for growth.  If the stockholders were so intelligent, they would be running the business.  They just want to make money.  If they aren't, they will find someone who will change that.
Let me make this simpler for you. See ios 7 is coming out (software). And a new iPhone is coming out (hardware). What I'm saying is, Apple will upgrade the hardware and then tell us that certain features of ios 7 will only run on this new hardware. Got it? Thus, leaving out many of the iPhone 5 users. 99.99% of this forum understands what I meant.
Of course there is a new chip. How else can Apple justify leaving out some cool new features of ios 7 from iPhone 5 users?
When was the last time you saw a "beta" used on TV ads to sell a product?
why the hell didn't I become a lawyer?!?!?!
I agree. $499 still seems like "toy money" and very doable, but when the price is over $600 with tax......that's too much. I've been waiting for the retina display, but I'll be passing if it comes out at $580.
Good try, but not correct logic. You can't say the fanbois rating has not increased over time. This logic doesn't account for improved Apple Cust. Service.
11" here and loving it. Of all the Apple computers I've owned over the years, this is my fav. For surfing, mail, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation work, I don't feel like I've sacrificed antyhing, yet the form-factor is tiny! And for me, Starcraft II plays as fast as any other computer of mine. Sure screen is small, but it's still a great experience.
Wondering the exact same thing myself. Seems like they have to.
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