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Adobe could've been interested in developing that tool and this is probably where they will end up anyways. Not that it can really save them though
Do you think the problem of the capacitive screens could be because of a "deficient" targeting algorithm?
For capacitive touchscreens, dermining exact coordinates is approximation in any case, and adding more data points may not necessarily improve accuracy substantially.
I understand what you are saying is that touch overlay density can be increased dramatically because of the small size of the elements. This is great and I hope viable commercially soon.However, just out of interest how much smaller 70 micrometres is compared to the current capacitive element size?
Is there any way to switch the iPhone mode off when browsing AppleInsider - permanently? Because really just a little bit too much annoying. Please. Thanks in advance
MVC pattern doesnt automatically mean design of a particular app is good. It is more about how well developer understands (predicts?) usage scenarios and how they differ on particular devices. Alright fragmentation is a wrong word at least for now, since we assume iPad and iPhone will run exactly the same OS version (that is, 3.2 or 4.0 will be released for both). Still, how many of the existing developers will decide to produce a separate app rather than "expand" current...
First of all, these numbers are not about new developers but new applications. What is really interesting and what Flurry doesn't tell, is how many of these projects are existing iPhone developers rewriting their applications because they cannot support well two different devices at the same time. Now, is this a sign of a potential platform fragmentation issue?
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