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It must be my drive. I tried like 5 cds and 3 dvd and they all did the same
I put a cd in the mac and it waits a few seconds and kicks it back out. I know it is not the cd I ripped it to another mac moments later. This happened one other time and it fixed it self somehow. does anyone know what it could be?
marvin,your the best
My 1 year old son hit my keyboard but I can not figure out what he did. the desktop it bigger then normal so when I move the mouse around the whole screen moves around. it is like my desktop was magnified. Can anyone help?
thanks omega... that was what it was.
also the F keys have changed my f10 and f11 keys are no longer volume
I think my son hit a mystery button on my macbook. I not talks to me as I do anything. does anyone know how to turn it off?
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