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I have a Late 2008 MBP 15". Last year the power started behaving oddly, the power icon in Mac OS X would say "plugged in, not charging" when the cord was plugged in. Sometimes the cord's light wouldn't be lit, while plugged in, or it would turn green when it was supposed to be orange. I could get it to charge properly by wiggling the magsafe connector laterally along the surface of the magnet. It would slowly act up worse and worse over time, it would take more and...
I have a late-2008 15" Macbook Pro, model A1286. I had many of the symptoms people are describing in this thread...battery wouldn't charge, the power cable had no issues, the charge light on the power adapter would intermittently show Green but not charge, or not light up at all. I replaced the battery (it was time anyway, wasn't holding much of a charge) and that didn't resolve the issue. I borrowed a power adapter from someone, that wasn't the problem. It turns out to...
Are you saying the only thing the iPad would be useful for is watching streaming video from HULU? That's completely insane. Watching video on it is a great use, but it can do so many other things. Lack of Flash doesn't hinder the iPhone/iPod touch in the least. I'm so confused when some people act surprised that there's no Flash support. It's widely known, as are the reasons behind it. (performance on mobile devices, security issues, business issues between Apple and Adobe.)
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