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This is now two developer betas that have come out since the public beta released. Any idea when the public beta will be updated?
They should just rename the company "Me Too."
 CNN's too: "Breaking News:Apple reports earnings of $1.28 per share, beating Wall Street's estimates. But sales were lower than expected."
30 seconds is terrible.
Anyone use the Amazon Prime Instant Video on your iPad and send it to your TV through Airplay (via Apple TV)?  How does it compare to the way it looks using the AV adapter?  Because the AV adapter leaves black bars all the way around.  You can mitigate some of it by adjusting the picture settings on your TV but it's still not like it should be.  Is the Apple TV/Airplay way any better?   Or should I just bite the bullet and get a Roku (since Apple apparently isn't going...
War Damn Eagle, Tim!
 Catch me up here...why wouldn't the Sunn album (or any album for that matter), purchased from iTunes not work on your phone?  Virtually every phone and music player out there can play AAC files now.  And there's no DRM on the songs.  The only thing exclusive about it is that iTunes was the only place you could get it the first week of release.
I won't be buying one. I think it's a neat product, but I don't trust Google. Sorry, that's not fanboy talking. I think Google has demonstrated ample reason to be wary of giving them access to more of your personal data.
Nothing beats Crashplan for the money.  $5 a month for unlimited space for one computer.  Runs in the background -- "set it and forget it".   And I've used SuperDuper for years now.  CCC is nice but doesn't do anything I need that SuperDuper doesn't.
All this sideline bickering is fascinating, but has anyone actually used the update and can say whether it has fixed the Gmail glitch?
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