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Hell, even the System Status page was down for me last night. I couldn't figure out what the problem was.
Oh well, Bromwich will have to find another meal ticket somewhere. Maybe the good Judge can throw him another bone.
So this has been an issue since Mavericks. Overall, everything works fine. But if I log into Yahoo Mail via any web browser, it will work fine at first and they the system will start locking up. I can move the cursor, but clicking on things will either give me a beachball or nothing will happen. I can walk away and let it sit for several minutes and nothing changes. Cursor still moves but clicks and keyboard commands are useless. Can't force quit or anything. Only solution...
Maybe it's because you're a self-aggrandizing douchenozzle, Bromwich.
So has anyone used this XGuardian app?
What had you read on any forum or Apple site that made you hope any of those things were going to show up in iOS 9 aside from the side by side apps?
Anyone tested iOS 9, Beta 3 out on an iPad 3rd Gen?     Beta 2 was just too slow and unresponsive on mine, even with animations and motion turned off.  I reverted back to 8.4.
So is there any way to mitigate this in the meantime until patches are released, such as changing Gatekeeper to only allowing installs from the Mac App Store?
I don't have a problem with them doing regular searches (though it's probably terrible for morale). I do have a problem with keeping people for a hour a week without pay. Pay people for the time.
 I could be wrong, but I detected sarcasm.  
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