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I don't have a problem with them doing regular searches (though it's probably terrible for morale). I do have a problem with keeping people for a hour a week without pay. Pay people for the time.
 I could be wrong, but I detected sarcasm.  
Well actually there is something wrong with porn, but far be it for us progressives to call it like it is.
I had this issue for almost 24 hours, then it just started working again without intervention yesterday afternoon/early evening.  I'm thinking there was a server-side issue at Apple.
I finally decided to kill it on my system as well. I have Chrome as an alternate browser when a site absolutely requires flash. Otherwise, screw it.
No one?
Does anyone else have an issue with Safari on Yosemite where on sites such as Appleinsider, hovering over a hyperlink causes every hyperlink on the page to flash to bold and then go back when you move off of it?  It's not just this site, but it is only in Safari.  Chrome and Firefox do not have the issue.
I think it's a pretty good idea.  It's their signature phone type and there's a hardcore fan base of physical keyboard people who aren't being served by anyone else.  If all you mostly care about email, texting and IMs and having a calendar, this is a good phone for the job.  Heck, even just for texting and email it's good since it's harder and harder to find just a 'feature' phone anymore.  And the battery life is great for a "smart" phone.   I wouldn't buy it, but it's...
I think what we should all do is go to CVS and Rite Aid, get a few items that have a decent amount of value then attempt to pay with Apple Pay.  When they say they don't accept it, say "you did a few weeks ago."  Then when they affirm it no longer works politely reply, "I think I'm going to go get these at Walgreens.  Be sure to tell your manager to let headquarters know your customers think that was a very bad decision."  Then leave.
Updated to 8.0.2 on my iPhone 5.  No problems for me.  Took a while last night since everyone was pounding Apple's servers but other than that, everything is good.
New Posts  All Forums: