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 This is exactly what I have and use with my iPad Air. Unless the tablet has been optimized (like the iPad Pro w/Pencil), it's not worth spending a ton of cash on those pricier $80+ styluses.
 To be a services company, they first need to iron out their cloud services. Way too inconsistent and outtages.They're better than a few years back, but not as solid as Google, MS, and Amazon.
On first blush, it looks like a very smart design. Apple probably will justify the high price saying it's wrapped in soft leather, yada yada yada. 
Apple greed seems to be a reoccurring theme these days. Certainly with me and many of my colleagues who are life-long Apple users. And like you, I've noticed the nickel and dimeing. From overpriced accessories, to forced memory upgrades, to minor incremental upgrades, all geared for maximum profits.  I get that Apple is a business with stakeholders to answer to. And I'm not about to jump ship. There are still many great things I love about Apple. But as you say, I think...
Yes, troll. Please. I just don't have blinders on.I'm glad you're enjoying that Apple Watch.But really, what problem did it solve? Maybe when it's untethered, I'll have a look. Apologies for derailing going off topic. This thread is about the iPad Pro.
Sure, I get that. But whether you optimize iOS or OS X, my point was that the form factor of an iPad Pro (with keyboard) and a MBP really isn't that different. So where's the innovation? From a form factor standpoint, we're essentially skating to where Microsoft is.
Just like the Apple Watch? Apple used to be about solving a problem. Now it's all about the profits. I'm sure this iPad Pro will resonate with professional illustrators because of the Pencil, but what can it do that can't be done with a laptop? And if it's touch you want, why not just enable touch on the next gen MBP's or go the detachable SurfaceBook route.
Like that's any big surprise. Daring Fireball lives and dies by Apple...best be on their good side.
Apple needs to run a commercial showing more than just pretty pictures of the universe. Apart from the 5 seconds at the end where they show the Pencil used in split screen mode, we mostly just see a bigger iPad and think 'meh'. The iPad Pro will catch on with professional illustrators, primarily because of the Pencil. Apart from that, it won't catch on with enterprise until Apple demonstrates real world use cases. You'd think they'd have already seeded corporations with...
So in other words, maybe something like a Surface Pro 4? Many deride the Surface and its all in one approach, but seriously, isn't this where the iPad Pro is headed? It's only a matter of time before high end apps get ported to iOS.
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