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"Winter Walk"...must be tough going in SF... it looks downright balmy to me. 
Is it more an issue of retailers or banks that need to get on board? It's all fine that your bank accepts this type of payment, but it makes no difference if there are no retailers implementing it.
Like I said, it'll do okay but primarily due to Apple fans who will eat up anything coming out of Cupertino.Everyone has a phone that already tells time and has notifications. Cook and Apple has yet to tell us what problem existing watches had.Fitness is a niche market that is already served by various manufacturers.Yes, time will tell. And perhaps Apple has some bigger plan that has yet to be revealed. We're still many months away.
 Unfortunately I don't think the Apple Watch is going to take off.Too expensive and doesn't solve a problem. It'll do okay, but don't see it being an iPhone like revolution.
Garmins get 6 weeks in watch mode, 10 hrs in GPS training mode. We don't even know what the battery life of the Apple watch yet. Surely they could allow users to turn off GPS in the settings, when not required to preserve battery life.
Garmin with their Forerunner series have had heart rate and GPS in their watches for years. Why the Apple Watch doesn't have GPS built-in probably has more to do with forcing you to buy an accompanying iPhone, than any technological  problems.
 Occasionally Gruber has some intelligent things to say about Apple/tech.  But I couldn't get through his 2 hour plus podcast of him blathering on about baseball and life. I honestly think he likes the sound of his own voice. Truly a legend in his own mind. 
Don't you find hard edges of an iPhone 5s make it more easier to maintain a grip? The chamfered edges provided that friction. While an iPhone 6 may feel nicer in your hand, the rounded edges and smooth aluminium back simply make it too precarious to operate. Unfortunately a case to add grip, is the only solution.
Classic pump and dump. Remember folks, buy low, sell high. In other words, wait till after Sept.9 to buy, when traditionally Apple stock drops significantly.
As will the Galaxy S5.
New Posts  All Forums: