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Not a waste of time if usability is improved.
I may be mistaken, but I don't believe he designs any fashions for men.
Sorry, but that's gotta be one of the uglier WWDC logo designs in recent memory.   That aside, I'd love to see a new user interface for iOS. An alternative direction away from the row of icons (keep a 'classic view' option). The UI in it's current state is just not very usable in a 100+ app world. 
I don't have the specs in front of me but how much thicker is the Moto 360 compared to the Apple Watch?Or Is it simply perceived thicker, because the band comes from the bottom instead of the sides of the watch face?
It will be interesting to see where things are a year from now. My opinion has been that this Watch will be a popular among geeks and fanboys, and not the mainstream.   We shall see in two years time if the Watch has captured our imagination where we can't live without it.    
A simple cellophane slip under and then over the box would solve the problem and not have to flip anything. Just lift two ends to lift the case out of the box. But I agree, not very user friendly considering Apple's history of attention to detail and the unboxing experience. 
Have they stopped giving Apple stickers in new products now?
This is truly a welcome addition.   The lack of a street view is the only reason I turn to Google Maps. Many times, it's finding what the hotel looks like from the outside. TripAdvisor provides  pretty good user images to give me a visual reference.   Not sure if Apple Maps will ever get street view or what those minivans with antennas were all about. But personally I find Maps highly usable in my area and getting better every year.
I wonder if strategically, Apple will 'run out' of stock, to give the perception that demand is greater than it really is.
So it's actually $680 (500 130 50)...if it's to be used the way MS is marketing it. I could see this being a niche product for those who need a stylus...just as the rumoured iPad Pro would be.
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