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Why Adobe hasn't come out with Illustrator for iPad is beyond me. And no, Illustrator Draw is not the same.  One can run Illustrator on a tablet, but it's on a Surface 3.
I still can't believe the uncanny resemblance of this phone to the iPhone 6/6plus. How can the design lead at Samsung even look at himself in the mirror.
We can pretty much guess what the phones will look like.  The two larger sizes won't change at all given it's just a speed bump and some force touch added. Apple's not going to retool for the 'S' model year.   The 4" model will look exactly the same as the 6 and 6 plus, i.e rounded edges But perhaps clad in plastic. It's all about having a consistent look with slight deviation.
I hope Apple has increased security around the sale of these Edition watches.  I've seen thieves with retail Apple employees pretending to be interested in buying an iPhone, only to grab and run off. Maybe they're displayed away from the exit areas.
   Naturally, we don't know the specs of this box yet, so we're all guessing at this point.It's not because no one will buy it at $149 or $199, but that EVERYONE will buy it at $99. With a Chromecast going for $39, Roku's at $90 and SlingTV $20/mth offerings, Apple can wipe the competition at $99. And we know, their profit margin on it will still be very good.
Other set top boxes don't have Apple's cachet or ecosystem, but to totally own the space (especially if there are tie-ins to HomeKit), it needs to be priced at $99 max.
Echo Sign is so unintuitive. HelloSign is better and more user friendly. Somebody needs to make a simpler way to sign pdf documents. Perhaps this new Sign Services is better.
In the age of 99 cent apps, freemium, and in-app purchases, will we ever see a-la-carte channels available for $5?   I have a sense, this is the price point of people want to pay. There's a generation of millennials who have grown up watching content on multiple devices and for next to nothing.    Imagine selecting 10 of your favourite channels for $50/month. But I'm not sure this is financially feasible for the networks to survive. And given the $15/mth price for HBO,...
Why you feel Google's existence would be any longer or shorter than Apple's?They seem to be doing fine financially. 
Lenovo, 'featuritis' is so ten years ago. User experience is why Apple's notebooks have reigned supreme over the last decade.
New Posts  All Forums: