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Forget Google Glass and bring in Google Goggles.
FYI, you can run Plex on an AppleTV 3 without jail breaking.http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9Y_iA-uen0
I said it before and I still maintain, it's all about the lack of colours that's 'hurting' sales of the 5C. All Cook needs to do a next week's Apple event is announce that they're adding Space Grey and / or Piano Black colours to the iPhone 5c lineup. Boom.
Perhaps he's suggesting that with him leaving, Microsoft will now have unlimited potential.
Yes, he's been wrong. But the problem I have is that while you bash Munster on one hand, you conveniently use his guesses on your front page as link bait. A bit hypocritical, don't you think?
Who the f*ck is Sandy Cannold?
Hey, it's Monday, so there must be another story about a larger iPhone.
The plastic element doesn't really fit into Apple visual language anymore. Things are flatter and less dimensional. The matte aluminium backs used in the current iPod lineup is what I hope to see (if any colours are used at all).
Let's hope any increase in screen size is not limited to the height or we'll have an extremely long and narrow phone!
There goes the demand for after market 2nd gen Apple TV's.
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