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Form follows function.
Just give us true Adobe Illustrator for iOS. That Adobe Draw is a joke.
I don't see any benefits of grip pressure other than perhaps a shortcut selection to application tools. People have used pencils to draw for eons without any sort of grip feature. Just make the stylus act and work like a pencil/brush/pen. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. There's already enough UI combinations from swiping with four fingers to force touch trackpads. The last thing I need is some new way to grip a bloody pen.
Even factoring the Apple tax, this thing should be at the most, $30
 My guess is that the jury is still out on the Apple Watch.  While it's sold more that Android Wear combined, it hasn't reached critical mass or shown to be a must have item. iPhone sales continue to do well, but growth is primarily in China. And China's economy is slowing down. Brazil and South America might be the next growth market.
Yes, this is the killer app we've all been waiting for.
First the paper industry. Next it'll be LCD's...once holographs take off and become the norm.  
 That all said, I never understood why Apple killed off Bento/AppleWorks. It would seem a consumer level DB program has been lacking since their demise. As you've pointed out, FileMaker Pro has grown into something much larger serving enterprise. However, while comparatively cheaper than 4D, $349 is expensive for consumers who simply need a basic DB app that ideally, would be included with iWork. 
I wonder if being cross-platform has anything to do with the high price tag.
I'd love to know what their revenue model is...so others could possibly follow.   Given it's popularity, maybe their paper sales and main website generate enough ad revenue that they're able to provide free access for mobile users. 
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