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This is the fundamental difference between Apple and Google. Google comes from a generation of thinking that you try stuff out, see if it sticks, and iterate to improve. Apple is a bit more old school where it's about arriving the best solution before releasing it into the wild. Arguments can be made for both approaches, but for something as important as financial payments and privacy concerns, I'll take the Apple way.
More appropriately they should have called it Google Spy, or Google Track.
Because you've personally tried the crown yourself?
Hence why I said the jury is still out.  I don't understand your You can't deny the Apple Watch has a small screen. Certainly not as easy to select icons as on an iPhone.And I think this speaks more to the Apple Watch more than say an Android watch, which is more simple. Look, once we get this in our hands, we can truly judge. Just an observation. 
I think the jury is still out on it's real world usability.I'm sure Apple has had field tests, but it does seem to require fine motor skills to navigate given the small display.Not so much an issue if you're sitting having a coffee, but less so when you're walking to a meeting and have to dive into a specific app.
It's gorgeous because it's on a hot supermodel photographed with proper lighting.  My guess is, it'll look uglier on you.  
Why did you do something dumb like that? Many ex-Brits loving it up here in Canada... the weather not so much though. 
Spring forward = Take out your credit card and spend away   or    Apple Spring - The all new forward thinking self-driving car from Apple. :p 
You guys would love that wouldn't you. A sanctuary to flee to, away from all the ills and troubles of America. 
We need to put this guy and Carl Ichan in a room together and have them battle it out. 
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