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Perhaps Musk is tired of the comparison between himself and Jobs. There was an interview a few years back where Musk said Jobs was rather rude to him after being introduced to him at a party by none other than Larry Page. But I suspect all of this is really about shareholder confidence as well as company morale. He certainly doesn't want any of is his top engineers to consider joining Apple.
I just want a wireless Magic Mouse with a cursor that doesn't jump all over the place.
Bait and switch?
Gruber is an Apple fanboy, no two ways about it. While he may praise a competitor, he will rarely ever criticize Apple. He knows his viewership and wants to stay in Apple's good books. Nothing wrong with that, especially since none of this is journalism but rather, opinions and conjecture.
Who is this and what have you done with sog35?
Wouldn't hurt to give it more RAM either. Currently, it maxes out at 16.
As much as I prefer a 24" iMac as well, I think it would effectively kill the 27" model.21.5" is a tad small...reduce the bevel and give us 22.5" or 23".
 Curious, does it's 2x faster speed have to do with it using the latest Intel chips and the MBP simply not being updated yet?
 The vision...not the implementation as I noted.  Never suggested innovation...as I noted, nothing is original. Everyone borrows from everyone. How is the iPad, not becoming just a laptop with a touch screen? To be accurate, the original iPad had a keyboard dock...nothing like the MS keyboard cover. You can't argue the iPad has evolved from being primarily a consumption device to a full fledged productive tool. And in order to do so, has come out with their own keyboard...
Let's not be so blind. Perhaps the Surface was not very well implemented, but you have to give them props for the vision. While nothing is original, I applaud MS for sticking their neck on the line and putting a stake in the ground. We can mock MS for their success in the mobile space, but at least they've taken risks with a different user interface, which is more than one might say about Google and Android.
New Posts  All Forums: