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Ill believe it when it's announced. This thing has been rumoured so many times.
 I miss the old days of blurry pics of boxes on a crate. We'd try to make out the specs on the packaging.Today, we pretty much know what the next iPhone will be before it's launched.
People thought Twitter's 140 character limit was dumb too.Give this a chance. At least it's not simply copying what someone else is doing.
Maybe Jobs was wrong about the need for a product in between a laptop and a desktop. Or maybe Microsoft wasn't that far off in their vision of 'one' OS for all devices on a platform.   All I know is how I use my Apple devices...and the iPad is certainly not a high productivity tool. Great for the odd presentation, but unless you slap on a keyboard, or a stylus, for me it's mostly used as a consumption device.
Hasn't WhatsApp effectively cornered the market worldwide? Frankly, I'm surprised Yahoo is still alive. Sure they make millions with click views and advertising, but from a brand perspective, they are no longer viewed as innovators or leaders in anything.
Frankly, the Moto G is a pretty good phone at $180 USD. Nothing mind blowing but a decent looking smartphone that does the job at 1/3 the cost of an iPhone.
I agree with the watch.The iPad pro will do fine if it's equipped to fill a need (something the watch still lacks).
Perhaps lost margins can be offset with the introduction of a higher priced iPad pro.
 Given the drop in iPad sales this past quarter, a price drop might be a way to kickstart sales for the holiday season.
  Nothing is a sure bet, but I was also thinking why settle for a measely $400 profit if one is so sure.
New Posts  All Forums: