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I think this will be aimed more at the casual gamers...just as the majority of the games on iOS are. I'll be curious to see what type of game controllers (if any) are rolled out. This might dictate how much of a gaming platform Apple is positioning this new AppleTV.
I think $399 is a bit steep. Why play into the PS4/XBox One territory if you don't have to?$79 for the entry level model (same as current Apple TV with faster processor)$249 for a higher end model
"Siri, give us a hint."   "You'll have to wait until 9 September. I bet you were one of those kids who snuck downstairs to open presents early, weren't you?"   :)
Anyone else experiencing constant webpage reload when visiting AI? I'm using Safari on 10.10.5.
Just for that, Apple should poach that first data scientist away.
Wasn't there some study that said that most traffic snarl ups are accidents due to driver error? And if everyone was driving autonomous cars, you'd actually get to your destination faster.
Faster out and done okay= Google Wallet/Pay Slower out and done right = ApplePay Slower out and done wrong= CurrentC
Whether or not there is or isn't a killer feature isn't the issue. It's the flip flopping that says a lot about analysts' pump and dump stock manipulations. And btw, racists comments of any sort is certainly not welcomed.
 I'm not sure it pushed anything other than the troller's YouTube views and bank account up.Common sense dictates that things bend and break when exerting the kind of pressure he using.Apple only responded to prevent a PR nightmare.Whether his actions prompted Apple to add increased strength is debatable. Consider that Apple is constantly looking into new materials and metals.
New Posts  All Forums: