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This would certainly come in handy going for a run and not needing to carry a wallet. But this is probably too close to the iPhone feature set.
What are the chances they'll be priced lower? Surely a 16gb nano shouldnt be more than $99.
So in other words, lets go back to the 4th Gen of iPod shuffle colours.     Wish that blue was truly deep blue, i.e. navy    
Getting an 'unable to start station' on everything except BBC news. 
 There's also the question of whether the Uber model is sustainable.Certainly it's disruptive, but there's possibility that the appetite for 'public' delivery by may be temporary.
Journalism and reporting is dead. When you don't have to pay for the news, you can't expect much in return. Ethics, and integrity are in short supply. Why would a reporter care or worry about the truth. The only thing they're accountable for, are the number of page views they've generated. 
 Probably because everyone's conclusion, opinion and speculation is as good as any rumour from an analyst or 'insider source'. It's all harmless, isn't it? 
 And this is where I don't want it to go. I haven't been to a Tesla showroom, but I suspect it's not unlike a Mercedes, BMW or Audi showroom. Perhaps they can do this in select flagship stores where they have space to create a separate 'home kit' room. But, these environments are exactly the type I spoke about earlier...smug sales people who are very judgemental. Yes, it's very tranquil and ideal for some product demos, but it is overkill for your average Joe who wants to...
 Hard to define...but it's usually those stores in upscale malls I don't walk into.The type of stores where sales associates look you up and down assessing your financial status, and where items have no price tags because if you have to ask, you can't afford it. I usually equate fashion people, (perhaps unfairly) as smug. I just hope Apple doesn't go there.
Apple stores already exude a premium feel...but I think what they're after is a bit more warmth. My take is that premium = wood = warmth. Wood also conveys craftsmanship/artisans at work. Of course, done in a clean and minimalist manner. I'm not sure I completely agree with Apple going even more upscale. It seems they want to be with the big players in the fashion industry. They may lose the masses if they appear too exclusive.
New Posts  All Forums: