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    It's great for me who lives there :)I did notice a couple of days ago Google had 'Flyover' data for Hull, so they must be getting it from the same company.
"Isaac Asimov would be proud of the Force Touch trackpad." If you're referring to the quote "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." That's Arthur C. Clarke.
If they're serious about getting iPads in the classroom, they need to enable a web based logon screen for wifi hotspots, and support enterprise security.
Shouldn't it be jObs then? I'm reserving judgement on this film until I see it, it could be good, it could be shocking. I'm not sure about the direction Mr Sorkin is taking with the official movie.
That would be useful if the map data was accurate...
I prefer the jack at the bottom, it hangs out of the way of the screen, and when you move your arm down to place it in the pocket, is the right way up.
I predict there'll be new products by Apple by the end of the year. I'd even go as far as saying they will release new products next year too.
The next iPhone will look different from the 4s? Can this be true!?   This Huddler based forum has tons of wasted space.
There's not enough noise or leaked part pics for this to be true.
Japan's too sexy for him?
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