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I know I'm out of the infinite loop, but what the blazes is a data center?
I remember Steve also saying that the iPod would absolutely, positively NOT have video.
Considering iWork isn't a proper productivity suite (yet), that's interesting.
When my scroll ball stops working, its always a build up of the usual gunk under the lip of the ball hole. Just scraping it away with the corner of some card does the trick.
Wikipedia says Vingle is a combination of video and single, which would make sense in this case. But still...
Where in that pic should I be looking?
My wife works at an Apple reseller in the UK, and they were promised a shipment of 800 nanos in the middle of November, then at the beginning of this month they promised 650, and this week Apple told them they weren't getting any, and were prioritising shipments to retailers such as Dixons, who don't give a crap about Apple and actively dissuade people from iPods the rest of the year. So, the lady has had to call about 70 people who pre-ordered last month to let them know...
How about this?
A Jack Bauer Power Hour in your pocket? Yes please!
FOX! 24! NOW!
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