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I thought he was looking for dinner!
I thought he was looking for dinner!
I bought Applecare for my Rev.A last September but haven't registered it yet as it hasn't had any troubles so far. For my wifes iBookG4 1Ghz on the other hand, Applecare has come in very handy. It was bought a year and a half ago and has had a couple of problems. One was that the lettering on the keys rubbed off strangely quickly (within 3 months) and they replaced the whole keyboard free of charge. Most recently the stick of memory somehow went strange, and applecare...
55 views, no one has anything to say? I thought it was pretty interesting.
Engadget has the story I'll try this on my Rev.A iMacG5 tonight and see how it goes
Congrats on that trade! I've had my iMac G5 just about a year now (Rev A/20"/1.8Ghz/1Gb/180Gb/Superdrive) and was disheartened when Steve made it not cool anymore My wife is hassling me to eBay it, but really, I already have an iSight and Mighty mouse, so I don't think it's worth the loss I'd make.
N91 rather
Ugh, way to pick the worst network in the UK. Well that settles it, I'm going for the Nokia N-90.
Oh well, nevermind.
The BT version would need a lith-ion battery and a charging station
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