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The UK store had Family Packs in the Education store for £59, but vanished the next day. When I called they admitted it was a mistake.
Just wishful thinking I'm afraid. If I'd have known there were fellow Hullites here I would have said Prospect Centre, next to Wilkinsons Hey you never know, it might happen what with the St Stephens development and Quay West extension in planning.
Princes Quay, Hull.
Have a look in the what?
They're in the H.264 camp, which means they can go either way.
Im so fed up of waiting for the iTunes phone I'm seriously considering the Sony Ericsson w800i, and creating a playlist to convert to mp3 for it. I don't get why anyone would buy ringtones when you can just download them free of the net and bluetooth/send them to your phone.
Just preordered my family pack on the UK education store
Has anyone's iBook froze since updating? Ours randomly froze on 10.3.6 and even the apple engineer had to roll it back to 10.3.5 as a fix.
Order Status as of 02:47 PM GMT, 17/11/2004 Shipped I jump for joy! Apple called last week saying it would ship on the 11th, that date went by so yesterday I called them and they said they would 'send out a priority notice.' Looks like that shifted it! Now it's on it's way I have that bubbly feeling in my belly like it's Christmas eve and I'm 5
Still waiting But if yours is a month late I expect mine should ship on the 15th
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