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I'm going to go for the nintendo over the PSP, at least initially - can you imagine the battery life on that? It'll be like the Atari Lynx all over again, though the playstation name is a licence to print money. Anyhoo as I was saying, I'll be getting the ninty machine because it's a lot more interesting concept, plus it's backward compatible with ALL previous Gameboys (theres still a use for that original Tetris cart ) PLUS the wireless multiplayer/chat thing. Ooh, and...
I just ordered my first Mac too, the 14" iBook G4 1Ghz 512mb ram, Bluetooth, Superdrive, Airport Extreme card and base station, iSight and of course 2 years Applecare. I called before purchasing because I work at a college library, and wondered if I was eligible for an education discount, they said I was, which was nice. Funny thing though, when I asked what documents do they need to prove that I am eligible, they said none - they take the customers word for it....
The G4Cube PC Nooooooo!
Been there, done that.
The armband makes it look like a blood pressure gague/cardiogram, very uncool.
I'm switching to Mac in the new year, either an iBook G4 or holding out for the G5 iMac in the spring. I just want to know if I can use iChat to talk to my PC AIM buddys, and what other messaging programs are there? I currently use Trillian, as I have freinds on MSN, AIM and ICQ
Eventually they'll probably merge iSight into the displays for all Macs. I'm really surprised they haven't released an 'iCam' - hard disk based digital camera. It would be the perfect companion to iPhoto and would do for digital photograpy what iPod did for digital music. In fact, they should combine this 'iCam' idea into the iPod! DO IT APPLE!
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