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How arrogant are you to think you are entitled to know Steve Jobs' private personal information regarding his health. Do you want an update every time he takes a dump, too?
People are buying Blu Rays now, and folks need to author them, so why wind down that part of the package?
What the hell @ people who think 'it hasn't happened to me, so this is bullshit.' My cable popped, crackled and melted through while I was editing a project for work. I do not do acrobatics with my MacBook, I do not wrap the cable in stupid ways. It's either on the desk or on my lap, I'm glad I am not the only one this has happened to. I'd be interested to see if this has happened to the some of the Air's MagSafe cables.
While the GameCube wasn't succesful, it certainly didn't fail because of it's graphics. Compare the GC and PS2 versions of Resident Evil 4 for an example. It'd be funny if the AppleTV turned out to be a stealth game console with the Touch for a controller!
Just noticed that. Damn
I concur, the competition is catching up. The next iPhone must do something pretty impressive to pull away into the lead.
Google is proud to announce Latitude for Business, allowing Admin to see exactly where you are or if you're goofing off.
I use Adium for messaging. If/when it gets video it will be perfect. Although with most of my friends on Facebook these days I just keep a tab open in Safari to chat to them.
I was hoping this was the case. I'll keep my notes in my wallet for the moment as I need a bigger screen.
A glance at Amazons top 10 selling laptops disagrees. Netbooks are going to be this holiday season's biggest sellers and Apple really dropped the ball with the MacBook Air. That's the laptop version of the Cube. They should have made an Atom based MacBook Mini instead - all the portability of a netbook with the pizazz of a Mac.
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