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Does not compute.
There's a lot of crap, but there are some gems. I really want to like Monkey Ball but I find it really hard to control. I use Photobucket a lot, so thier app is a boon for me being able to take pictures and upload them. Karajan (free version) I am using to help me understand and learn music.
Extraordinary applications like Flashlight?
I'm looking forward to seeing a native Remote Buddy app for the iPhone/Touch, so I can control Front Row!
"Play that new Leona Lewis song" "I CERTAINLY WILL NOT! BZZT!"
The Newton will never return, the iPhone IS this gen's Newton... it just needs to mature a year or two.
Play.com have just introduced downloads on mp3 format (between 192kps and 320kps), DRM free, for 65p+ a track. Most albums being between £6-£7. For example see Goldfrapp's Seventh Tree
So how much less than £0.79 would a track be?
Nah, the Wii takes the 8cm GameCube discs without an adaptor. Apple should use these drives too, I wonder if the reason they don't is a price issue or a multiregion DVD firmware hack one. I agree with the above that if packaging costs are a worry, they should jump on the software-on-usb stick bandwagon like others are doing!
I didn't pass the credit check because my address wasn't in the Royal Mail database, therefore was asked to pay another £100. Cheeky buggers. I returned the phone within half an hour. Next month maybe.
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